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About this City Journal

An entire region as my city journal it will be the ultimate test of my journalism and city building skills. I will begin construction tommorow but i will post my first update 2 days after...

Entries in this City Journal


  Turndale the city of nature is a city located south of Bigopolis. It has beautiful forest and nice ponds and waterfalls the city has tried to maintain the natural beauty and yet build a city. But the Southopolis Industrial Monopoly company ( or S.I.M ) has demanded to develop in these areas to begin constructing their high tech industry zone. But the citizens have voted now its your turn protect the forests or destroy them all. Take more then a month and it will all be gone remember majority rules!! Choices: A) F**K!! All nature destroy it!!                                                                                                                                                                                                            B) Protect the forest hurry chain me to a tree!                                                                                                                                                     C) Try and do both :)turndalejul160012764389.pngturndalemar240512764397.png


     Suprised to get a another update instead of tommorw? Well the reason i was busy was because i was invited by Gerald to his sister's wedding (suprisingly we accepted). Steven was also invited but yesterday she had a party the whole reason Gerald was asleep was because he was drunk. And after seeing us party she uninvited all three of us i know that was just plain rude. So i guess i get to update some more this was the first city in Agrabar Bigopolis. Now it took me only an hour to me and Gerald were working on this as Steven was out to LCBO because i told him to go fetch us some drinks. Well im off topic on another note i tried that SC4 terraformer application and totally messed up 7 hours worth of terraforming so the region won't look the same. Now to think we could have had the chance to ruin Gerald's sister's wedding by planting a small splatter bomb in the cake the bomb would blow up not with flames but with a heavy pushing force that would throw cake chunks everywhere. We had it ready but then her Groom's "Friends" were guarding all entrances i guess this guy really loved here. Well the city is a population 35,892 at the time i hoped my little "Story" has entertained you in a way so enjoy!! PS: Sorry i forgot to turn off UDI i forgot that turning it off in a city wouldn't affect other citiesbigopolismay21111276367.png


    Well you must have seen my newest journal my region journal well im going to try and work on two projects at once i will work on this more don't worry as it will require more work and care. As it is just a intro to the region it will be a short and sweet intro. Agrabar i got it from Aladdin except its a region instead of a arabian city. Now to help with this project my friends Steven (from WashVille) and Gerald will all work on this as they like to come over we all agreed we would work on this together. Don't worry i will write the entries but Steven or Gerald might take the photos. Hope you enjoy i only got two right now as i need some sleep this was just a short teaser presentation hope you like it 9.gif                                 This was taken during the early development process of the region i was working with Steven as Gerald was asleepthegreateragrabarregion.pngwashvilleapr17041276205.png

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