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About this City Journal

Wide beaches, hilly islands and a politically confused republic. Watch as the republic is slowly changing into a modern country.

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Paradise islands

official name - nomo publika: Republic of Paradise Islands - Republic d'Iles Paradizes

capital - kapitale: Belavido City - Ville Belavido

languages - linguës: Nativanto (mixture of French and Esperanto) - Nativanto (mikso de Franke e Esperante)

political status - sitûation politika: Republic with socialliberal government - Republic kun parlament sociäl-liberala

currency - valuta: 1 Euro = 100 Cent - 1 Eûro = 1000 Centes

population - population:  estimated 25.000 - estimé de 25.000 

Paradise Islands - L'Isles Paradizes

The recently founded republic of Paradise Islands consists of six islands 130 kilometres off the French west coast. Recent volcanic activity in the area has reshaped the islands, and the lava has made six wonderful mildly hilly islands. Allthough the workers class was 

the first ones there to eagerly rebuild after the eruptions in 1985, the old city centres can still be found on the islands.

La nove fondé republic L'Iles Paradizes konsistas de six iles 130 kilometres o la kost franka. Nova aktion volcanica en la arëa reformis l'iles e formis six belas iles kun petitas montes. Dok la travaliëres sole klaïmis l'iles ki sones e rekonstruïs rapide apre l'eroption 1985, multiples des viös villages ablas je vidi.

History - L'historo

These islands were colonized by very engaged esperantists looking for "a better place to live" in 1930, and they build their own society on the Belavido Island. Europe didn't care for the 30.000 population, and as the esperantists didn't want any reckognision as a republic or state, they were left untouched up until the 1960ies, where the French hippies liked the idea about their own isolated society and they moved here. The esperantists welcomed the new inhabitants under the rules of that the hippies would blend in, learn the languages and live like the esperantists had done it.

The population grew and grew, and in 1975, over 125.000 people lived on Paradise Islands. Problems were in sight, as the children of the hippies grew up and did not like this society. A group of 500 young men and women demonstrated daily in the streets of Belavido City. It lead to anger and violence, and the december revolution started. Over 40.000 people were killed by a bombing of the Kanabi Island.

The revolution was ended in 1983 by a system of laws that 98% of the population voted yes on. A government was formed. 49 democratically chosen people was governing the islands, and in a short period of just a few months, a systematic society was established.

Everything was working very well until the Great Eruptions of 1985. Almost every town was damaged on every island, and the population shrunk to only 25.000 people.

The workers class are currently moving to the islands, as the taxes is very low and the industry is blooming.

Ses iles kolonisis de multe engaga esperantistes, ki serchis "plus bon espace de vivi" en 1930, e ils formas ilsos sociëté o Isle Belavido. 

Eûropa no karas pas de population de 30.000, e de fakto l'esperantistes no rekognisos pas ki republic, nenil kontaktis ils o 1960. Che las hippies frankes amis l'idé o ilsos sociëté isola. L'esperantistes benvidis l'hippies, kia raïson de ils vivis ki l'esperantistes.

La population degrandis plus e plus, e o 1975, plus de 125.000 vivis de l'Iles Paradizes.

Problemes vidis, che bambines l'hippieös grandis e no amis pas la sociëté. Grupo de 500 junes demonstris en las passazies de Ville 

Belavido. Es producis antisympatic e viölence, e la revolution deziëmbre aretis. Plus de 40.000 populantes mortis en la 

bombardementes de Isle Kanabi. La revolution terminis 1983 kun systeme de regles de ki 98% de 

populantes decidis ûi. Parlament estis formé. 49 humanes demokratike choïzé governis l'iles, e de no multe mondes establisis la sociëté systema.

Chio fungis bena, bis l'Eroptiones Grandas de 1985. Se chio villes defektis de chio isles, e la population dekresis de nur 25.000 populantes.

Las travaliëres arivas d'isles ki habiti, o la taxes estas multe malalta e l'indostri ekspandas.

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