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Rio Grande City

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About this City Journal

The Historic City of Rio Grande which founded in 1760. The plaza was established on the West side of the river. The city has the historic St. Francis Cathedral and the historic Luna...

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J.R. VigiL

 Welcome to the Rio Grande City (RGC) Plaza! Since RGC was founded in 1760 the plaza has been the focal point of all business and pleasure, the plaza contains everything the community needs to survive except a Wal-Mart. When RGC was founded in 1760 the founder of the town Don Juan de Montaño set the community up following all the rules pertaining to the Law of the Indies on the regulations of the plaza size. Montaño set up immediately to create a presidio which is now the current location of the hospital and police station. The presidio would protect his new town which at the time was named La Valle Grande, or the big valley. RGC was what it later became to be known after the coming of the U.S. Government and they changed the name of the community. Montaño's descendants still remain in RGC and serve on many boards, and committees that they help, to contribute to the community their ancestor built. Many people believe that Montaño's location for the church was a miracle though, because legend has it that Montaño's son, Cristobal, found a crucifix on the site and told his father and his father set out to immediately build the church on the site, but not before burying the crucifix in the current location of the plaza. The patron saint of RGC, St. Francis, was the patron saint of Montaño and supposedly the name in Spanish was engraved in the back of the crucifix. The post office built in 1923 was built on the site of the Chavez  Mansion. The Chavez's had come to the city with the Montaño's and established the colony and the Chavez's had their household built on the site of where the Montaño had collapsed off his horse due to dehydration. The home was plowed down in 1923 after surviving centuries and the Post Office was built in the site. The Library was built in the once lushful gardens the Chavez's had grown their crops from. The different sides of the plaza have been remodeled constantly and done to look as original as they once were to increase authenticity. More history of the Plaza coming soon!

J.R. VigiL

The East Side

 As you wake up to your free Continental Breakfast we invite you to TECH Fest which is held monthly in the East Side Technological Pavilion for the purpose in recycling older technology and buying new tools to help with everyday life. The pavilion is set up very similar to the traditional plaza with shops surrounding the "Concrete Park"  so stop and visit "Robbie's Rock'n Robots." Robbie's has many fun toys for the kids and a kid-at-heart like yourself. After spending some money at Robbie's journey on over to the butcher shop on Paloma Boulevard for the best cuts of beef you could ever imagine!  Have a chat with Mr. Jim Valetto and ask him about the local high school football team and their winning season at State Championships last year (Valetto is the Rio Grande High School football coach). For the best baked goods in the region consider visiting Ole' Mrs. Tobinson on San Jose Street, and getting some of her locally renowned donut holes with her secret jelly. If you are into mystery novels, you may want to visit the Friends of the Library Bookstore at the Loma Linda Branch Library, the bookstore has so many that neighboring community libraries come to buy from them. No visit to the East side is complete without driving by the Army Base and wondering what really goes on inside the fences, many conspiracies theories exist since the base was built in the early 60's. After leaving the East side honk as you cross the Oñate Bridge, because legend says if you do, you can hear it all the way down to Mexico. When you cross the bridge look for the Bradford Building on Central Avenue, though of no interest inside, the sign on the side of the wall makes you giggle at how unique the community is.  Depending what your in town for business or pleasure, chances are it will take you to the historic plaza! 

J.R. VigiL

     Welcome to Rio Grande City, the most historic city in all of the River Valley and probably the most interesting. When you venture to this serene valley and cross over the hill you will never want to leave. You can't visit "The Historic City on the River" without visiting the Plaza! In the Rio Grande City (RGC) Plaza you will find the neatest shops you could ever find, wonderfully restored architecture, and proud preservation of heritage and culture.  The RGC Plaza contains the historic St. Francis Cathedral that was built in 1774, thats two years prior to the Signing of the Declaration of Independence!  The historically restored church contains within the walls the long, tireless history that it has  faced over the many years.  Remember to visit the RGC Library for large amounts of information about the valley including the first families. Inside the RGC Post Office one can visit the Chamber of Commerce and ask for the best places to dine at, and the best places to stay.  If you would like to talk politics consider venturing over to city hall and talking to the feisty democrat mayor of the city. The mayor could give you an earful about the condition of the city and how it needs to move ahead and how people need to start working towards the betterment of the community. If the mayor doesn't scare you away from the city consider eating at the Fairview Diner located at the corner of Fairview and Sandia, right across Fairview Memorial Cemetery.  After getting a bite to eat take a drive down La Loma Street and look for the Loma Linda Cinema and catch the latest movies for decent prices. If you decide to take on the nightlife you may want to consider crossing the river to the east side, the west side of the city has a strict noise ordinance after 10 PM. On the east side venture down Loma Linda Avenue to Paloma Boulevard and look for, Roule's Hangout. Please remember though that the east side is not the best side of town to be on at such late at night so please lock your doors. If you have enjoyed your evening so far we suggest you journey back over to the west side and bunker down for the night. The best place to stay at is the Riverview Lodge (formerly Riverside Inn) where they offer Continental Breakfast and fluffy sheets. We hope you have enjoyed your first day in Rio Grande City!

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