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About this City Journal

My first city journal (yeah, I hear you cringing now). Riverton is a coastal city built from a seaport at the mouth of a river.

Entries in this City Journal



For the next few months, Riverton seemed content to hum along in a calm existence on the river banks.  Progress stands still for nobody, though, and here is no exception.  The combination of cheap land, good soil, plentiful clean water, and easy access to a functional yet under-capacity seaport meant it was only a matter of time before farmers moved in to settle the area away from the coast.  And that's exactly what happened.

The first citizen to set up homestead in the countryside was Jez Knight.  In late August 2001, he rented the equipment to cut a small road from the service drive into the woods, built a home, and plowed a field for his crops.  The electric company quickly realized the potential benefits of a power presence in this area and ran another line to the farm.

Jez Knight

Jez Knight's farm, August 2001

It only took one look at the new farm in the rural part of town to convince some of the other residents that Riverton had a future in agribusiness.  There was certainly enough room for expansion, and work had been slow at the docks lately.  Setting up farms seemed like a natural way to get into more permanent employment and raise a family.  Besides, the countryside provided privacy and silence unmatched by the growing village near the seaport.

Growing Farmland

Farmland expansion

Of course farms need workers, especially during harvest time.  In order to stay close to work several families set up hovels right across the street from Jez Knight - who had by this time attained some kind of local celebrity status.  Meanwhile, enterprising newcomers set up some shops right at the intersection of the service and farming roads... but their success varied greatly with the season.

Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers' living area


Humble Beginnings

Short and bland introductory comments: This is my first CJ.  I'm going to try to tell the story of Riverton, a city built from the ground up around a seaport on the coast.  The region map I'm using is Eaton, chosen mainly because it is super popular and it's a fantasy map - hence no pressure to follow any kind of model.  (I must say I wish this region had more interesting heights, but oh well).  I picked the second-from-top square to found my city, and threw in a couple hills near the top left.  I elected this "start from scratch" method after reading a bit of TigerXtrm's Natural Development CJ.

City View

Satellite image of Riverton, before construction

Our story begins where this river joins the sea.  Much further inland is a heavy manufacturing center, producing goods to be shipped around the world.  Most cargo takes a different route to its destination, but occasionally the normal routes get clogged and so the occasional barge gets a commission taking overages down this river.  These boats are unloaded at the mouth and then repacked into larger cargo ships for export.

Performing this service efficiently requires a seaport with the equipment to move the containers.  One enterpreneur capitalized on this, snatched up the land rights for practically nothing, and set up a dock in December of 2000.  The need for electricity enabled the fledgling seaport to convince the power company to run some lines and a service road out.


The new seaport.  Power is brought in from a neighboring oil plant.

The new seaport enjoyed moderate success, and it became clear that this was to be a somewhat permanent operation.  Workers now found themselves with a need for proper housing, and set up inexpensive homes in the areas immediately surrounding the seaport.  With shelter and water (from the river) now covered, a couple of stores popped up shortly afterwards to meet the remaining basic need: used cars food...

First Homes

The first homes and stores are built.

A few short months later and more people begin to migrate to the new village.  At first most are brought in by the shipping company, but soon many are simply people from further up the river  - hoping to find work and excited by the idea of owning a home in such a beautiful wooded area.  Planning is haphazard at this point: people simply want to be near their workplace.


April 2001: the first "subdivision".

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