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About this City Journal

Trenton is America's largest city with a staggering population of over 8.8 million. The city is the capital of Finance, Industry, Commerce, and Entertainment.

Entries in this City Journal


It's been a while since my last update. Today I'm covering the area north of Midtown. Hudson Point lies across the Columbia River from Uptown and Midtown Trenton. It is home to Spartan Stadium where Trenton's NFL team the Spartans play.


The Make-Up homes in Hudson Point are world famous landmarks, and known for their light pastel colors, and early 20th Century styling.


The Golden Bay Country Club hosts the PGA Tour's North Eastern Open.


A close-up shows golfers on the fairway.


Harrow's Neck Island is a small island surrounded by the Columbia river, which has Interstate 98 traversing it, and occupied completely by industry.


Pictured is the East end of the Washington Tunnel in Brooklyn. The tunnel travels a quarter mile below the Trenton River connecting to Uptown on the mainland.


This is the West end of the Washington tunnel, surrounded by Uptown's sleek glass residential hi-rise towers.


The Columbus Span travels North and South over the Columbia River, connecting Uptown to Hudson Point.


And lastly here stand the towers along the bank of the Columbia river, residential towers that are home to some of Trenton's elite, overlooking the beaches.





At about 12:00 Eastern Standard Time, a Continental Airlines Flight 349 has crashed on the runway at Glendale International Airport.According to eyewitnesses, the plane came down to the runway sideways after being pushed askew by a strong tail wind, the plane bounced off the runway once. The pilot over compensated the trajectory of the plane as he went tail down into the grass to the right of the runway. As the plane burst into flames, it rolled over and dug into the grass on the side of the runway. This picture was taken shortly after the plane came to rest by another aircraft circling the runway before emergency crews arrived on the scene.


At this point it remains unknown the fate of the passengers and crew aboard... However few are expected to survive. This tragedy is just the second in Trenton's aviation history.



The Trenton Spire is located on its own man-made land reclamation in the Trenton River. It is the tallest building in the western hemisphere. The tower stands firmly at 2000 feet, over 200 feet taller than the city's next tallest building. The spire was designed by the AC94 Architectural Firm.


The Ruddock Tower is the city's second tallest building. It is owned by the city's mayor Zack Ruddock. It contains the offices of ZRStudios, one of the nation's largest advertising firms. The building stands at 1,785 feet and has 120 floors. Ruddock Tower stands near the southern end of the Trenton's shopping district on Michigan Avenue, and overlooks Lincoln Park. It was designed by the NDEX firm.


The Rotterdam Tower was completed in 1931. At the time, it was the tallest building in the world and arguably still the world's most famous. The historic Art-Deco skyscraper stands at 1,250 feet tall.


The South Street complex stands on the southwestern corner of the Trenton Peninsula. It consists of three towers, the tallest being one South Street, the blue tower in the center. The reflective glass mirrors the West Bay Bridge, South Park, and the West Bay itself.


The World Financial Center in Trenton Consists of three towers. One WFC, is the diamond shaped building and stands 1,350 feet tall. It is one of the tallest buildings in the city.


After the Sears Tower in Chicago sold to Willis Holdings, the tower no longer bared their namesake. After Sears Roebuck Co. made a recovery, sales soared and the company looked to expand their suburban Chicago headquarters. Sears decided to take back their pride and construct a new tower to the same specifications of the original Sears Tower in Trenton. The height has been revised to include the spires on top of the building, seeing as how this time around they were included in the original design, which makes the Sears Tower 1,738 feet tall. The roof height remains at 1,454 feet.


Downtown Trenton is located on the Southeastern tip of the Trenton Peninsula. Most of the buildings downtown were built from 1910 to 1945 and are mostly in the Art-Deco style. Most of Trenton's financial institutions and banks are located here. The Trenton Stock Exchange is also downtown, located on the world famous Heere Street.


The American Life Insurance company tower was build in 1909 and is one of the most famous skyscrapers downtown. It may only stand 790 feet, but its Gothic architecture make it arguably more impressive than a 1,000 foot glass giant.


The Manter Dance Academy is one of the worlds finest. Madam Manter and her students continue to impress on on the worlds stage, with the beauty and elegance of dance. Madam Manter started the Academy after recieving top honors at the Prix Benois de la Danse Awards in Moscow. The Academy teaches students of all ages and levels of expertise.


The Benjamin Franklin Center (black building in the center) is another one of Trenton's supertall skyscrapers. It stands over 1,100 feet tall and is clad with black steel. Across the street is 900 North Illinois, which contains the city's tallest "vertical mall" with 12 stories of shops, named for the months of the year.


The ZBTechnology Building is a credit to the Modernism movement of architecture. This building houses ZBTechnology which is one of the largest software companies in America. The building was designed by S.Fox Architecture.


What's a major city without an Apple store? Products that can be found at the Apple store are computers, iPods, iPads, and a smug, bloated sense of self worth and satisfaction. The city's most pompous citizens can be found lining up for days before the release of the next trendy piece of electronics that will no doubt be either broken and obsolete within six months.


On "the Lincoln Park cliff" some of the city's best architecture is showcased on Illinois Avenue. It features the best views of the park, and across the Trenton River to Kings.


The Park Tower (The golden building) hosts a five star restaurant and world class hotel. It is also located next to Manter Dance Academy. On South Street some of the city's finest hotels look south to the Trenton Harbor.


The Trenton Convention Center plays host to the largest conventions in the city. From the Trenton International Auto Show, to the Consumer Electronics Show, this multipurpose building can host events of all sizes. The Main Floor is connected via over avenue parking structure to the Bear Sterns Center Across the street. Barnes street also tunnels under the convention center. The Trenton Convention Center also houses one of the city's busiest subway stations.


St. Mark's Cathedral is a beautiful Gothic Cathedral located in north Vessey. It marks the start of the St. Patrick's Day Parade up Park Avenue.


The Lincoln Heights Tower is a tall residential tower located just off East Shore Drive in Midtown. It stands at a dizzying 1,151 feet. Mayor Ruddock holds a Penthouse in this stunning tower designed by NYC06 and Co.


150 North Illinois Avenue is a tribute to the sailors that helped build the city. It overlooks the river, Lincoln Circle and Lincoln Park.


The North American Museum of Natural History is America's premier history museum. The museum is featured prominently in a series of feature films where "History Comes Alive". It is located across the street from the Michael Jordan Arena where Trenton's own Warriors play in the NBA.


In the Chelsea Village, rowhomes and brownstones represent some of the city's most cultured neighborhoods. From one of a kind restaurants to international coffee chains, there's a little of everything. The city's largest housing projects can be seen in the upper right of the shot.


The Buildings overlooking South Park along South Street form the beginning of the skyline. Such menacing urban giants overlook the innocence of birds chirping, children playing in the park, and fishermen hauling in their catch from the Harbor.


The tallest brick structure in the city, 220 South Michigan, reaches 515 feet out into the Trenton sky, and hosts the Trenton Athletic Association.


The Bayview Heights Tower is an 881 foot tower on west side of West Shore Drive, which makes it the tallest building outside the perimeter formed by Shore Drive.


The Aon On The Park (white building) is over 1,100 feet tall and looks out from the north end of Lincoln Park.


At the center of Midtown is Centennial Square, which has recently converted to a pedestrian only area, and is one of the world's most visited tourist destination. Hundreds of neon advertisements make this one of the brightest spots on earth. At night Centennial Square can be seen from space. Centennial Square also has the highest concentration of skyscrapers on earth, over 500 within one square mile.

Keep watching for more in depth looks at the buildings of Trenton, and watch for the parks, stadiums, neighborhoods, suburbs, and much more from the World's Greatest City!



In the center of the picture, Trenton's Midtown district dominates the city. Midtown has some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. The city also boasts countless world class restaurants, theaters, the world's premier dance company, and unrivaled shopping. Trenton has 6 major sports team, from NFL to NBA. Weehawken Hills country club hosted the 2014 US open, and is a year round world class course. To the southwest, the city's suburbs sprawl out from mid sized office towers, to fields of corn and small creeks. Weehawken Hills country club hosted the 2014 US open, and is a year round world class course. South of Midtown, Trenton International Airport is one of the nation's busiest and plays as the primary international terminal in the United States.


Trenton and the major suburbs are highlighted in this satellite photo. The districts of the city are written in CAPITALS.


The city of Trenton was first settled in 1768 by William Trent. Trent was a wealthy patriot who traveled down the Eastern seaboard from Boston, in search of a land with plentiful lumber to open a mill. Phillip Wernicke was Trent’s business partner and co-founder of Trenton. Together they came across what is now the Trenton Peninsula at the mouth of the Weehawken River. The river flows south through the state and opens through a vast harbor into the Atlantic Ocean.


Trenton founder William Trent.

The pair founded Wernicke Mill, named for Trent’s business partner. Seeing as how the mill was named for Wernicke, the pair agreed on naming the settlement after Trent. Trentown was born a small milling town.


Wernicke Mill circa 1850.

Its key location at the mouth of the then Weehawken River, proved invaluable during the American Revolution. Fort Warwick was located on the southern tip of the Warwick Peninsula across the bay from Trentown. Trentown was key to keeping the British from infiltrating America’s inner waterways by holding their Imperial Navy at bay. Trent watched as his humble settlement exploded due to its harbor, and the vast variety of importing and exporting businesses which opened on the waterfront.


Fort Warwick during the American Revolution.

In 1800 Trent, still the city’s first and only mayor, proposed the name be changed to Trenton. By the turn of the century the city’s population had topped 20,000, and its Port was second only to Boston Harbor in the 13 United States. Trenton continued to grow throughout the 19th century, and by the year 1868, Trenton had over 900,000 citizens.

The rush of European immigrants in the early 20th century exploded Trenton’s population. From 1900 to 1950, the city’s population grew from 1.8 million, to 6.4 million. Trenton became known as America’s premier city, and indeed one of the world’s premier cities. The nightlife was unmatched, world class museums such as the North American Museum of Natural History, American Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Trenton Institute of Arts, secured the city’s place as the cultural Mecca of America.

The Rotterdam tower was completed in 1931 and was the city’s tallest building until the World Financial Center’s main tower was built in 2014. Trenton’s skyline is among the largest in the world with over 8,000 skyscrapers (buildings over 200 feet) within the city limits. The tallest building is currently the Trenton Spire, which is the second tallest building in the world, and tallest in North America at 2,000 feet.

Zack Ruddock is the city’s current mayor, and is serving his 2nd term being elected in 2020. Tourism and commerce has exploded since Ruddock took office. With low taxes for both residents and business, Trenton has grown significantly in the past 8 years. The city’s population is currently at 8.8 million residents.

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