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About this City Journal

Well I started a Journal on this same map and it didn't turn out to well so now I have decided to make a new one with a whole different concept.

Entries in this City Journal


First of all let me start this update by saying that I hate myself because I started the region as you know and I tried to make the size smaller and ended up skrewing the whole thing up. So I had to start all over.

Wide Shot :


Here is how they are divided up : 


The Capital Center in the City of Dearborne in the Emerate of Satiana.


A close up of Satiana


Thats all for now folks the next update i expect to be long :)


I don't plan on making this a very long update really just a short look at the Isle of Bastian.

Region View :


So here is the Capital District in Bastian : Maule


The President Lives in the building on the right. The Senate is housed on the left. The Military headquarters is in the round building toward the top of the picture. The two towers are memorials to the founders of The Federation.

Stay Tuned for more ..

Any suggestions or comments PLEASE post at the bottom PLEASE PLEASE hehe



First of All I Would Like to note that This is the remake of The Confederated States of Ryukin by my former account.

In this CJ you will be watching the growth of the young nation.


The Federal Republic of Ryukin

Government Type : Federal Republic

Legislature : Senate

Executive Leader : President

Market Type : Mixed or Free Enterprise Economy

Location : About 2,000 miles west of Australia. Pretty much in the middle of the ocean.


President : Gorbochoph Manuela

Vice President : Adeodatus Acuzio

History :

In 1735 British Explorers sailing the ocean in search riches and gold ran aground on the Isle of Bastian ( The Main Isle of the Ryukin Chain ) . King George II named the Isle a territory. It remained a Brittish Territory until 1776 when the people of Bastian and the surrounding islands followed in Americas lead in democracy and freedom. The founders name Bastian and the surrounding islands the Federal Republic of Ryukin. Bastian became the main Island and the surrounding Islands were named. The different Islands became Emerates. Here is the list of Emerates

Bastian - Capital : Maule

Satiana - Capital : New Dearborne

Cova Lavana - Capital : Cova Lavana City

I have already named the capitals because I have already been planning them.

Stay Tuned for More Updates.

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