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Rijnwoud Refreshed

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About this City Journal

City built in a river delta, it's a big city which has lost development and has big economical fluctuations. With some of my city building lessons (learnt from university) I'll try to fix...

Entries in this City Journal


 Berkeloo has some major problems with the roads, therefore some avenues had to be changed into highways. I really hated that, but it was necessary

I'm talking about the avenue that runs along the airport, it really blends in the quarters right now and it showed that the city grew as it is today (with some strange crossings and solutions along the way). traffic really started to appear when Rechtsdorp became an industrial area aswell.

Area of effect


The solution is not a really nice one, but I wanted to keep the city's base lay out as far as possible so it maintains it's identity.

building the highway, I hit some new situations (railways an roads that do not align perfectly) so after building a nice ground level highway..


I ended with a lame elevated highway, because it gave more opportunities to underpass (I do like how it makes strange curves) the railway now goes underground. the toll booths you see where just a test... they are removed already because they didn't help to make it realistic, where do you find those nowaday's... (eastern europe highways do have them ocasionally... I don't like 'em as the eu paid a lot of those roads...)

the airport looks a lot more realistic with all these roads around it, I do miss the denser built area around it (for some reason offices don't like to be near airports in this game)


Here's an image showing the economically istability Berkeloo suffers, the fact that the funds are rising even as I built the Highway is a good sign!


As for Rechtsdorp... It's a mess, the buildings are turning grey from bad maintenance everywhere. To fix it I started a project which places parks around the city because the desirablity is very low for almost every kind of structure (even low $ residents!). Also I will redevelop the industrial areas (topleft) and build parks in them


Image showing the problems of Rechtsdorp


Don't know what the next update brings and when I will make it... Maybe this city needs an entire new lay-out. might be interesting (I'll try to stay close to the main setup)


This is my first City journal, I always enjoyed reading these so now it's my turn to try to write one

This city was built a long time ago, with the mac version of Sc4 (rubbish), now I use a ported windows version (works way better) and I've reloaded this city as I always used to like it.

Now I study Architecture, also learn how to develop cities and I wanted to create a new more vibrant city.

Right now the area looks like this

the region is a river, it's not finished yet, building the region is the most time consuming I think...:


The Main City Berkeloo -berk is a tree, loo is used in some dutch (I'm from Holland) cities-

it's a city that I let develop by slowely growing, no strict building schemes we're used, though some of the quarters we're redeveloped to make place for taller buildings and new public transportation. :


Rechtsdorp the governing city of the country just like the hague in the netherlands, it's where the government seats but it isn't the capital.

that's why I chose for a strict scheme and a simple but wide set-up.


chaoton is a small town, it"s developing around a small lake I made this city to test the windos port of the game

here's the concept for the city: residential area's are inside the avenue ring, commercial areas outside, theres also a small old center to the west (typically dutch with straight streets)

Mistdorp is the industrial town, it's dirty and was just build to provide jobs and power back in the old days when berkeloo was just a small starting town


I'm really looking forward at improving the situation in berkeloo and trying to keep chaotown a nice small town

also some newer cities will arise very soon.

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