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About this City Journal

This Cj follows a small town called Adfre on a river delta, it has beaches, a river and hills. so if you like small towns on coasts, Jump in !!!!!

Entries in this City Journal


A matter of voting

 As this cj will not be very exiting for a while, i thought that maybe you would like me to combine this cj with another city (which is more exiting)

So here it is (it's a bit big) 

Picture of the CBD

just say yes or no to this if you want :).



Adfre (North)

In this entry i will cover the northern side of town (actually there is more stuff to show).

To start off i will show the.......

Fruit market! (exicting stuff eh?)


Looking back across the bridge to the south side of town.


And the dirtiest place in town (i think we all know what it is don't we?).


Some denser housing.


Another street.


The mayor's house.


The town's main source of income - a food factory.


And one of the two farms in town (it produces food for the factory).


And last but not least some voting!

The Town council has managed to accumilate $50,000 and want to expand the town in the north side but there is also another option,

the council could tarmac over some more roads thus it will help the town's infastructure.

There are two options:

A) expand the town

B) tarmac roads and build less housing.

Here is the proposed are for the housing.


Thanks for viewing!

Next entry: After the growth.


Adfre (south)

This is a Cj about a small town on the coast in cities xl, i hope my method of natural growth will work so wish me luck!

First up we have the town hall it is the most promenent building in the area.


Then follows some pictures of the town

the bridge which seperates the north from the south.


A quiet street (south side).


The newest development in the town 


The most popular place in town Gandelyn Bar.


Well this concludes the first entry and i hope you have had a small taste of what is to come.

Next entry: Adfre (north)

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