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About this City Journal

My new development in a French-Atlantic coast inspired region.

Entries in this City Journal


Route map.

 I've been working on this map based upon a region picture. Remember that it's in perspective, it's NOT an aerial view, it is photoshopped upon a real region view picture. Not everything is really yet filled, but this is the way you'll understand where the pictures I upload are from, and comparing it to the first pictures of the region I uploaded, you'll understand the radical changes that tool place in the makeover of the city medieval core. Now, as you can see, it looks like Bordeaux more than ever!


I've created a few highways to connect the region and to serve as natural ends for the city's boulevards. Some things are still a work in progress, as the village of Margny-sur-Oise, and the University Campus, and some others are still even just ideas, as the Airport.

I will be posting close ups on the following days, so I figured that a map may come up handy in case you don't wanna get lost! :)


 I'm still developing the new edges of the region, but I'm going to keep that a secret a little more. Meanwhile, I can show you the new and shiny industrial seaport. It is actually set in three different cities, so I've composed a single picture for you to look at.

That's how it looks now:


Next time I will post some region-view pictures so you can locate where the port is.


 Well, well, this is going to be a major entry.

I started to model a medieval core in the main city, but as it turned to be, the whole positioning of the city, with that major harbor so near, made it complicated. Then, what do I do? Restart! Extreme Makeover!. I have even remodeled the whole region. I've lost some major parts of it but now I think, since I do now have a complete plan and a complete view for it all, it is going to grow better than ever.

First thing, I created a cluster. As a city with European medieval heritage, I created an oval-shaped terrain that was supposed to have contained the whole medieval city with its walls. As the 19th Century developed, as it happened in most cities, the walls were demolished, and a new series of wide tramway-ed boulevards were built upon them (in red in the picture below). Also, I created two major circulation axes (in blue) that intersect the oval shape giving it sense, and also, so that I could place the cathedral and its square in the middle.


So, after this huge makeover, I'm going to "hide" for a little the region view, till I manage to smooth the edges, both of the terrain and also of the city and the whole region.

And now, I will present you loads of close ups from the old town, because that's what you've been looking forward to see! Mind that several buildings may appear gone bad, but it is because I build the entire core before even starting zoning, so it was impossible, to keep them all ok. But now, since I'm developing the terrain and doing some zoning, up to 140.000 sims have already moved in, so they will end up working in time.

First of all, Place de Saint-André and its cathedral.



Place Royale and the Henry IV monument.



Place and Église de Saint-Eloi.



Place des Capucins and Église de Saint-Antoin.


Jardins Gambetta.


And, finally, some pictures of the river front boulevard and the connection to the other shore.

Quai Charles de Gaulle.


The plaza where Quai Charles de Gaulle and Boulevard Victor Hugo meet.


Pont de la Victoire between Place Napoléon (on Quai Charles de Gaulle) and Place de Strasbourg. (As you can see, the right bank is still in development, so, sorry in advance.)


Place Strasbourg on the other bank.


So, that's all for now. Hope you liked my Makeover! When the region would be a little more developed, I'll show the changes from above.


 Well, I've finally finished the walled city of Saint-Pierre-du-Bois. First of all I have to say that I took some ideas from the magnificent CJ by Daan300 titled The Illyrian Coast. Basically, because I finally decided to get the magnificent PPond Kit by Pegasus, and use the rocks to build the cliffs around the city. Anyway, since my city is more French-Atlantic than from the German border, I decided to not use that much the magnificent timber walled buildings by xannepan and haarlemmergold.

So, finally, here are some pics:




That's it for now. I'm working on the edges of the main city, but I think, after this medieval experience, that I maybe rework it's core in order to make it look more realistic, as an old medieval city center, and several enlargements during the centuries.


 I'm just uploading a few more pictures of the consolidation of the northern shore of the river estuary. I'm building more rural areas and I've created a sorta medieval village, Saint-Pierre-du-Bois, that is the best I could do in building something European and medieval looking.



Now my biggest problem is how to merge the capital with the bordering regions. We'll see how that goes.


I'm updating the first entry on this CJ because the pictures didn't correspond to the actual state of the city now.

It's been a long time since I last started a CJ here. New computer, new OS, and so, I had a complete fresh start, reinstalling the game and starting to build again my CC folders.

Nastreaux is a French city in the Atlantic coast, head of the Département de Nastreaux, in Poitou-Charentes, and it's set on the plains surrounding the mouth of the river Oise.


Here is a route map (still in developing). Remember that it's in perspective, as it's photoshopped directly over a region view picture. It's not an aerial view.


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