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About this City Journal

A City Journal that go beyond the city; the entire nation! Follow as a Pratt grows, desarrollates and solve its problems!

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Hello all 2.gif

This is my second attempt to create a CJ, the first one only had one entry ;') But I promise this will succed, but you must help me guys, giving me tips and all that stuff. Also, you must know that my english isn't the best, but I'm making an effort. 


About the nation

Pratt is a medium-sized country, (location will remain unknown) with a 

high economy and very desarrollated. The nation started when 

inmigrants started to arrive, and people in Pratt were so friendly that

the inmigration didn't decrease. They came from Spain, Great Britain

and Germany, principally. They first colones arrived at Cape Asenholld 

but it was too hostil in order to colonize, so a lot returned. That explain

in part why it has little population, in order to other countries.


                                     (bird's view of Asendholld)

In fact, the first and the only one colony in Asendholld that survived

is Settlers Point. If you search it on the picture above, you can find 

it easily. The town survived of the forest industry, but nowadays is a

tourism spot. 


                                          (Photo of Settlers Point)

In aspects of modernization and all that stuff, Pratt is really advanced.

It have a big industry, big ports, modern airports and over 2100 kilometers

of highways and train rails. The transport in the citys is really modern,

there isn't many congestion and a lot of cities has a subway sistem (metro, as they call it in Pratt) higways and airports. The communications and connection between the cities is really good.

In terms of population, Pratt isn't the most populated country in the world,

but it has some really big cities. It has three cities that surpasses the

one million of habitants, and it haves a population of over 23 million.


         And about the geography, the region variates in lots of aspects. The meeting of two tectonic plates near the coast of Pratt,                                      makes the country a high sismic zone, especially in the south coast. There are two mountain ranges in the country: One in the                                Ramada-Spain regions, the Atlas mountain range, and another one in Altiplano: the Christmast mountain range, named like                                  that because it is snowed all the year.


                     NOTE: Cities with less than 100,000 habitants doesn't show its name, and less than 50,000 doesnt show in the map.

NOW; Where do we start? Pick up a city from the map above and in about 3 - 4 days it will be show in another entry.

- We can start in a rural area, one doesn't mencioned above or

- In a urban area, any of the cities showed above. (Notice this may take more time)

Thanks, Joaquín

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