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9/11. The shockwaves of the attack ripple across the globe. Amidst the chaos, desperate leaders agree to establish a new world superpower. An organisation that is extremely powerful,...

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9/11 happens.

  The world changes. The sight of the fall of New York becomes legendary. Across the globe a hush falls as the people realise something is now out of control.


  Nations swear to themselves that they will not let something like that happen again. Leaders from all over the world meet at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to pledge the prevention of terrorism, the removal of injustice, the renewal of the world's security systems - a New World Order, some called it. The meeting was headed by the unlikeliest of men - a civilian survivor of the World Trade Center attacks. His name was Christian Aurora.

  The man was filled with rage not only at the 19 suicide bombers who plunged two planes into the Twin Towers, but at the inefficiency of the Government's security agencies. He was furious at the inconsistency of the FBI, NSA, NRO, CIA, and the million employees who failed to see such a massive attack being planned and carried out. Everyday he read about the number of warnings they were given, the intrcepted calls that were ignored, information that was lost in the Chain of Command. His views caught the public very easily. Millions of people, especially New Yorkers, clinged to the radical ideas of the man's plan to establish an agency that would supervise all others. Undoubtedly, his voice reached the administration of governments across the globe. Today, te man overlooks the meeting of 23 of the most powerful nations of the globe - seperated by culture and language, united by humanity and idealism.

  With public consent, the plan was carried out. The World Bank lends a loan of a staggering $400 billion dollars for the organisation that was to be established the way Christian Aurora liked it. The man put it to use - a massive HQ in a lonely and deserted Island in Eastern Canada, an army of advanced stealth fighter planes, huge investments in technology, and a huge plot of land established as a seperate nation.

Aurora International City.

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