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About this City Journal

WashVille be my newest city in my region of SimNation it will be my biggest project out of Tefori City and MetropolaIa. I will use stuff from simtropolis please don't scold me i will update...

Entries in this City Journal


    Meanwhile far back into the city my downtown has developed tall beutiful highrises no abandonment these are the signs of a successful city. As of now the city is at a population of over 110,000 people which is higher then the huge developing metropolis of Tefori City. But the city has a long way to go to beat the city of Metropola with a population of 4,056,768 people (sadly is on my friend Steven's computer). The nearby city of Lestria Lake with a population of 406,213 is only a medium sized map and Dunnsville with 119,152 people is only the smallest map in the world. These remarkable construction feats were made possible by mayor Steven Hung Lam who mastered the basics and built huge urban sprawls. Now for the credits The large green tower is called the princess tower the two huge towers were the world trade centers one had jobs and the other was a landmark and suprisingly they have a subway station inside!! The two identical towers next to eachother and were very colorful were the cobb oceanic it looks good near a beach. Now for pictures i have two pictures for you one of the south downtown area and a more north downtown area be warned that there is a few dead spots but it is very little it is because the picture was so good i didn't want to ruin the shot with anything else enjoy!!! Also i know how to technically seperate my pictures its basically a black line might be thick or thin but it seperates the picture so please be patient as i experiement Thanks      $Mike$Wexi$washvillesep71112762928.pngwashvillesep16111276292.png

     Nothing beats city life right? Well country life is a contender well how about island life? Yes my newest area far away from the metropolitan area of WashVille is the small community of Washuning. Washuning is sometimes called " Retirement Island due to the fact it is a nice getaway from city life here are a coulple of pictures of the area. Somehow i don't know how to seperate the pictures and write under that is one reason why my updates are short sorry guys. This happened by accident but at least i know it can work :) Because Washuning took under 5 minutes to make it might not look good the wierd tower thing is a ionic fusioner i think. The nice rock affect is a pegasus mod its a terrain mod search it up or something. Also the trees were a Pegasus mod the PEG woods mod i like it it makes the suburbs look realistic and pretty. Well happy reading :Dwashvilledec13101276285.png                                                                                                                                        

Here is the full picture of the island nice right? If you look somewhere in the suburb you see kids teepeeing a tree. (Full picture under)washvilledec91012762855.pngThe entire island of Washuning

          Well remember that last page's picture? Now its the new downtown i have three photos the first two are pictures of the new downtown. The last is the Old Downtown Area or ODA do you think i made a mistake chosing the new downtown?washvillesep15091276218.pngwashvillesep15091276218.pngwashvillesep15091276218.png


  There are times where even the most successful must dissapear as new citizens move to WashVille Suburbial land is at a premium level as many try to obtain these lands in any means neccissary.  Many people were convicted for murder as they tried to obtain a piece of land WashVilles finest approached me and told me " Mayor its great we get more citezens but every time i drive to my local simmy's donuts and coffee i get a call for a murder victim. Now more action is great as we get firsthand experience but who wants to look at bodies everyday leave that to the forensics teams." Here is a picture to show the current situation this location was to be a giant suburb but the huge population increase changed our plans.washvillesep21081276216.png


   Well i tried to make a RHW overpass over another RHW so it looked nice but i failed but the land i raised is still there i want some suggestions on what to build anyone? while i continue building ill leave this place blank its my dedication to the people of Simtropolis please send some(High Tech industry will not be a choice as this place is in the middle of the map)washvilledec24051276215.png


  Every major city has a downtown whether its ChinaTown or Hollywood its always the heart of a city. Now after a successful begining the city of WashVille begins building up at the momment the population is 15,000. Project Bootsrapts have set up with a whooping 6000 $ residents both of them appeared in the downtown area. Many people gather today as the Eclipse Tower of WashVille begins construction as it will be currently the highest building of the city. The local Deputy Mayor Harold Heldriech had this too say " *Speaks German for several minutes* " as the city council begins discussing plans for the future of our city. A stock exchange is later built in the area to show the world our capitalistic power along with a new T.V station down at Hurley Barks Avenue the 6 tile land allowance to the station is a sign that the population won't be as huge as the neighboring Tefori City around 45 miles awaywashvillemay15021276203.png


   Every city has a story, every Mayor has a legend, and every animal has a tale. As the city of Washville,SimNation makes it first steps into capitalism the sims are all packed and ready to move. I am Mayor Mike Cornwallis Wexi of WashVille today is a glorious day ( 6/10/2010) as the scaffoldings of every building are planted right into the nice hard ground. As i begin i build garbage chutes to throw all my trash away. Second i build ionizers which supply water and electricity my basic structures are built. Next a hospital,a police station,and a fire station all covering the map fully. Now that it is complete i move on to build a starting area for a rural highway then two small suburbs. After that i hope my horrible paragraph structure won't make you stop reading well anyway i build schools and zones for commercial districts all 4X4 incase they turn skyscraper on me. Well with a population of now 600 im off to a good start along with my money office.  :)washvillejan14011276201.png

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