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Wakita, OK

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About this City Journal

A recreation of my town, Wakita. Made famous by the 1996 film "Twister", Wakita is a small community located in Northern Oklahoma, west of U.S. 81 and is northwest of Medford, OK. All you...

Entries in this City Journal


 tornado07ap.pngTornado Country, USA

Well folks, I finally have some pictures of development in Wakita! It's small changes right now, but I have some pictures of Wakita, which will need to be updated, and some pictures of the farms, minus the trees of course. Below is a region shot of the newly built farms, and below that is a link to Google Maps so that you can compare the two shots so far!



Search Oklahoma 11A at E0120 RD. and zoom to an altitude of 1000 feet.


 tornado07a.pngTornado Country, USA

Hey everyone! Sorry about the slow update, I'm having issues with development! But, I finally have gotten a new *Updated* Map! Transit of course, until I get a mod to increase Ag. Development! Below is a newer region shot with the road network. Eventually that large square will be filled with farms and houses, spread throughout the area! Enjoy!



tornado07a.pngTornado Country, USA

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoy this mini-update to my city-journal! I am requesting some *new* landmarks! I need these to start building the rest of Wakita! I have updated the road map to be correct, due to a miscalculation on my part. I have added Maple St. as well as the roads to the north of Kaw St. and to the east, N2860 Rd. *Meaning North.

Updated Wakita Rd. Network


Buildings needed for Wakita!

Wakita Water Tower: Great Picture on Google Maps (Photos)

High School [between OK 11A and Spruce St]: Google Maps ( One Story, except for brown roof, that's two stories) 

Grain Silos [Just view Street View]: Google Street View (Tall Gray Structures)

Volunteer Fire Department and Businesses [Main Street] : Google Street View (Just "Drive" on Main Street and look at the buildings)

Also Needed:

Map-generating tool! (Sort of like Mapquest to show streets)


 Welcome to Tornado Alley, USA!

Welcome to the Town of Wakita, Oklahoma! Famous from the 1996 film "Twister"! Living here my entire life has been great, and so, in honor of my little town. I've started a City Journal to begin my career here on Simtropolis. To begin I've posted a couple pictures of the road network here in Wakita, all from Simcity of course. (I realize I missed a road, my mistake, I MIGHT add it later :P) The first picture is of course, the overall view of the road layout. And the second photo is that of the actual town of Wakita!

Leave some comments on what you think of the city so far!


Don't forget to leave a comment here in my city journal!

www.google.com/search  Search "Wakita,OK" and the map should be the first link!

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