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About this City Journal

The Russian ministery for growth and development aims to build a new town facing the Pacific Ocean, an attempt to revitalize the economy of the northern part of the pacific coast in a zone...

Entries in this City Journal


As said in the previous journal, now the town before to start growing only needs an elementary school to provide basic education and a medical clinic to provide the necessary cures to the population.

Education and health

Of course, the motor that will allow the town to grow is the railway. The railway line from Khabarovsk is almost complete, now the federal engineers are managing to bring the line close to the city. So the railway line enters the city territory from west, along the Mikal main affluent, the Siskal torrent.

Railway attachment

On the other side, the National Railway Construction Company (NRCC) has completed stations for the residential and industrial zones.

City railway

Since the project was directly designed by the NRCC, the mayor had no possibility to interfer and discuss about the position of the track.

The mayor thinks that the excessive proximity of the railway to the residential zone could damage the palatability of the residential zone, while the ministry pushed to have a direct railway connection with all the new siberian cities planned. Obviously the ministry controlling the NRCC was able to place the railway very close to the zone.

The NRCC engineers designed a wonderfull bridge on the Mikal river and built it in record time, even 3 months. Obviously the bridge parts were prefabricated in Khabarovsk and then transported to the location. The bridge was named "Mikal", like the river flowing under.


But now let's have a look of the complete track present on the town territory.

Town railway

The railway track enters in the town territory from west, it flows along the Siskal torrent and crosses the Mikal river right before this meets with the Siskal affluent. The bridge is acclaimed by engineers as the "nicest of the east coast". Then the railway track must turn of 90 degrees because of hills in the area and then reaches the town location. Russian railways fanatics have already acclaimed this part of the Khabarovsk-Kaliningrad track as the nicest to see on the east coast. Obviously the price wont be that high for residents, also if this track hasn't been cheap to build.

Now the town is ready to start living, and the first residents have already bought the houses.


Despite the ministry for the growth and development was generous with us, we want to spend the less possible since this wont be a cheap expedition.
The town will be lighted by a coal power plant, placed in the insutrial zone, far enough from the residential zone according to the mayor.

Coal power plant

The ministry confirms that the coal power plant wont affect the health of the residents, also if some environmentalists have already protested on the journals from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk. Strangely, the following day, the heads of the journals have immediately announced that the articles about the pollution danger presented by the power plant are fake, and there's no threat for the people.
The town construction goes on and one water tower and a little landfill are added to the town.

Water tower

Obviously the water tower stands close to the residential zone and the landfill far in the heavy industrial zone.


The zones are prepared on the terrain and the power line is built between the coal power plant and the town center.
The town will be organized (for now) in little single houses. The russian population has already tested living in big squalid apartments in the cold Siberia and didn't appreciate, but must admit, at least those were very cheap. A little commercial zone will rise sticked to the town. Of course many shops will be under regional managment, which will provide goods of first necessity at low prices.

Residential plan

The industrial core.

Industrial core

Finally a part of the power line connecting the residential zone to the power plant. The structures have a very solid foundation, to resist the wild siberian wind and snow.

Power line

Now the future towns lacks only of a primary school and a little medical clinic plus obviously the reailway attachment.


The best choiche to build a new town on this unpopulated part of the coast is the mouth of the Mikal river, surrounded by hills and a lot of forest.

Kaliningrad Territory

To be more specific, the town will be constructed in one little peninsula on the left of the river mouth.


This town wont grow very fast. The people simply don't want to emigrate to a far eastern city on the pacific, life conditions are already difficuilt in Russia. Anyway the local regional government will attract families offering higher wages and some cuts on taxes.

This part of the coast must be populated. It is very important for the ministry to launch a clear message to the russians and near external non-russian populations: the pacific coast of Russia is an integrant part of our country, also this part of the coast forgotten by god is.

The construction companies under the suggestions of the future mayor start building the roads.

Residential roads

The ministry has also suggested to place an important statue in the center of the residential area, to give an identity to this new town.

The main road connects the future residential zone with the planned industrial area.

Mayor believes that the only way to make this town reach her objectives is developing immediately a powerfull industrial zone.

Industrial roads

The ministry is very confident the mayor will archieve objective to develop a new town for this area. The resources in the area are mainly fishing and wood but this city must become in future the symbol of the modern part of the russian coast.



Hi, my name is Andrea, and i am italian. I have seen some natural growth attempts, well they are all very nice. So i wanted to try me too, i had inspiration to make a siberian city, just to make something different and maybe less boring ;).

My skill about natural growth is not that great and my english... well it is not the best, so do not except great things and wont be deluded :).

I probably will have time to continue working on this, but not sure, i am a student but i will try to find time.

Anyway welcome to Kaliningrad, i have taken the name from the original city situated in Europe, always part of Russia.

I hope this will be insteresting for me and everyone of you people, will do my best.

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