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About this City Journal

Follow the story of a small town as it gradually grows out of obscurity with the guidance of Misa Antacar, though beware, challenges lurk in the wilderness...

Entries in this City Journal

Lyhoko Leaci


Day 64 + 10 hours:

It was decided to explore the stream now, before the rest of the bridges were built, so that if there was any barbarians or anything else hostile out there, they wouldn't have an easy way to get to Tarac right away, and the bridges would be finished after the area has been determined to be safe.




So far there isn't anything of interest, the landscape is much like that around Ansic, only without the odd creepy feeling that you get near Mirkwood, thankfully. The stream is pretty calm, with a couple of rocks scattered about, but mainly the area is just flat and tree-filled.


Hey, the stream splits! We'll go down the right fork for now, mainly because that's the side of the stream we're already on. Depending on what we find and how long this stream is, we may explore the other fork soon, or maybe not. Who knows how far inland we can go before running into the end of the stream? And there could be other forks as well, this is the bigger stream off of the first fork, after all.


Still nothing of interest, just more of the same. It is moving quite far to the south though, it can't go too far or we'll run into the chaotic terrain back when we first crossed the water again.


Okay, now there's something of interest. Development. Hopefully these people are friendly like the people of Tarac were.

Lyhoko Leaci


Day 62:

After crossing over to another island, it was discovered that it did indeed connect to Taractacar on its western edge. While it was difficult to move across the wide, rocky channel and then back up the hill, that is no longer the case.


We now have a path heading down the hill, and some of the rocks from the channel were used to rebuild or add to the fencing in the area. It was certainly tricky to get the rocks to stay in place on some of those hills there, though. Now, why is there a path there to begin with, you ask?


Because there's a bridge there, of course! I'm certain that they wouldn't have been able to build something like this if I wasn't here, though they wouldn't really have a reason to, either. The hardest part was part was setting the stones down in the center, though that was because I did all of the work, being able to breath underwater. I think some of the people think that I'm some kind of god... though most disagree, saying that a god would just snap his or her fingers and the bridge would appear. I could do that... if I had a constructor type transporter, enough time to program it, something to power it, and enough raw materials, and I'm missing the 1st and 3rd requirements. Everyone else seems to be of the belief of "since those marks look like gills, they must be gills." So it apparently isn't much of a shock when I actually use them as such. Though it does help to have a calm civilization... they don't seem to react much to anything odd that happens, which usually involves me. Actually, its kind of weird. What was this place like before I came, if they don't really react now? Anyway, the first known bridge on this planet is now complete.


Doesn't really go anywhere quite yet, though sometime in the near future well continue the road down to the other island, then the mainland near the stream, slowly adding settlements along the way. This island will just be used for hunting and gathering for now, the development will be limited to the second island, which will likely have farms of its own in the future. This area is a good place to relax, though so the bridge is still used now.


Yep, there's still a little ways to go until we're ready to set out exploring the stream. Though an exploration by water to the west is possible now, or we could go from Ansic, where it is already possible.

Lyhoko Leaci


Day 37 + 9 hours:

The land indeed does seems to be getting flatter, though it still is too rocky to attempt to head farther inland, so we have to continue along the coast as usual. Maybe around the next inlet we'll have better luck? So far there have been no signs of inhabitants, possibly because of the rockiness.


Yes, the land is flatter, there's actually a quite large and easily accessible area here, even if it is almost surrounded by water and still pretty rocky. The main difference here is the trees, which seem to consist of mostly the shorter type with lighter green leaves than most of the rest, though there still are plenty of the remaining trees, including some dead ones.


Day 37 + 13 hours:

An island! Hm.. that gives us three options to take now. Do we continue on the path we're traveling on along the coast, head to the island, or head farther inland, now that we're able to? The island might be the best bet, it seems to head back to the other island near the farming areas of Tarac, though it's too distant to see from here in order to be sure. Wait, is that the sound of running water? If so, that would be the first actual stream we've come across so far.


It is! Who knows what is at the end of it, though for now it will have to wait, the islands are where we are heading next. We'll have the mark the steam as a likely source of a future expedition, however.




Day 37 + 15 hours:

This island, assuming it is an island rather than being attached to something, is actually very much like the lands of Ansic and Tarac, and most likely will be a great spot for future expansion, both for settlements, and more farms. The water to the west seems to be just as expansive as the water to the east of Ansic, though no mountains are visible at all in the distance in either direction here. I wonder what those mountains are off to the east... there's no way we're going that way until I'm sure the boats are ready, though. Maybe some bridges would be good for the settlement of these islands as well, we'll just have to wait and see, though.

Lyhoko Leaci


Day 36 + 10 hours:

It is once again time for exploration, and this time we're heading further to the north. We're going on the eastern path as the water is now quite as wide here, and also not quite as deep.


It was relatively easy to get across the first body of water, but the second was considerably more difficult. Maybe the western path would have been a better choice... Though it could also get more difficult farther on, as well. We did manage to find a path to make it across the rocks, though we did have to climb down into the water at the end before making it to the next bit of land. I don't know if this is the mainland, or simply another island. I guess we'll be finding that out soon enough.




Day 36 + 14 hours:

This land is considerable more rocky than any other area we've seen so far. It took a couple hours of fighting our way though the trees between a small cliff keeping up from heading farther inland, and another small cliff that would drop us down into an inlet. There seems to be no way to get to the other side of the inlet as the only pathway across is blocked by a massive rock, and the cliff doesn't have an open path to take once you reach the end. Swimming doesn't seem to be an option either, as the cliff continues on the other side of the inlet, as well. The only option seems to be traveling up the other direction, and hoping that something will be found there.






Day 36 + 17 hours:

This land was somewhat easier to navigate, and we did manage to go at least twice as far, though cliffs still prevented up from traveling further inland. The land up ahead seems flatter, however, so maybe there is some hope for further exploration there. However, it is getting late and it wouldn't be good to keep exploring in the dark. We'll camp here for the night, and then continue exploration in the morning.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 35: Unity


Day 35 + 14 hours:

Ansic and Tarac are for the first time truly linked together, with a path leading over to a second dock site within reach of Ansic from the Tarac farmlands. The path makes it much easier than walking though rocky forest where you never know where there could be a hole. Though they could have removed the log from the path.


It gets a bit hilly when the path turns to the east after heading south, going down and then back up the same hill. Oddly enough, it seems there's some sort of grid system thwarting efforts to build paths diagonally or something, why else wouldn't a diagonal path have been built?


Coming down the final hill, there's already some development! Are they predicting a population boom or something? No crops though, though it does seem a bit too hilly in this area. Nature's good though.



Of course they put all of that wood to good use for the docks... and for building more of those funky birdhouses. Do you really need that many? There's going to be bird poop all over the place, I expect. Seems the birds like them, though.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 4: Tarac



Day 4 + 12 hours:

Tarac overall seems to be much like Ansic, aside from the size difference. There's houses, a watchtower, a spring, and a dock, with some farms off around the town. It does seem to be a bit more spread out, though, or maybe that is just because it's bigger.




These people have different crops as well, could be good to have some variety. Not sure what that weedy looking field is for, but aside from that, they have something called "tomatoes," "peppers," "grapes," "cotton," as well as some melons and sugarcane. Also they seem to have their fences set up better on the west side of the island.



And of course, the water separating this island from several others... one area considerably more rocky than the other, though the rocky gap is shorter. We will have to come back to those areas later.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 3: First Contact


Day 3 + 17 hours:

So far there has been no sign of the people of this new land, other than more footprints. As we don't know if these people are friendly or not, we have been moving slowly in an attempt to appear non-threatening in case they are out watching nearby.


We found them. So far they seem to be friendly, and from what I can tell so far, similar to our own culture. Huh, I've only been here a couple of days and I'm already saying that... The environment here seems to be similar other than the increased number and size of the rocks, as well as the increase in the amount of dead trees and clearings, possibly because of the rocky ground. I wonder how big this area of land is, and how much these people know about it.


They have farms, that much is certain. However their farms seem to be more spread out, and they don'y have walls all the way around them, animals from the forest could easily cross the path and get into the crops if they want... though some could likely just jump over the walls, so maybe it doesn't really matter much. The crops look fine to me at any rate.


We have reached their village, which they call Tarac. It’s getting dark, so it would likely be best if we stayed here for the night, assuming they don't mind. Their village seems to be larger than Ansic, but otherwise has the same basic design with wooden cabins, dirt paths, a spring, and a dock. Maybe towns only pop up wherever there is a spring? I only know of two towns here so I'm not sure.


Day 3 + 20 hours:

The people were happy to let us stay for the night, and are very curious about what is out there and want to explore. They just never had the chance before, with all of the rocks keeping them from making boats to head south. They can head north, but the region there is just as rocky except near the village itself, so they're stuck. Though the area where we docked the ship seems to be okay for a dock, maybe just move some of the rocks nearby out of the way... I don't know how the people will react to my abilities, though they don't seem to mind my appearance, which is not entirely human.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 3: Exploration


Day 3 + 10 hours:

Apparently there is some sort of prophecy of some sort about my arrival... at least that is what they said, I haven't been able to make heads or tails of the thing.

"The marked one will arrive from the sky... Born and yet not born, he will lead the people... The Dark Lord will not follow, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... The marked one will arrive from the sky..."

Well, my gills could count as a "mark," and the born part could refer to the Nacran creation process, though where this Dark Lord comes into play, I don't know. None of the people know of any lords, dark or otherwise. Maybe I'm missing something, or something got lost when it was passed down from generation to generation, I don't know. At any rate, the people have already turned to me to lead them, and it is slightly unnerving, as I've only been here 2 days so far... However, right now it is time for exploration. Well, not really exploration, more of just a tour of the western hunting grounds. Odd, I could have sworn that that field was full of pumpkins yesterday...


Trees. Lots and lots of trees. So many trees, you can't even see the forest though them! Oh, is that a bush? It's very calm in here, only the occasional disturbance from an animal of some sort. They have so far refused to travel deeper into the forest than what they have already done, and here I can't blame them. Near the edge of the known woods it still feels somewhat creepy and gets worse the farther away from town you go. They call the deep forest Mirkwood and it is somewhere that even I don't feel like exploring any time soon.


Not long after, we had reached the water, the same body of water that I woke up on, and where the dock is located on. A bit more rocky here, but still not enough to cause any problems for boats. Maybe these rocks could be useful in construction sometime in the future...


We soon arrived back at the dock after heading east. Oh, before I forget, the town is named Ansic, which by some weird coincidence, means "central city" in Ancaron.


Day 3 + 16 hours:

It wasn't long before we were on our way out to see, in the first true exploration mission that these people have gone on. I must say that this boat is surprisingly fast for something with no visible means of propulsion... I must figure out just what they use, as they certainly don't have engines yet, though no sails or rowers were on the ship, either. Unless the rowers were all below deck and rowed under the ship, that is.


Well, now I know why they’ve never been to this land before, its full of rocks. There has to be some safe area to go to though, me must keep looking.


It worked, we managed to find a relatively rock-free area of the shore so we could come in close and drop anchor. Some of the crew have taken to calling this island, or new landmass, or whatever it is, Rockland, though I hope that a more imaginative name will turn up sometime soon. For now, however, it is time to check out the area. It doesn't have that creepy feeling that Mirkwood did, so that's a good sign. Hold on, someone found something interesting.


Footprints... It seems we are not alone.

Lyhoko Leaci

Region View Unlocked!


However, right now they don't know much about their surroundings! Don't worry, areas will be filled in as they learn about the region. And with18x18 medium tiles to play around with, there is a lot to learn. Not even I know everything about what is all out there so far!

These region views will pop up from time to time, mainly whenever there is a significant change. Let me know if you would perfer the region views to be in their standard size, instead of being zoomed in.

Lyhoko Leaci

Day 1: Newcomer


Day 1, unknown time:

Ugh, what happened? Last thing I remember, I was simply resting in my room aboard the Ancaron destroyer Garcan, next thing I know, everything was spinning. Nothing that I know of could have suddenly just caused that, even if we were attacked there would be at least some form of warning. After that, nothing, and now I'm here, wherever here is. I can't even detect the rest of the fleet, so wherever here is, it's either a long way away, or somehow I time traveled. Looks nice, though, clean water, green trees, and birds. Some big mountains just barely visible off to the... east? I think that's right, if this place’s magnetic field is to be trusted. I suppose east is a good a direction as any to call it, until I figure out which way the sun is moving, at least.


Day 1, 3 hours:

It seems this planet is inhabited, surprisingly be humans that speak English. Either I didn't end up as far away as I thought I did, or English and humans are more widespread than I thought. The population is a bit low, though, I only saw about 10 buildings, 20 at most. There's some farms too, though I don't know anything about the surroundings here. However, they seem nice enough, about an hour and a half or so after I woke up here, two men showed up where I was. They had spears, probably for hunting, though after I told them I was not going to harm them, they helped me back to their village. Not that they would have been able to harm me with those spears anyway, though it is nice that they didn't try. Also, unlike many other humans that I know of, the men actually were skirts of some sort, and they correctly guessed my gender. Hold on, I think it is time for the tour of the area.


There were three of these guard towers, this one plus two more in the farms. The trees were cleared away nearby both for firewood, and to make sure nothing was hidden.


They also had a dock for fishing boats. They seems to be more advanced than I thought they were before, as these boats are quite finely made, much more so than one would expect fishing boats to be. They looked almost as if they were made out of one large piece of wood, carved into shape! Though I never did figure out what the tank out on the end of the dock was for, not even the villagers know. It just was there as long as they can remember, it seems. The birdhouses are a bit odd as well, they almost look like streetlights.


Ah yes, the farms. There were 5 different crops, consisting of what they called "pumpkins," "soy beans," "melons," "sugarcane," and something called "wax beans." Why someone would want to eat something with "wax" in its name, I don't know, but they say they're quite tasty. Overall their diet consists of these crops, fish, and various wild berries and other animals that they manage to find.


Overall, the village is quite advanced for a people who don't even know how to write. Then again, they've never really needed to so far. Maybe I can teach them, also maybe I could figure out why they don't explore. They only have really been in the village or the farms their whole lives, only traveling out into the forest to hunt, and then not going very far at all. There's an island or more land up to the direction I now know to be north, but they've never been there. No fish there, they said. While that makes sense, it doesn't mean they can't go there.

Lyhoko Leaci


Let's get a CJ started that stays started, shall we? For that, I'm returning to a plan similar to The Planet Myon, my longest running CJ. Of course, it's different as well. It was easier to write than DPI was, so I should be able to easily keep it running.

Misa.png Misa: Hello, my name is Misa Antacar, and I will be your guide though this... CJ? Anyway, first up is an introduction.

Intro to Nacar:

Nacar ("New Land") is the story of Misa Antacar, a 5 year old Nacran Ancaron, who after crash-landing on an uncharted planet, finds himself in charge of a group of primitive humans. And yes, despire his appearance, Misa is a guy. Do not say otherwise, lest you annoy him. For that matter, don't call him a child, either. Age does not matter much to a Nacran. However, that's a bit off topic for now; we need to get back to the intro. In time, this small population comes to be known as the Nacaron ("People of the New Land", not to be confused with the Ancaron, the "Central People") as they begin to grow and expand. Soon, their small civilization will grow into greatness, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, okay? They still have to grow beyond one small town, after all. Greatness can wait for now; we, or more accurately, Misa, has work to do. All you have to do is watch and observe. And comment and maybe offer suggestions as well.

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