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About this City Journal

A city of the people in USA

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The consitution

 Parliamentary Republic of Lorraine Constitution
          January twenty-first seventeen forty one, this day will be remembered until this country dies, we won independence from Atlantis, We the people in order to form the most perfect union establish laboratories and some impressive views.
Amendment 1
          The government shall be controlled by a King/Queen and our great country shall be a democracy and a limited government, when in war people need a ruler to make dictions fast so our great country’s king/ queen at the time shall become a ruler for as long as the war lasts.
Amendment 2
         The people shall be the most important thing to Beropolis, they will have all right possible including, freedom of speech, freedom of religion. They will be able to vote the King/Queen in to office.
Amendment 3
          The King/Queen will be elected into office for twelve years, unless we are in war at the time or, they do something ridicules and abuse their power then they will be thrown out of power immediately   

Amendment 4

          religon is Christiananty howerver, if a citizen choses not to fallow cristianity they will not be punished unless they are following another religon!      


A VERY odd story!!

lOCAL STATION KRBBY reporting on one of the most joyfull discorery in ages
local farmer Michael showster was caltivating his farm when he begin to wonder what was in the pyrimids neer his land so, he began looking
What he found was extraordinary it was a weapon but it looked like it wasn't invented yetimages3az.jpg
So, he took it to one of the Best univesitys around
When they started debating over this he was flown to several universitys and scince labs around the world
While his finding was going everywhere he got a opritunity to meet the queen
While he was busy we met up with some citizens to diccuss this topic
Mr.Smith (across the steet from Michael)
bingomar12021268494568.pngHe said "I think that it's a time travelers gadget that he left behind"
We also had a interview with some collage studends
bingomar12021268494617.pngThey said "We think that it's just a very old gun that they forgot about" 

What Do you think?????????


Beropolis facts

20,000 people unemployed
1,000,000 people (old capital 400,000, new capital 400,000, suburb 200,000
Numbers are based on the 2100 census
Religon-70%Jew, 30%Christian
Largest city-Bi/Beropolis
Capital city-Beropolis
National bird-Robin
National flower-Dasey
National food-Creamy deluxe cheater chesse
National song-wheels on the bus go round and round
National sport-Hockey
Government-Democratic (in war- a dictatorship)
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