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About this City Journal

The Komshak (English: Komland) is the central region of Baku province in Northeastern Actar. It is the Federal Republic of Actar's primary manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and coal...

Entries in this City Journal


I've done the first screen shot to give you guys a taste of what I've done so far. This is about a week's worth of work thus far and it's looking pretty realistic.

I've labeled the cities and the major freeways.


Here's the roadmap from my previous post to give you perspective. The cities and towns on this screenshot are located at the bottom of the map.


More to come!



The Komshak (Komland) is Actar's main coal, aerospace, and industrial manufacturing area. The Komshak has long been an area of great importance to Actar and the Actarian Union as a whole. The densely populated Komshak Metropolitan area accounts for approximately 20% of Actar's total population, over 8 million people. The Komshak as a whole actually occupies 3 of Actar's eight provinces, Baku, the Vorgashland, and Dijaar C.T. (Capital Territory) Jxametshak Dijaar.

A map the F.R. of Actar's kontra (counties/districts), with the districts historically associated with the Komshak highlighted in red.


A road map of the region showing all the major cities.
The black "road" is currently a proposed freeway (Autovaat 40) that would link Dijaar directly to Keav/Bachunval further east. A-20 is a part of a larger international highway known as I-1, Ignas-1 or the Transignas Highway. It cuts straight across Actar and further on into the neighboring countries, linking all the largest cities along it's route. The Actarian motorway (Actarian: Autovaat [ah-oo-toh-vah-aht]) system is designed for speed, and has no speed limit on rural sections, similar to the Autobahns in Germany; so you'll be seeing me doing a lot of cutting straight through hills and sinking the freeways into trenches when I start posting screens.

(Also, the word "at" in Actarian is pronounced "aht", and means "upon", so the town of Devarot at Sojxa means "Devarot upon the Sojxa", much like "Stratford upon Avon" in England. The map also cuts off the town of Haltruk, which is south of Langkval. Haltruk will be included in this CJ.


Screens are coming. I just have to get the map a bit more presentable. =)


How it Started

It began when I was in Middle School, and some friends and I used to play these wargames in our neighborhood in Pensacola.

Each team eventually took territory and these territories became "countries", and the player's houses became that country's "major cities". At the time we were fighting a country called "Negralis", which had vaguely british sounding town names such as "Negralia, Combs, Stockton". Our side opted to use a language I had developed called "Actarian", a vaguely Hebrew, Russian, and German sounding language with a pinch of Japanese thrown in, loaning to it's syllabic structure. Cities names were derived from anglicized names that the players came up with. For instance "Treetown" was translated into "Baakmet", and "Rockwall" became "Buskavik". Some names were derived from players names. Kali => Kalival, Aaron => Aron, Kevin Dunn => DunvalKeav, Laquan => Lakan

Through highschool we continued the game, and more countries joined the fray until we had eventually created an entire world, history, and myriad of cultures. The "planet" was based on a map of Pensacola as you can see when you compare the two following maps.

Our World, Centered on Actar: 


Pensacola, Centered on our Neighborhood: 


Anyway, this brings me to the Region specifically. Which I will elaborate on in the next entry later on today.

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