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Welcome everybody! I'm back after my other CJ failed to capture people's attention, I created a new one. This is actually a map of Stamford, Connecticut from NHP. Instead of doing the onset...

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 The Comment of the Day is still going. 2 new major interchanges have been made. Here are the pictures.

liptonapr27211275832014.pngThe Island Highway ending. It changes to Juno Parkway a minor highway.

liptondec14201275831494.pngWhere the island highway splits.

liptondec15201275831506.pngInterchange #1 and #2.

liptondec18201275831526.pngInterchange #1.

liptondec19201275831541.pngFinally interchange #2.



 Now that the island is colonized, the people of Keyston have to look to the shores outside their small little island. It is time for expansion. Now that we hired a private company to do our highway building we should have no time finishing the system. People from all over the United States are starting to move here. They want more of a scenic ,quite life. There is also flocks of immigrants from Asia and Europe immigrating here, thats right Europeans also want to move here. They want to move here because in Europe, there economy is just about to flatline and the EU can't stop from happening. The United States is growing in a new housing boom age. Now lets look at some pictures and time for the Comment of the Day. 

stamford1275824370.pngA regional view of the island and surronding coasts.

stamford1275824370.pngPossible area of construction but which tile to start on? Comment of the Day: Which tile should I start on?


 Now the entire has been colonized. The population of Keyston has rose to 20,000 people. The rest of the highway in the island is finished. Now we must look to the other side, the entire landmass of Keyston. The town has first touches of rich people who are mostly executives of BP. Now is going to be the time where people's lives are made and a metropolis is created. Just like New York City or any other big city, we will thrive. Oil production has gone up 5% which is going to help the local economy. So far the only gas stations in the region is BP's. Exxon Mobil has also found another oil field and has started drawing schematics for them to start drilling. This region's future is now set. Oil will determine wether this region turns into a metropolis OR a living hell. Now lets look at some pictures of the other side of the island.

liptonapr18201275688443.pngOne of the peninsulas colonized. 

liptonapr17201275688417.pngAnother one.

liptonapr16201275688404.pngA beautiful suburb.

liptonapr15201275688392.pngA major overpass.

liptonapr14201275688375.pngThe front of the highway.

liptonapr11201275688358.pngBeautiful isn't it?

liptonapr8201275688338.pngAn airplane view of the entire other side of the island.


 The other half of the island is almost ready for expansion. The road to the interstate has reached a standstill. The workers working on the highway want more pay and have gone on strike. It has been 2 days since the workers have worked. They are striking with full force. Comment of the day: Do you think we should give these workers better pay OR fire them and hire a private company to build the highways? Since I'm going to make this short and sweet lets look at some pictures.


As you can see, the highway is just sitting there on top of the land bridge. It is suppose to continue North until it hits Route 12.


A closer image.


The workers just left the work site. Rude right?

liptondec18001275678527.pngA closer view. The "Comment of the Day" will end at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time so hurry up and cast your vote.


 The town has grown beyond expectations. The population is now 15,000 thats right 15,000! People have flooded the city looking for opportunities to build families. Highway usage has increased ten-fold. BP (British Petroleum) has opened a new oil plant on the land mass north of the town. The manufacturing industry has also opened employing people. This is a good start to the town. Now we must look toward expansion from a town to a city. This town will be a hub of expansion in the region. People will used this area as a temporary area till they find a place to settle. Now lets look at some pictures of the developing town.

satcheswanpointdec28351.pngA port. This symbolizes the industry in the area.


A new industrial area.

satcheswanpointdec26351.pngMilton High. 710 students tour the halls of this enormous school.

satcheswanpointdec24351.pngSome new residential housing. 

satcheswanpointdec23351.pngMore housing.

satcheswanpointdec22351.pngArc-Stone bridge which connects Tinian Island to the Keyston landmass.

satcheswanpointdec21351.pngBP's oil platform. There is a lot of controversy regarding the landfill near the oil plant.

satcheswanpointdec20351.pngA full airplane view. Man the industry sure of have to limit the amount of pollution thrown into the air.

satcheswanpointdec83612.pngAs you can see traffic increased. Pic#1

satcheswanpointdec63612.pngAnother highway picture. Pic# 2. Comment of the day: Do you think we should start colonization of Keyston landmass or fully colonize the island? Comment below.



 Ladies and gentleman the moment we've been waiting for. The first housing has been made. The population is growing. People from all over the country are coming to settle here. Since there is no way to come by interstate yet, you need get here by boat. So far things are going well. The community is growing. People are getting along and so fourth. But there is one thing that nobody knew about this area. This area actually contains a large amount of oil toward the Northeast in  the mountains. The US geological survey was doing a flyby with their ground penetrating satellite and found a huge amount of oil under ground. Hopefully when the interstate is built, flocks of oil companys will come and start buying the land. Now, lets look at some photos of the sprawling town.

satcheswanpointjun70812.pngA small industrial zone is developing.

satcheswanpointjun60812.pngThe entire town.

satcheswanpointjun30812.pngAnother airplane view. Yup there you go everybody another major update. More challenges await as this town sparks a new construction boom.


Stepping Stones

 And the winner is Skimbo for his idea of building the seeds of civilization on an island. I chose this island because according to my schematics for the highway system, there is a small highway connecting to a big highway which connects to Interstate-5. Congratulations to Skimbo and thank you everybody once more for the amazing ideas you stated. Now lets look at some pictures.

satcheswanpointsep29011.pngHave already placed the highway as you can see.

satcheswanpointoct30112.pngThe first power plant and water tower.

satcheswanpointoct10112.pngYou can call it city hall.Update coming soon simtropolis so stay put.


Of course, any new metropolis is going to need an efficient highway system. It also needs to be able to connect to the interstate highways which go all around the country. Since this CJ takes place on the west coast, the main highway that runs is Interstate-5. It stretches from California to the Canadian Highway System. Here is a map of it. 


As you can see I can't write in paint. Anyway this shows you Interstate-5. The US Interstate highway system is unique not only is it the biggest, but it is built in gridlock forms. Branching off from Interstate-5 is Interstates 8,10,40,15,80,84, and 90 heading east. All interstate system also meet up in major cities. Here is a picture of the proposed highway system for Keystone.

stamford1275308747.pngInterstate-5 is the thickest of the lines. As the lines thin, the highways become smaller. Also I plan on the using the Real Highway Mod 4.0 to do this task. In the next update you, the citizens of simtropolis, recommend where I should place the first housing in this map. Thank you and enjoy!


 Welcome everybody! Well lets get to the point. This CJ is going to revolve around the growth from a forested area to a sprawling metropolis. From the beginning to the end. Well there isn't much to say about the history. Land is up for sale for $50 per acre so hurry up and buy prices will soon rise and the land will be taken up. Anyway the reason a new city was approved by Congress was because the home market was booming and the population of the United States exploded with floods of new immigrants from particularly Asia. The home market grew back with a punch after the home market collapsed in 2008. Now lets look at some satellite pictures.



First entry guys hope you like it. Oh yeah almost forgot this CJ will be updated infrequently. 

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