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About this City Journal

Euica is a continent between the Western Democratic Union and the People

Entries in this City Journal

Red Line Man

The story begins with a large totalitarian country in simworld, called the People’s Glorious Democratic Free Republic of Sim. Think Soviet Russia. Anyway, this country has a tendency to squash any political resistance by taking huge numbers of political prisoners. Unfortunately for the PGDFRS, this strategy has a downside -- prisons far over capacity. Recently the PGDFRS has developed a new tactic for disposing of the prisoners: putting them in huge bombers and dropping them over a small continent in the Eastern Sea.

This is a part the continent, called Euica (you-ih-ka):


The continent is technically owned by the Western Democratic Union, a group of democracies who have joined together to take on the power of the PGDFRS (Euica is geographically closer to the WDU). However, the WDU is against sending their own citizens to develop there due to fear of radiation from a 1 gigaton thermonuclear weapon that the PGDFRS tested there about 20 years ago.

Anyway, back to the political prisoners. So far all of them have been dropped on an area known simply as dropzone#0301. When the prisoners come to their senses after reaching the ground, all they see is the great plains of Northeast Euica, a short-grass temperate grassland.With no supplies or means to survive, the people usually die within a week or two, after desperately trying to survive by eating the grass.



Things changed when the WDUIA (Western Democratic Union Intelligence Agency) discovered what was happening. Besides being disgusted, members of the WDU saw an excellent opportunity. What if they secretly supplied some of these prisoners with materials to build small agricultural communities? It would be an excellent test to see if the radioactivity on Euica was dangerous to sims. It could even lead to the one-day taking back of Euica by its rightful owners, or even the construction of cities, which would give the overcrowded WDU countries some breathing room.

And so the plan was sealed. WDUIA spies willing to risk their lives managed to get themselves into PGDFRS prisons and entered into the ‘relocation program’ (totalitarian countries can make anything seem smiley and happy...). They informed the other prisoners of the plans while a few WDU stealth bombers were loaded with sufficient materials to create a functioning agricultural community.

A new day is coming for Euica. Will the WDU's plans succeed? You'll have to wait and see... (cliffhangers ftw)

The region used is called Hood Canal, and it was made by Willard.

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