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About this City Journal

Welcome to Qualicum, a vibrant, modern, coastal city, full of parks and canals.

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Welcome back.

Qualicum has experienced a growth spurt lately. The cities population, including Malbec recently passed 175 000.


After much planning and hard work, Southport is finaly open for business.


Athough primarily built for transporting goods in and out f the region, several companies have taken advantage of the ports lax atitude to polution and low taxes for dirty industry.


Cheap houses have been constructed for the dockworkers. A large apartment complex has been constructed very close to the docks.....


....As well as more suburban style houses to the north.


To attract companies to offices in the downtown area, the planing department have prevented many businesses from opening shops in this suburb, as well as in other suburbs all around the city. This is an unpopular move, but they recently anounced that they will be lifting the restrictions soon.

An extensive network of train tracks have been laid. However, the transport department havent found any station designs yet that they would like to construct. As of now the tracks only serve the imediate area, and the only links to the main city are the monorail and Franklin Avenue.




This was meant to be part of the last update, but it was already running a bit long.

The monorail is now complete. Its has been the most complicated stage of Qualicums growth so far and needed a large amount of planning

to not disrupt the city too much. It has also made the planing council take a look at some long standing buildings and consider redevelopment.

First of all, decicisions had to be made about which areas needed train access the most


1. The main priority areas. The main reason for the line (although noone will admit to it) is to ferry the upper class sims from the Manesee

apartments to their downtown jobs.

2. The Offices in Manesee and White Castle Gardens are also areas in need of transport.

3. The demand in these areas is significantly less, but the designers have been encouraged to include access here if at all possible. Places

like the Lester Young Memorial Park (the towns baseball stadium) and the Cranston Park Industrial Complex are expected to feature stations.

4. These areas are not being given priority, however, the route may pass through them in which case, stations should be built. The sprawling

residential neibourhoods have space for parking, and the sims there want to keep their cars. The high-rise projects near Franklin Avenue and

the new projects in Dorset, are of course being largly ignored, the rich rarely seem to care about the poor.

The route has been drawn up and will look something like this:


The Black line shows the initial phase, with the white lines showing proposed future developments. For now Cranston Park and Dorset will have to remain unserviced.As you can see the line extends off the map. This is to create a link to the new industrial port being constructed further down the coast. This route should not cause too much destruction to existing buildings but the dashed line shows where downtown will need carefull planing not to harm Qualicums historic and iconic buildings.

The white line shows the proposed rout through downtown. A location for a station has yet to be decided.


The red shows protected buildings such as City Hall, the hospital and the court house. These must not be touched!

The yellow shows areas that may be built on, but should remain undisturbed if possible. Although the strip to the south of Franklin Avenue will remail undisturbed, the city is trying to decide whether it should be developed in the near future. Or should it reamain as it is to provide the ilusion of open space, in contrast to the tall buildings that will soon overlook it. What do you think?

The blue shows areas which are to be demolished, this will include the destruction of the Qualicums central police station and the famous cinema, the Rio. This is not a popular decision but the need for the monorail is too great.


Several days/ months/ years later, and the line is complete






The sims are more or less content with the new trains but would like to know if there is a way to put some grass or pavement underneath the tracks, they look a bit out of place over barren ground.


To kick things off, here are a few shots of the new development in the east of North Quali; Manesee Island.


Although it is a long way from the actual lake, Manesee is surounded by a complex network of canals.


The areas most notable feature are it upmarket apartment buildings.....



But there is also a large amount of office space  overlooking the old industrial district......


This landfill site has become very unpopular lately, not only is it leaking polution into the water, and ruining the views of the nearby parkland,

it also sits on a prime piece of land, this has been brought to the mayors attention and he is looking for a new site.


As has been previously mentioned, the citys roads are clogged with traffic, and the city has been looking into public transport. The first

option sugested was to build an underground train network, which seemed like an excelent idea at first. However, due to the cities low

elevation, this would be at a severe risk of flooding.

The second option is to make use of the Qualicums canals with a taxiboat service. This idea was snapped up immedietly, and has proved

popular with tourists.



Last week, the first night boat was lauched, escorting young, rich sims from their condos to the nightclubs downtown. Once the taxi arived,

many of the partyers chose to stay on the boats and are saying that canalboat parties could become a regular feature in Qualicums nightlife.


However, there is no escaping the fact that water taxis are not suited for comuter trafic, they are slow and cannot reach some of the citys

key locations. For this we have begun planning for Qualicums first monorail line.


South Qualicum, in contrast to the northern half is a sprawling suburb. To be frank there is very little of interest here, there are no

curently no historic buildings, and no real landmarks to visit.


The only major development to date is a housing project in the south west.


Many of the streets are not even paved.  Given the volume of comuter trafic into the city, this is a problem that will need to fixed in the

near future.


Across the river is the tiny town of Malbec.


The town might be small but it is famous across the region for it's 5 star pub; the Goose on the Green


Malbec is still an independant town from qualicum,  but the resident sims are woried that urban sprall will lead to Malbec becoming just

another suburb.

The sprall has already begun, back over the river, this empty land has been developed into high and middle wealth housing, the new

neighborhoods, RedSteer (in the north) and Gueranda Park (in the south) are very popular, but further increase the strain on the road

network. City hall has drawn up several proposals to solve the problem which will hopefully be made public in the next release.





North Qualicum

"North Qualicum, a luxurious city with great open spaces, and one of the finest canal networks in the western hemisphere" -Qualicum tourist board


As you can see, Qualicums downtown district, has developed with very little planning, and very little logic or foresight (the sims are already asking why

the cities only two firestations are only one block away from each other). Buildings have sprung up with little regard for there suroundings. Many have

complained about the high rise tenement towering over expensive mansions and blocking otherwise excelent views of the lake, but what do these people

know about urban planning?


Just to the south, across Franklin Avenue, sits the towns first housing projects. While the eastern low-rises are very popular, the three giants that make

up Trellick Towers have been controverial from day one. Asside the blight on the skyline they cause, much of the citys crime seems to come from this block, including loitering and vandalism. Residents are still recovering from the shock of qualicums first ever pie-related attack.



But Quali is not just drab concrete and pastries. Many rich sims also live in the area, in huge mansions and villas, in fact most of the higher wealth sims

in the region live in north qualicum. There are several neighbourhoods like this, but the oldest, and most desirable, has to be the (rather lazily named) Oldtown.

Some of the towns most elite citizens live here including the mayor, and the man who invented the custard pie.


It is not only the poor who live in tall buildings. This newer development, White Castle Gardens, was built to meet the growing demands of high wealth sims using the limited land available in the city. This area has been so successful that a second apartment complex has already begun, only on a much larger scale (more on that in the next update)


Next time, the suburbs of South Qualicum, and maybe a peek at some of the citys famous canals.


Welcome to Qualicum City, a developing town of around 50 000, situated on the south bank of Lake Pontchartrain


The sims that live here are a strange bunch. For starters, no one can explain what happened to the old city of new orleans, which used to be in this exact location.


The land seems to have been wiped clean, including most of the native vegetation. The cities wildlife department have begun the long process of reintroducing flora to the land, and, several farms have already begun to develop,



However, experts predict that it will be many years before the land is returned to its former glory.

Transport in the region is curently very limited, the only option available being the road network.transsmall.jpg

There is one major highway, but production was recently halted to begin work on a major industrial port east of the city. So curently, the higway doesnt actualy go anywhere.

Next time:  North Qualicum


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