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Vostokograd, Russia

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About this City Journal

The story of an unreal Russian city in the Urals

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Vostokograd in the Middle Ages, painting by an unknown artist.

              The city was founded by Russian settlers in 16 th century on the shores of the Barents Sea in the north of the Ural Mountains.

Vostokograd immediately became a local center for fishing and industry. The symbol of the establishment of the Russian authorities

in these lands was built in 1564 the Orthodox Church of Elijah the Prophet.  Due to the harsh climate the city's population grew

very slowly, and by early 19 th century in Vostokograd there were only 3700 people. Interestingly, in the Crimean (Eastern)

War of 1853-1856 the city attempted to seize the British troops. In defense of the Motherland the entire population of the city, as a result

the invaders were defeated and the survivors of the British captured. Subsequently, they were living in Vostokograd and built 

"The English House", Victorian-style house on the main street of the city.


Vostokograd in 1893

       In the second half of the 19 th century Vostokograd became the center of trade in the Northern Urals.

On merchant's money was built embankment of the river Ob, Grain Exchange, City Hall and houses on the

main street (street of Alexander II). During the civil war in Russia the city was on the side of the "White" (democratic)

army. However, in 1921 the Red Army captured the city. The mayor and the richest people were executed,

a church converted into a cache of weapons and the factories were nationalized. Revival in the city began

after the Great Patriotic War. From the central regions of Russia were evacuated to several factories. 

As a result Vostokograd again became a major industrial center. Main Street was renamed Lenin Avenue and



View of Pobedy (Victory) Park from Lenin avenue

      After the war, the city's population began to grow. In Vostokograd created a new, Kirov District,

on the opposite bank of the river Ob. Between the shores a bridge was built.


 City in the early 21 century

The town continued to live a quiet life and after the Soviet collapse, until one day the specialists of Gazprom

company is found in the lands around the city a large number of oil and gas reserves. Russia's government

immediately appointed a new mayor, Peter Filatov, who instructed turning the city into the capital of

the world production of oil and gas ....


P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not my native language)

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