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About this City Journal

Brodavia is a country on the Balkan in Eastern Europe. It has it's own language: Brodavian.

Entries in this City Journal


The growth of the city Savinâ: 1910-1920

Savinâ grew very much in the 10 years between 1910 and 1920. Because of the growth of the Balkan Empire the city became more important during the years. Because of the strategic place the city is situated, the city got more political importance. The courthouse and the Department of Bureaucracy were added to the city in these years. Also the prestigious metroline got 6 more stations and one more line (line 2) was added. This line was the first one that would transfer the passengers to the industrial areas, at the west side of the city. Between this years the prosperity of the city grew a lot. Nevertheless, only the little elite could provide. Also the art began to exist in the city. A famous writer of that time was Igor Janka, who wrote about the city. One of his most famous quotes was: ''Do escapar do li vitçka i li citta do sal, privsk u mort, on muça getar sus lo gruv, wo li plussa bej, si bej cke hime, per tu wrlitçi.'' (To escape of the life in the city of dirtyness, epidemics and death, you should go under ground, where the most beautyful, beautyful like heaven, waits for you). These sentence relate to the huge difference between the very beautiful metrostation, which have cost millions, and the cheap, dirty flats in the city. 




The growth of the city Savinâ: the beginning


Savinâ is a city in the region Koralov. It's founded in 1900 to become one of the most important industry cities of Brodavia. The government of Brodavia decided to built a new city on the place where the rivers the Dunade and the Mulâ crossed. It should host the most important dirty industries of the country. Because of the growth of the population of the country and the many immigrants it was important to build a lot of homes and factories to place the people into. That's why Savinâ was founded in 1900.


Savinâ in 1901. This is the city after one year.


Savinâ around 1904. The city didn't have a lot of inhabitants and was still very depended on its agricultural industry.


The agricultural fields in the west of the city (1904)


The University, City Hall and the House of the Region, at the North side of the Mulâ


Savinâ around 1910, it's good to see that it's an industry city


The Governmential center of the city (1910)

Firstly, the agricultur was the most important industry in the city, but after 10 years the city growth with highspeed. In 1911, the city already had around the 70.000 inhabitants.

A prestigious project

Because of the highspeed growth of the city the government of the Balkan Empire (since 1910) to construct a new metro network in Savinâ. Savinâ was after Breser (Brêsla) the first city with a metro. The first metroline was from the most south to the centre at the north side of the Mulâ. Some of the stations are famous because of their beauty (like Brodaski Station, Franz I Station and Wrliçovknabiajni Station)

The stationlist of the first metroline of Savinâ (line 1)

1 Problak

2 Ivwitzu

3 Abriknovoskaja

4 Franz I

5 Austritz

6 Wrliçovknabiajni

7 Prikovrawtra

8 Alamunjenko

9 Mrlinkopatsjevnor

10 Valamuk

11 Brodaski

12 Hus do Justiça

13 Universitat

14 Hus do Citta

15 Hus do Provinç

16 Trinivsk

17 Beklakov


The Brodaski Station


The Wrliçovknabiajni Station


Franz I Station, with his head on the wall


General information

Official name: Republik do Brodaski, Republic of Brodavia

Motto: Striçar u victorar, Fight and let the victory be yours

National hymne/ anthem: Março do Brodaski, March of Brodavia

Capital (and largest city): Breser (Brodavian: Brêsla)

Official languages: Brodavian, German, Italian

Demonym: Brodavian (Brodavian: Brodaskio/ Brodaskiu)

President: Mark Prinz (Progressive Social Liberal Party)

Population: 13.247.028 (2010)

Currency: Brodasku Krunâ (Brodavian Koruna) > €1=K 0,82

Timezone: CET (UTC +1)

                  CEST (UTC +2)

Drives on: right

Internet LTD: .br

Flag: Kralitçku do Brodaski, Coat of Brodavia



Introduction: the national hymne of Brodavia

The national hymne of Brodavia is called the 'Março do Brodaski' (March of Brodavia). It was used a lot in the revolution of Breser (Brodavian: Brêsla). However, it is written for the January Revolution of 1846, against the king of Brodavia: King Alexander IX. He was the last king of the Brimiçku-dinasty. As you can read, the song is very focussed on the people of Brodavia. Because of the song the people united and the last king was executed by the new government of Brodavia.   

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