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About this City Journal

History: Its the year 3109 AD, and a new planet is discovered, called Krandora. This was a Earth like planet and had one very large island in the west, and a C shaped land in the west. Izan...

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Izan generally uses certain types of transportation. Because they have a long coastline and there long rivers, Izan has a complicated route of ferrys, they travel the coastline and can go up and downstream, this is often used for people going to one city to another for jobs to avoid heavy traffic. Izan also, is some cities, railroads, for the same reason, but also to transport goods around, this became so popular there is actually train traffic. Also Izan is a intricate highway system, generaly used for those larger cities to connect, Izan encourages people to use the highways. Lastly, in many of Izan's major cities, are airports, New Kinghate, infact, has 2 so far, but still possibly more.




Izan's realtions with real countries and organizations. 0=bad 100=excellent

NATO: 80

EU: 90

US: 85

UK: 80

France: 75

China: 55

North Korea: 10

South Korea: 80

Japan: 75

Turkey: 90

Isreal: 50

Saudi Arabia: 65

UAE: 80

Italy: 65

Germany: 80

Iran: 40

India: 85

Thailand: 80

Australia: 85

Canada: 75

Armenia: 20

Azerbaijan: 80

Mexico: 60

Brazil: 80

Singapore: 85

Spain: 80

Portugal: 70

Russia: 65

Mongolia: 55

Ukraine: 70

Pakistan: 60

Iraq: 55

Yemen: 65

Swistzerland: 75

Vietnam: 60

New Zealand: 85

Fiji: 80

Greece: 75

Denmark: 80

Sweden: 65

Norway: 70

Finland: 75


Austria: 65

Czech Republic: 75

Bulgaria: 80

Eygpt: 80

South Africa: 80

Morroco: 80

Somalia: 55

Haiti: 90

Dominican Republic: 75

Suriname: 60

Venezsuela: 35

Cuba: 40

Chile: 70

Peru: 60

Costa Rica: 85

Want me to put a country in i that I missed, comment below and I will put it the next time I'm online :D



of course every strong country has a big army







    1st Colonel   heavy assault commando             1st Major      heavy assault regiment                         Attack General    landing regimet

Military ranks (lowest to highest): Private, Veteran, Corporal, Sargant, Liutenant, Lead Liutenant, 3rd Captain, 2nd Captain, 1st Captain, Minor Major, 1st Major, Liutenant Colonel, Captain Colonel, Major Colonel, 1st Colonel, Brigidier General, Liutenant General, Captain General, Major General, Colonel General, 1 Star General, 2 Star General, 3 Star General, 4 Star General, 5 Star General, King General, Commander, Prince, Emperor

between colonel general and 1 star general is a group of types of generals that have equal ranks, they are Field General, Defense General, Attack General, Tank General, Troop General, Air General, Naval General, Support General and Space General

regimet types: sniper, heavy assault, scout, paratrooper, Navy Commando, Paratrooper Commando, heavy assault commando, heavy tank, light tank, medium tank, elite tank, altillery, laser tank, laser troop, elite troop, medic, boarding, landing,

military imports: aircraft, guns, ammonution

militrary exports: spacecraft, tanks


Basic Information

Language: Izak

Popular religions: Zanianizm

government: monarchy with an advisor parliemant

full name: The Empire of Izan

Imports: food, raw matereals

Exports: finished goods, ore,

leader: Emperor Serkan Oran I

life expectancy man: 107.9  women: 110.5

economy: market

Races: Human 35%, Incinian (a cross between human and elf) 40%, elf 15%, dwarf 10%

average family income: $95,361



Regions: On the north coast of Izan is the rocky shores, with frigid temperatures and pine trees everywhere, it is a lot like the viking climate.

Located in the east is the North and South Bombarda Peninsulas. The country itself is shaped somewhat like a rectangle. In the Northwest central area is the Casdidi mountain range, which spans halfway across the land. The southwest coast is a hot spot for tourism, due to its sandy beaches and lovely shorline. On the east coast its a lot less populated, yet still having a decent population.

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