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About this City Journal

Anywhere's is a CJ that has towns, farms, and cities that are growing and developing.

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome to Anywhere's!

Hey welcome again to my region, lately there has been some real serious growth going on in some places... The current region population is about 50K now. It's become attractive enough to get some big box stores like Wal-Mart and a Kroger to locate here. Home developer's are also starting to move into the area, meaning "cookie cutter" neighborhoods are coming too. Though not all are so bad as you can see...

1.) Applewood Subdivision area under construction


2.) Applewood area after homes were built. (some more development is taking place in this area that I'll add in later.)


3.) Riverbend neighborhood (this area is also undergoing some massive development since this photo.) Updates to come...


4.) Kroger and Wal-Mart come to town


5.) Highways in the Spurttston area are getting widened to 6 lanes. This project is to be completed in the next 3-5 years


6.) Some of the development in the area is starting to move out into the rural farming areas... (this area will be the first subdivision to implement a "green zone" or buffer in between development and farms.)


That's the end of this update, however I do plan on updating a couple of these, just since the area is starting to really grow. On the next update, I'm going to show how some of the RPC (Regional Planning Commission) people are considering naming roads. They say it'll make navigating around some of the roads in the region easier 1.gif I'm also planning on showing you guys the beginnings of a possible future interstate corridor (for now just a rumor.) 

Come back and visit us again! 


Growing Pains

Welcome to Anywhere's

Welcome again to the area... in this new update I'd like to discuss some of the growing pains that are showing up in the region.

Before I get to showing you things let me update you quickly on the things that have been occurring in the last several months, to about a year.

First, the area is considering to build a new rail system to suit the needs of the growing industrial areas in the region. The main problem with this is that most people where the railroad is going to be going, aren't particularly thrilled w/the idea. Especially since there is hardly anyone that lives where they do (or so they say). Local townspeople claimed that, "...There was no reason to ever build such a preposterous thing as a railroad in the region, because there isn't enough traffic or people for it." The Regional Planning Commission, or the RPC had argued w/the courts and also the townspeople enough to the point where a Superior Court got involved. In the end the ruling went in favor of the railroad being constructed, and so then paved the way to a new railroad system to be built.

The below picture shown here is what the RPC called "ridiculous". 


 Here we see more dirt being moved and more development occurring


Here's another shot same place but after the ruling for a new railroad went through.


Here's a set of photos showing the progression of a new highway interchange being built. 

1.) Beginnings of the bridge foundation


2.) On/Offramps area is being graded


3.) Secondary roads and off/onramp area gets graded. Some secondary roads are being taken out and redone for the project.MountainView-HWY4Interchangeprogres.jpg

4.) Bridgework, roadwork, and secondary roads are finished. The landscaping and shoulder work is being completed.


5.) The completed interchange, and added trees and landscaping...


Alright well that's all for now, come back and visit us again!


The Beginning

Welcome to Anywhere's! 

Welcome to my region called Anywhere's. I call it that because I want it to be thought of as a place that could be anywheres.

First, before we go into much further detail about the region and my upcoming updates I'm planning on. Let me first say this journal will consist of farms, towns, highways, and more things like airports, railways, and other transit later with growth. I like to "grow" my region cause I'm a real big fan of the natural growth movement, and also the realism stuff. So with this being a first of mine, I hope that you can enjoy what I bring to the community here. 

Alright well since everyone knows the style of play that I'll be showing let's get to a little picture tour of the area...

1.) Nice scenic farming area


2.) Some more farming


3.) Here's a sneak preview of a highway interchange in the area... I'll be using all RHW in this.


4.) More RHW stuff


5.) A community and a nice little main street type of shopping area



6.) More homes and business (I do plan on changing the sidewalk mod and also the homes to custom things in time.) I'm not a real big fan of Maxis stuff.


Well that's all for now, I'll post some more updates in time. Thanks for visiting!

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