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About this City Journal

this is a planet far away from earth with many lands and countries, I will be following the major 3, dovia, ravinia, and celticia, and their interactions with eachother.

Entries in this City Journal


o noes

o noes my little sister deleated the region and i didnt have any pictures yet now i have to start over


i am sorry blame the hyperactive 11 year old(my sis)


here is an update on the recreation of the region



Rebublic of Roman Crusaders


The Rebublic of Roman Crusaders was created with the fall of the original roman empire. It has strong connections with the superpower Dovia and though small it has the most into powerfull army with its navy being it's elite force. it is lead by peter the apostle and has a never give up attitude in war



Conhertiztan is a nation from the south eastern empire and has had a long war going on with the Republic of Roman Crusaders. The Ravenians have tried to take them over several times but a geographical advantage on the continental divide has given conhertiztan the upper hand. They are led by radicalist achmed hal dubar dinashad who after having a bad history in other nations fled to conhertiztan and is to this day the only exiled person to not be aloud to stay in dovia with his history. He has grown the nation into a milatary power increasing it's borders lately.

New Vikia


New Vikia is a nation that recently gained it's indipendence from Ravenia. It was the original birthblace of Ravenia when it was vikia. When Communism took over in Ravenia the region of Vikia had tried to gain its indipendence, and after it did renamed to new vikia. Thier top exports are fish and ships for navies. they are expert mariners and their presedent is william van duecsher.

.............wait a second


HOW IN GODS NAME DID CANADA GET HERE....WAIT IS THAT SIDNEY CROSBEY, SOUND THE ALARMS, oh okay false alarm that is the flag of....maple leaf land?!?!?! give me those papers on its history. "founded on this planet maple leaf land is a colony of canada"DID YOU IDIOTS REALLY LET CANADA ONTO THIS PLANET. NO WHY SHOULD I KEEP READIN"but gained its independece as its own country"o thank the lord"their major exports include maple syrup and snow" AWWW SON OF A,

(no canadas where harmed during the making of this entry, no offence intended)


The 3 lands



Ravenia is a land of war on the western front accross the palicon ocean. They have become a communest superpower, invading all the coutries around them. They have recently sent ships accross the ocean, and they are headed for new lands undiscovered by the western front. They are ruled by the dictator elricken van duchken, a fierce leader with and iron fist who was depribed as a child in cuzmakistan, a country that had been taken over by Ravenia 10 years ago. He is ready to expand his empire and is trying to take over the world.



celticia is a peacfull land that is open to many. When they are called they come to war and have never lost. They are on the western front and are just north of dovia. It is ruled by Patrick shamrocken, a man who was a priest, and when called to rule celticia gave them more of a religous feeling, establishing their first chuch.



Dovia is a peacfull land that has never been envolved with war. It has always helped celticia with getting resorces. They are very open and are ruled by the Pope, saul apostlea. They are the most holy of all the countries and had set up the first church on the eastern front. Dovia is also part of the  New Roman Crudsaiders empire. Though they have never been envolved with a war of their own they have sent troops to help celticia defeat communest nations on the southern eastern front (the third smaller front). It was created with the birth of the catholic religion and has been a refuge for many people who where prosicuted

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