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About this City Journal

The Russian ministery for growth and development aims to build a new town facing the Pacific Ocean, an attempt to revitalize the economy of the northern part of the pacific coast in a zone...

Entries in this City Journal


Kaliningrad continues its travel to 250k inhabitans and a major enlargment is planned for the next future.

However the people living in the town are requesting some more entertainment in the town. Actually we really lack of some real entertainment area and this is not positive for a town far away hundreds of miles away from others. So a recreation zone is to build, chosen position is the norther part of the Kaliningrad center, on the road to Sojuz.


This park is expensive, but the town grows more and the taxes will cover also this expense.

Now we come to the major enlargment ever seen until now in Kaliningrad history.


The penisula is almost completely occupied and Sojuz will be enlarged to the town center. The planification is spread along the coasts also to give a better incentive to families. In few years the are is almost all recovered by buildings.


Also the town center has expanded, not horizontally, but vertically.


Of course these buildings don't contain rich families, but the less rich newcomers. In fact the town is not attracting just rich people and some seeking for big furtune in the industrial world, but also normal families seeking for a different life, something new to live.

Meanwhile the mayor assists at the first protests, a group of 10-15 folk request enlargment for the local landfill, which really needs an increase of dimensions. Some garbage remains accumulated off the roads on the sidewalk.


The works the enlarge the landfill begin and they also consider the continuing increase of citiziens in the town.


Finally, we have the construction of a small but modern firemen's station. Until now the town yes had coverage against small fires, with a big presence of extinguishers but they're not enough, especially if the town is growing. The new firemen's station is located on the intersection between the circular boulevard of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad-Airport road.


This town is growing very fast, and this concerns the people in general. Crime increased despite the strong presence of policemen, the ecological equilibrium is devasted and air-train traffic is increasing. But these are prices to pay in order to build a modern metropolis.


The best choiche to build a new town on this unpopulated part of the coast is the mouth of the Mikal river, surrounded by hills and a lot of forest.

Kaliningrad Territory

To be more specific, the town will be constructed in one little peninsula on the left of the river mouth.


This town wont grow very fast. The people simply don't want to emigrate to a far eastern city on the pacific, life conditions are already difficuilt in Russia. Anyway the local regional government will attract families offering higher wages and some cuts on taxes.

This part of the coast must be populated. It is very important for the ministry to launch a clear message to the russians and near external non-russian populations: the pacific coast of Russia is an integrant part of our country, also this part of the coast forgotten by god is.

The construction companies under the suggestions of the future mayor start building the roads.

Residential roads

The ministry has also suggested to place an important statue in the center of the residential area, to give an identity to this new town.

The main road connects the future residential zone with the planned industrial area.

Mayor believes that the only way to make this town reach her objectives is developing immediately a powerfull industrial zone.

Industrial roads

The ministry is very confident the mayor will archieve objective to develop a new town for this area. The resources in the area are mainly fishing and wood but this city must become in future the symbol of the modern part of the russian coast.


Town flag/coat of arms

With the arrival of the first citiziens to view the place and many engineers and builders, the mayor decides to hold a contest for the new flag/coat of arms of the town. The proposals are not many but some of them are really interesting. After a difficuilt decision, the mayor show the new symbol of the town:

Coat of arms

The bear rapresents the local animal, symbol of strenght and wisdom; the crown of colors rapresents the flowers, the beauty of the town also if almost always 15 cm under the snow; the blue background refers to the snow and the ocean; and finally the russian flag.


The siberian town had a good success in the first years and now is ready for an enlargment. The big number of jobs allows the town to aquire new inhabitans. The demand for new homes is good and people living in the town are happy with the local policies.


First of all, the town will need a little boulevard along the town outskirts to prevent future possible traffic problems. Engineers and designers have no reason to build a narrow road when in few decads it may need to be upgraded...


This boulevard allows fast rides and drivers can move in the town without passing into the center, which is congestionated. This concept belongs to major cities but Kaliningrad aims to become one of these so the town planners are already thinking ahead.
After a fast construction of the boulevard, the town hall according with the building companies assign the various zones. Demand is high and buildings are built in few months.


In today's Russia the Orthodox faith is the most practiced, and this town is not an exception.


Request for a church was sent to the town hall by one of the most influent citiziens, Serjey Vorozhin, owner of few factories in the industrial zone.
The mayor did not expected such demand when the town is still little, anyway decision is taken and the first town's church will be built next the mayor house.


The opening cerimony is pompous and many citiziens assist. The opening cerimony intentionally coincides with the marriage of a young couple. Faith always played a major role among the peoples, because sometimes the people can't be just inspired by nationalism, ideology or money. As result of this enlargment, now the town looks bigger and surrounded by its first circular boulevard. The citiziens look forward and can't wait to see the town grow more.




To north

Looking to north from Kaliningrad center, we can view some hills and mountains, green forests covered by some snow and a part of ocean. Nothing more. Until now. Expansion to the far north begins, demand for different detached neighbours increases since not everyone loves to live in the town core, simply because people have different tastes. The project stands below.


Planned road would continue for few hundreds of meters then end. Norsk area stays on a flat linear coast; looking toward the true Kaliningrad we just would see a wonderfull green hill covered by trees.


Another shot of the hill but from north.


This is the residential project for Norsk. It provides a small density big area compered to a little medium density zone on the main road.

Also a commercial zone is planned. Resources like food, medicines and goods will be transported on road by trucks from the central station to the Norsk zone.


The road to north skirts the hill and forests then arrives to Norsk. Norsk will be self-sufficient about police forces, schools and healthcare.

This neigborhood is enough far from the town center, so it must have a certain dimension and also the essential services.

At halfway, between Kaliningrad town center and Norsk, an industrial zone will rise. Need for jobs will increase and of course the people don't want to travel "hours" to reach factories.


Note, these new zones are not invariable. Request for building permits is high at the moment. Surely the industrial zone will be larger than the shown one.

Here we have another view from the sky before the begin of works.


Powerline and plumbing are built and finished.

The industrial zone and the residential one develop simultaneously and quickly.


Below we have the development of the residential Norsk.


Medium size buildings rise on the road passerby the center. Streets design is free, without any particular rule, so engineers had possibility also to experiment various types of connections to reach the main road. Meanwhile the industrial area knows a fast growth with also few enlargments.


Services like the supply of clean water almost doubled and 3 new water towers are built in Kaliningrad. These towers are not enough, for the next years we'll need a far larger production of fresh water.


Also the landfill should be upgraded, again, but the mayor prefers to take another way and proposes to build a recycling center.

This center completely covers Kaliningrad area and reduces the garbage sent to the landfill. It is built on the road to the airport.


Also if the town points to have a stronger industrial disctrict, we should not forget the importance of recycling and then reducing the pollution, but also costs. Recycling will return very important for a town far from everything. Some factories are already changing their plans and moving to conquer the local recycling market according the municipal needs.

So now the damn environmentalists should be happy...


Returning to Norsk, the neigborhood expands in the area toward the hill but without occupying it. In fact the municipal zoning didn't allow construction companies to build on this hill. The mayor justyfied the decision saying that the hill with all the green contributes to make this town more livable and comfortable place where to live.


Also the orthodox faith expands and reachs without barriers Norsk. A church is placed at the borders of the neigborhood.


Norsk is a detached part of Kaliningrad from the center, but with the expansion of the town in future it will be welded to the central part of the town, also if will remain a suburb with a slow density of population and few palaces.


The Russian Union

The year 2019, 25th december. During these 28 years the russians have been thinking: what hell why we let the Soviet Union collapse? Well, now we're repairing to this defeat. The Russian Federation has been ruled by the Unity party since the collapse of the USSR. Moscow wants to become once again the capital of a great empire. to do this, governments of bordering countries were highly influenced and encouraged to stick to Russia once again in history. The american and chinese growth, considering also the european and indian increased importance, have broght Russia to be an insignificant country for too long. Finally, in Moscow, threaty union of the Russian Union was firmed by:

- Russia, President Dimitri Medvedev

- Ukraine, President Samirsk Yanochenko

- Belarus, President Aleksander Lukashenko

- Kazakhstan, President Kazul Karaloyev



Red: Founding countries of the Russian Union

Pink: Countries encouraged to join

White: Other countries

Yellow star: Capital of the Russian Union (Moscow)

Blue point: Position of siberian Kaliningrad.

Infos about the formed union:

Population: 220 millions, 75% of these russians

Economy: GDP 2,2 US$ trillions, GDP per capita estimated 14k US$

Land area: 20,5 millions kilometers square

Official languages: Russian

Money: Russian union ruble

Military: First ground-infantry force in the world, second air force in the world, second naval force in the world

Number of republics: 4 (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan)

Economic system: Capitalism but with heavy socialist influences



According with these countries took many years, if not decads. This union is free, sovrain and democratic.

Article 1 of the Russian Union (main article of the constitution).

- The Russian Union is the sacred bulwark home of the russian peoples in unity and strenght. The country works for development and defends all of its citiziens everywhere they're. The country is peacefull and rejects war as a tool and prefers negotiations.

Shot of the Duma, home of the democratic parliament.


The article seems to go against the latest developments with the United States. Tensions with them increased and war seems to be inevitable.

This will influence positively Kaliningrad, not only demographically, but also economically. A stronger nation usually gives more importance to her projects, this could mean more cash for our town and then bigger objectives. Kaliningrad is interesting because it is the latest example of colonization by the country. Finally russians try to populate siberia and extreme far east once again.


With the construction of the airport (now named "Polar Bear Airport" after a votation in the town hall) the number of families will increase faster than ever, and the town is ready to expand even more. Northern of the town center we have the northern bay. This place will become in few months a new neighborhood, precisely the "Sojuz" neigborhood. The main lines of the project have been designed but nothing is still for sure but the 2 main roads and the zones.




Of course the street starting from the town center has to be upgraded and elongated to the new quarter.




After few months the roads and streets are constructed and zones are layed down for good. This new quarter includes a low density area with possibility to have also few medium size buildings, a small commercial zone and a little industrial area. Of course it has also a little park for the needed recreation.




After another few months, the engineers have managed to build up a new quarter with the great tireless contribution of our workers.

Of course water and electricity are provided to the quarter by the various connections.




The neigborhood is still little, but it will enlarge. Also the demand of fresh and clean water has increased, and the town is in need of a new water tower.




Sojuz is having a good success and 2 streets are already added to the original project and some houses are built in record times.




By this time the town will develop higher residential buildings and lerger industrial zones within the next years. After less than 5 years of government, the mayor already allows the upgrade of some few low-density designed zones to medium density. The town center, for example.




The first detached quarter off the town center rapresents the need of variety of the newcomers. Anyway Sojuz will become a part of the core of the future town, not yet the larger suburb. The mayor is satisfatied, the town planners also, even the people are quite happy despite some difficulties. This town is on growth!




The great snow storm

We're in the 17th year of life of Kaliningrad. Population surpassed the 12k units and the town is always on growth.

It seems like this winter will be particularly long but not colder than the others. This means that it will snow not only for the whole winter as usual (or for the most of the winter) but also in other months. We maybe have a precipitation of temperatures during january.


Population is worried enough, snow brings a lot of expenses like heating and spreaders. As the first snowflake hits the ground, mayor begins use of salt spreaders.


Population really fears more than ever for a possible shortage of resources, but until the railway will exist the town can't run a risk of shortage.

Of course air transports are interrupted during the snowy and windy days and no one wants to travel by car from/to Khabarovsk when there's almost a storm.


As you can see mother nature doesn't joke in Russia. Weird, we're not in a war but on the most of the country it will be snowing.

Kaliningrad center is not paralized yet because it just started snowing after half year of timid frost.


Anyway life goes on also if it snows, another example is the Kaliningrad industrial zone.


And the other manufacturing area present between Norsk and Kaliningrad.


Vital is the production of electricity for lighting but also heating for a smaller part. Heating is not a problem since every house has at least 2-3 methane cylinders if town production stops. Next january will be a very cold month, and snowing may stops for some weeks and then return.


Norsk situation is more complicated, because the detached zone has only one road connection to Kaliningrad, and this must remain always viable. A shot of Norsk center in the picture.


The airport wont receive any flights for a while, but if the weather will calm, planes could return flying, also if it will snow with a certain frequency.


We don't know what this winter will bring to us, but we are sure of one thing, we will take wonderful photos.


A view of the surrounding zone, taken from nearby mountains.


The Great game

This is the world geopolitical situation as 13 April 2045.



Blue: The USA (aggressor)

Light blue: US allies

Red: The RU (defender)

Pink: RU allies

Blue point: Washington D.C.

Red point: Moscow

Purple point: Vladivostok, first US naval assault on the russian coast.

Orange point: Kaliningrad.

The most of european and latin america countries have joined the war on the russian side. Other major allies are India, Egypt, South Africa, Iran, Indonesia, North Korea and Vietnam.

The USA has few allies but important ones: Mexico, Colombia, Sudan, UK, surprisingly Poland and Turkey, Pakistan and the most important of all, China. China declared war few hours after the US amphibious assault to Vladivostok the 9 april.

Vladivostok after 4 days of fighting is already razed, like Stalingrad in WW2. The city resists, but the americans have taken the harbour and the city center, and now they're pushing into the industrial zone. The US naval force is helping the american soldiers in their advance, meanwhile the russian army is using thermobaric bombs on all the US forces present in the area. The battle just started and it's very undecided. The americans thought in an easy win, but they were wrong.

Americans should start worrying about all the hostile countries they have around the world.

Situation in Kaliningrad is weirdly normal, except for the troops leaving the bases and marching throught the city streets.


Many of them are excited, but they still don't know what they're really going to face.

The city will be evacuated in short times, also if the order was not given yet. Some people is already leaving the suburbs and traveling to north, the only way far from the enemy. Some were forced to remain, especially industry workers.

Anyway life continues like always in the city. Some decide to do not move from their houses, having nowhere to go.


Our citiziens hope that americans wont conquer Vladivostok, otherwise we would be the next on the list together Khabarovsk.


The great change

After 45 years struggling in snow, under rain and breathing some polluted air, Kaliningrad has surpassed the 50'000 citiziens, and now counts 65'000 inhabitants.

Now we are a city! The Russian Federation council (the Russian Union is composed by 4 main republics remember) has given us status of "City"! Now our city really started challenging Vladivostok and other pacific cities, and economy of the whole pacific coast is reborn.

Our growth has significantly accentuated the russian prestige toward Asia and the Pacific. With our re-urbanization of the area we launched a clear message to chineses and the americans: we're back and Siberia shall be ours for all the ages to come, our resources are not going to be raped like in the middle east!

In the US civil disorder brought Michael Reagan to assume dictatorship powers and runs the country without fear or favor for the population.

Massive military spending has been going on in the last decad and the Russian Union strengthened ties with the EU countries.

But now let's have a look of the major changes in the city from 2035.

Kaliningrad center has grown rapidly after the local administration conceded full-urbanization of the peninsula and construction of higher buildings with the arrive of thousands of citiziens.


The near township of Sojuz has expanded his "borders" to Norsk and the local industrial area.


Kharkov was invested from many russian state-owned companies, especially truck/cars factories.


Strela (high density area close to Kamyshin center) became a town-experiment, soviet planning style was revalued positively with some little changes, like incorporation of near industrial area and commercial activities.


A close-up of the major residential area.


Here is the 2042 project for the Nova Cejlabisnk-Norsk railroad project. The railway continues out the city borders for few miles to north, but railway Kaliningrad-Vladivostok is being built from the southern part of the city to the other pacific city.


The Kharkov-Norsk connection is missing in the aerial photo, but here's the track completed seen from north-east.


Few tunnels were built to allow the railway to have little slopes along the track. here's the entrance in Misha of the tunnel passing underground the local hills.


Here's another shot of the completed railway track.


This is the interchange present in Misha.


The bridge connecting Misha to Kharkov.


Works costed much and in some cases environment was changed in order to provide a better and faster connection.

But some admit that tunnels and bridges have some fashion trought the snow green hills.


And like in this curve out Strela.


Here's the Kamyshin-Strela station. A little rail track was built in order to allow the local factories to load directly on rail their goods directed to Khabarovsk mainly.


Industrial production in the area is high and residents have their factories close to their homes. Some people protest for this fearing the effects of pollution on their lungs but mayor has secured the population, the slag is mainly composed of non-harmful gas.


New modern techniques allow railway to pass along the residential areas without causing too much disturb, and giving the area some borderline look.


_____   _____   _____

Meanwhile in Moscow... a russian general is talking to a FSB secret agent.



General Lebedev: So WHAT, you're telling me they're going to mobilize their whole naval force against us?!?

FSB Agent: That's it.

General Lebedev: This is horrible, we knew this moment would have come, but the possibility to fight a world war III was still very far from my mind...

FSB Agent: They're preparing massive invasion of the Union, they will strike Vladivostok within few weeks and weirdly also the chineses are amassing troops on the border.

General Lebedev: We must immediately warn the president! Full mobilization of the army and call to arms all the reservists-

FSB Agent: Wait. You know that newly elected president is a mess, right?

General Lebedev: What???

FSB Agent: We've been betrayed. The whole russian people has been betrayed. It is highly probable that our president let secretly the americans prepare the invasion. Did you know that our military spending went under shoes in the last month?

General Lebedev: Oh my god... that's a big problem... DAMN HIM! What can we do now?

FSB Agent: We must take out the current president and mobilize the army. The pacific coast must be an impenetrable defensive line.

General Lebedev: Actually we don't have much there, we are still in a big mess in the peacekeeping operation in central Asia after the recent escalation.

FSB Agent: It doesn't matter, the russian people will fight street by street, house by house, factory by factory, until the enemy will be kicked OUT the MOTHERLAND!


Soviet memories

1st august 2045, the RU welcomes the new 5 republics:

- Lithuania (freely decided to join)

- Latvia (annexation)

- Estonia (annexation)

- Moldova (freely decided to join)

- Uzbekistan (freely decided to join)


The RU new statistics:

Population: 285 millions, 60% of these russians

Economy: 3,7 US$ trillions, GDP per capita estimated 24k US$, experienced huge industrial growth in the last decades.

Land area: 21+ millions kilometers square

Official languages: Russian

Money: Russian union ruble

Military: First ground-infantry force in the world, first air force in the world, third naval force in the world, currently at war with the USA.

Number of republics: 9 (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Uzbekistan)

Economic system: Mostly socialist, drifting toward communism.

The flag was changed with the addition of 5 stars. Many complained about it, but the government doesn't view reason to change it.

68% of the population likes the flag, 7% doesn't like it, the rest doesn't care/know.


Many in the Union parliament at Moscow have pressured the RU president (and prime minister) to change the name to Soviet Union.

President commented that it could affect negatively the reputation we have among our allies, the name/constitution may be changed but not right now. Anyway pro-soviet movements are increasing in number in the whole union, seems like Russia can't forget her past.


The war is going well, the chineses start retrating, and the americans are outnumbered. Vladivostok may be liberated this month, or the next, but the american/japanese/chinese efforts to resist are really epical. The enemy air superiority was destroyed during epic air battles over the skyes with big losses for both parties.


In China the discontent is increasing hugely and riots are taking over the whole country. China is pulling back to fight the democratic movement born in these months. Situation in the USA is not that compromised but our agents are working to make the american population revolt against their neo-fascist government.


Pacifist demonstrations in the USA:


Kaliningrad remains unpopulated, but the high people in the army say that there's no threat to the city security now. The industrial suburbs of the city are very interesting since they've not been touched by the war. Tanks/fighters could be put on mass production in a short while if the government will allow people to come back.


The government will decide if allow our citiziens come back in the city tomorrow under Khabarovsk governor request. Kaliningrad is already playing an important role in this war, but we still can do more than this!


After more than 3 decads of growth Kaliningrad has changed a lot.


In future the town will expand mainly in 3 areas:

- Kamyshin, the suburb will be extended along the Mikal river.

- Kharkov, near by there are large plains, excellent for urbainization.

- Sojuz-Norsk area.

Other important works are the completion of the railway Kamyshin-Norsk, enlargment of the airport and construction of some low capacity freeway system around the town.

Statistics and map by Khabarovsk' Oblast' office for tourism and college of national statistics, 2035.


Kaliningrad's demand for food and goods increases daily and those who want to move to the town cannot arrive only by train, especially if they live in the european Russia or just out the oblast' (region in russian).

So the mayor under the ministry suggestion holds conference in the town hall and announces plan to build an airport for the town.

Meanwhile also the need for road connections increased and engineers start planning the possible path.




The plan provides that the road connecting the town to the rest of the oblast' will run along the railway. Construction takes almost half year and some adjustments about the path.




The road path also provides a bridge on the railway as well as another bridge on the Mikal river.

Decision to build a bridge on the railway instead of a simple intersection lets the mayor a bit confused and wonders about the need of another expensive work. Engineer Stanislov K. Answers talking about the need to reduce any possible risk of collision with the railway. Because if it happens, he continued, during the cold winter, with the future airport not fully working because of snow and wind; things could precipitate and the town supply of food and goods would remain dissatisfied, bringing to riots and starvation of people.




Completed the road, airport construction begins, close to the town enough but not enough to disturb residents' nights.




Obviously also the electrical wires are built and connected between the coal power plant and the rising airport.




View of the airport completed right 4 months after the beginning of works.




First plane lands just after 6 days, during the evening. It's a medium size jet and travels from Vladivostok. Carries food, medicines and some new families transferring to the town.




Also the road connection is a success and allows local citiziens to travel around the oblast' and local lakes for fishing.




With these improvements the town supply will be always satisfatied and more inhabitants are able to move to our rising town.




Hi, my name is Andrea, and i am italian. I have seen some natural growth attempts, well they are all very nice. So i wanted to try me too, i had inspiration to make a siberian city, just to make something different and maybe less boring ;).

My skill about natural growth is not that great and my english... well it is not the best, so do not except great things and wont be deluded :).

I probably will have time to continue working on this, but not sure, i am a student but i will try to find time.

Anyway welcome to Kaliningrad, i have taken the name from the original city situated in Europe, always part of Russia.

I hope this will be insteresting for me and everyone of you people, will do my best.


Between Sojuz and the airport a snowy expanse extends. This is simply too close and attractive, who would let this part of the town unconstructed? Maybe the ecologists... But they have almost no voice in the municipal council. 16 years passed from the begin of constructions, and Kaliningrad prepares to become a respectable town, enlarging its suburbs and merging them with some industrial zones.


The designed road would help some of those Sojuz inhabitants which have to reach the Kaliningrad center and then the industrial zone everyday. Also a bridge is designed, always in remembrance of the discussion about the need to keep the railway always operative.


This is the completed western part of Sojuz.


Including of course the necessary services with also some few commercial areas for the growing shopping.


Just after some years from their construction power lines are demolished. Some citiziens wonder if this was a waste of money, the mayor embarassed never gave an answer to this question... But promised more accurated planification, also if the citiziens took it like a joke, since there's not some big planification project for the whole town.


The problem with a little town growing very fast is that the wastes are inevitable. Analogue is the case of the water towers. A pump is built on the previous location of the first water tower, which had just 15-16 years.


As we seen in the last picture, the center of Kaliningrad became wealthy, and richer citiziens buy mansions and chalets. Sojuz is well connected with Kaliningrad and competes actively also if the population is less rich.

Talking about the hill standing between Norsk and Kaliningrad center, a little projects stands to build some communications tower.

In fact Kaliningrad has became attractive also for few respectable companies, like regional Tv issuers and radio stations. The need of a comunication tower is high, also because the mayor has realized that the existing towers are just too far and mobile calls are sometimes difficuilt, especially when it snows hard.


Here is the tower after the construction. The street connecting the tower to the civilized world is surrounded by eyecandy trees. The population is happy and mayor rating looks better from the last poll.


This is the tower in specific, nothing much to say about it, built on the place, not prefabricated.


This is one of the companies that was interested to expand and increase their economic empire in our area. Hearing these news on the regional newspapers and Tvs, mobile sellers move to Kaliningrad to supply the growing need for mobiles. Some joke about mobile radiations and say that every Kaliningrad citizien will get a cancer at the ear or something else similar within 10 years. Actually the tower is close to the constructed areas, but the danger should be minimal.


Devastation for construction of the street is visible, reallocation of the soil is impressive, and the conformation of the hill changed a little.

Being outraged by these monstruos construction policies, some 10-15 environmentalists protest in Kaliningrad. Police forces watch them with suspicion and skepticism. As few of them start trowing stones against the mayor home, police forces join action and arrest 4 of them. Use of policemen is impressive and population feels more secure after this muscles demonstration.


Arrested ecologists come from Khabarovsk mainly, but also Vladivostok. They condamn the useless need to build new towns in the wonderfull siberia damaging its great natural environment. Of course these mad people don't know what they're talking about.

At least under the soviets we had no problem with the "Green men". They're staying in cells for some months, before process and following probable incarceration.


Night Life

Despite the current war, life in Kaliningrad continues also during the night. New York is not the only city that "never sleeps".


Here's the local soccer stadium at night.


This is the new executive center in Kaliningrad referred to the major public companies.


But also some privates (still allowed in few sectors, like goods and other stuff) have arrived in these last years. Anyway the government is making steps to outlaw private property finalized to commercial purposes.


Here's the Strela suburb reconstructed after the fight held in the city the year before.


Here's a close up of Norsk', showing a pedestrian passage.


The freeway has extended and now almost surrounds the whole center of Kaliningrad. A bridge connecting Kaliningrad center and Strela/Kamyshin is planned.


Local energy supply is in constant increase. As the population hit 120'000 citiziens, we're halfway from our final goal, reaching 1/4 million population. In the near future a nuclear power plant could be constructed out the city mayor said.


Factories are on full production also on night manufacturing also important tanks/jets components.

Year after year our population has completely reached the medium wealth class, with the constant growth of the RU. The city is already working on expanding services like hospitals, schools and transports.


Naval pride

Few days later the secret talk between General Lebedev and FSB secret agent the russian president Aleksey Jorovin was arrested by the union police for speculation and for other crimes. FSB planned this arrest well, the president was made to seem mad and evil, the people voted him with a majority of 50%+1 but no one has never believed that he won the elections regularly, he always talked too much about capitalism and positive aspects.


The president was taken while walking with his loyal private body guards near by the Kremlin. Since the guards wont give up without a fight, the Spetsnaz surrounded them and killed with no-mercy the president's boys. Arrested, he was taken to the Lubyanka offices of FSB.

The prime minister has taken presidential powers and calls for a UN emergency meeting.

_____   _____   ____

On the friday after the arrest of Jorovin the UN emergency meeting requested by the Russian Union has taken place.



RU delegate: The United States have been for too long hindering the whole world development with their banks and dirty affairs!

US delegate: These are lies, the USA has no interest in forbidding the world the growth. We just can't tolerate the comeback of some sorta of dangerous communism in Asia, we will not sit down and stay to watch "Mother Russia" taking over the whole Asia like the Soviet Union did one century ago.

RU delegate: What's freedom, my american friend? Saying to the other countries what they can or what they can't do? Ukraine and others have decided freely to join us, we are brother peoples together and we're too powerful for you. This is what you're scared of.

US delegate: If the russians wont change their positions immediately, we will be forced to push them back to their legal borders. We are considering all the options and we call the UN to support us in this fight aga-

RU delegate: WE WILL NOT SHUT OUR MOUTH FOREVER! We have evidence that the USA is planning to attack our country in short time, for some stupid "major superpower" reason. The USA is falling, our resources are almost unlimited, the whole world aims to our gas and oil deposits just because the oil still runs this place after so many years of green technology investments just because some lazy american president wont leave his SUV for once.

But we know we have good friends in Europe, the europeans are not like the americans, they know what is wrong and what is right.

US delegate: We wont eat your propaganda... (leaves the UN assembly).

RU delegate: You're leaving the room humiliated mr. Collins, exactly like your army will withdraw from our lands.

_____   _____   _____

2 weeks later...

...On Sakhalin island russian military has spotted on radars the american navy leaving the Hawaii. The North Atlantic fleet has already been mobilized and is travelling to Vladivostok, and the pacific fleet is preparing for the upcoming inevitable fight.


Radar operator: Syr, you gotta see this.

Captain Skirmov: Oh my... is that real? They're moving to... here! That damn FSB was all right. Kulya, Call the prime minister and the generals! And the Moscow Military HQ!

Radar Operator: We should be able to contain them, isn't that right syr?

Captain Skirmov: Don't be sure of that. We're strong but the chinese could join on the US side...

Radar Operator: Cowards.

Captain Skirmov: They've always been... We have about 1,7 millions men mobilized in eastern siberia, the americans know too. Our number of troops will rise but the most of them will be against the chineses probably. This will be a bloody fight...

Radar Operatior: What if the chineses join the war?

Captain Skirmov: We will mobilize more infantry, but i think the indians would not let us in trouble if their main enemy attacks their first military tanks and jets supplier. India fears America but hates China enough to help us.

Radar Operator: What about Europe? What they will do?

Captain Skirmov: They like world wars. I think the most of them could join our side, since the americans were not able to brainwash them too.

_____   _____   _____

8 April 2045. The date that the world wont forget. The russian navy, composed by the pacific and atlantic fleet, engages the US naval force outside southern Sakhalin...


The american navy is clearly pushing into our territorial waters. In that moment, Admiral Cherkov is speaking to the soldiers on the SV-40 destroyer class.

Admiral Cherkov: Soldiers! You were forced by americans to assist to this incoming massacre! They've already crossed into our national waters while leaving Japan. Our motherland has called us all to defend the coastline and cause the major possible losses among the US invasion forces. The Kremlin has not allowed the use of nuclear bombs on internation waters, nor the russian territory yet. If we strike their main invasion force with a nuclear attack, losing everything they could  counter-attack on our soil and everyone knows the story...

TODAY, we will show them the MIGHT of Saint Andrea's flag!


The russian navy tried in all ways to destroy completely the american naval force, but it was impossible everyone knew. Despite the use of thermobaric bombs and heavy artyllery, the americans won the fight in 7 hours of pure massacre.

Our losses are huge, we almost lost the atlantic fleet, the pacific fleet was mostly halved and tens of thousands russian marines have given their life for the motherland. But we still have a functional (also if reduced) naval force.

The americans won but their losses are considerably more important than ours. They've lost 1/4 of the navy and land-invasion force, 5 aircraft carriers were destroyed and hundreds of tanks. These are just few of their losses.

The american invasion force was estimated of 2 million men, more than two hundred thousand coming with the first wave, but they seem to be even more.

Now they're approaching to Vladivostok in few days, our navy is recovering there and will help to defend the city.

War is coming.



Visit the great giant Mother Russia! Here's a tourist manifest made by some communist young fan group present in the city named "Zvezda"!



After the town surpassed 500 souls, the town planner assessor gives green way  to the construction of the new mayor home. The mayor is pleased and a party takes place in the garden.

Mayor home

A simple equation condamns every town: More population means more crime. To avoid crime the best way is not enlist a lot of policemen when the problem arises, but prevent the crime since the foundation of the town. At the moment a little police station is being constructed and there are only few squads, suitable to the town dimensions.

Police station

The police station is placed at the residential town outskirt, and has also some effect on the new growing industrial zone. In fact another lot has been sold to constructors and demand for industrial zones is still high also if slowly decreasing for some little financial crisis at the Moscow stock.

New industrial lot

Meanwhile the arrival of food and little manufacts increases to provide all the new inhabitants all the necessary primary needs.


But also the export is increasing with the strong industrial growth.

The town continues its balanced growth and the first park is inaugurated spreading relax in the town

First park

However the jobs in the town surpass the number of workers then there's need to enlarge the town in the next future with some serious planification. With 1279 souls Kaliningrad owns the status of town, but the municipality aims to reach the status of city breaking down the barrier of 50'000 citiziens during the next decads. At the moment we're still in the first years of life.


On august the 27th Vladivostok was liberated by the 45th airborne Spetsnaz, those have raised the russian flag over the city hall. The war on the RU soil is not officially over, since the chineses are still on our borders, but the Primorsky is completely liberated.

The price of victory is high but nothing compared to our losses to liberate the Primorsky. More than 4 million russians military/civilians have found their own eternal way...


The war is going better than what excepted for the RU and her allies:


Big US allies like the UK and Pakistan have withdrew all their forces and are close to firm peace, however there were no conflicts between the UK and her old allies in Europe.

China has fallen in a civil war and the pan-asian forces are advancing into the "Red Dragon". In the middle east Turkey and Iraq are suffering heavy losses thanks the european reinforcements. In South America the USA started retreating the frontline in Colombia, where a socialist revolution has taken out the previous pro-american government with the help of european troops.

September has came and Kaliningrad is no more unpopulated. From the 15th of august the population was allowed to come back to the city.

Moscow waited some weeks before allowing us to get back into our houses. Seems like the USA had planned a second invasion of the RU pacific coast but these were just FSB rumors.

But the good news from Moscow are not over. Moscow has funded with federal money the reconstruction of the city. With the civil war in China and the liberation of Primorsky the number of refugees skyrocketed, so Moscow decided to move 'all of 'em' like the president said, to our city and Kabharovsk. This doesn't change completely our plans but surely will boost the growth of the city.

During september the engineers planned and started building in record times the new system of freeways for the city. It's funny how we are starting building large ways when we still didn't make a public transport system the mayor commented.

This will twist the landscape but will give great relief to the congestionated city center.


This is absolutely the most complex project ever the city faced.

By the end of the year, meanwhile the war is still going on, the construction was finished.

It was not just the construction of a complex freeway system. Also a new suburb was built with another coal power plant and the local soccer stadium was finally built after years of requests by the people.

Here's Kaliningrad center shot, with the new built freeway in the eastern part of the urban area.


Here's the coast freeway going along the suburb of Sojuz and the interchange with the other branch of the freeway system going to the airport and then Kharkov.


The coast freeway continues to the end of the city border in Norsk'.


Now we'll see how the freeway gets among the streets of Sojuz residential area.


After starting from the coast freeway this branch of the freeway system had to be elevated from the ground. The quantity of streets and the complexity of the airport area with the new bridge is very high, so the engineers had no other possibility.

Here's an aerial photo of Kaliningrad-Sojuz area.


That is how the airport area was reorganized in the following aerial photo.


The railroad connection between Kaliningrad center and Norsk (considered a privileged fast-service line) was not removed but his continuity was broken to allow the passage of the freeway but also because the traffic on this lane will decrease with the construction of the coast freeway.

As you can see a pedestrian passage was built in order to allow people from the railway station to move faster to the aiport and safer.

At the moment this airport can satisfy all the city needs, but it could be enlarged in the next decades.


Now we come to the peninsula between the Mikal river and his torrent, the Siskal.


This is probably the most important road system interchange in the whole russian far east.

It connects the traffic from Khabarovsk and Vladivostok with Kaliningrad and the whole coast.

This part was richly edited, it's probably the most  beautiful place in the city. Many big trees were imported and planted all around, and the new built stadium fits perfectly in this scheme.

Traffic from all the suburbian area is well conveyed to the stadium, without causing eccessive problems.

Another shot of the area.


Near by the stuadium and the interchange there's an important freeway exit/entry with another main road.


Here's a larger view of the area:


Talking about Kharkov, the reconstruction has begun, and the freeway enters until the core of the suburb.


Passing to Kamyshin, here things are a bit more complicated and much more busy. 2 freeway lines were built, one on the coast, the other one bordering the center of Kamyshin and connecting to the rest in the "Stadium" peninsula.


Freeway starting from Kamyshin center:


On the way to the stadium a tunnel was built in order to allow the freeway to pass there under the roads to the railways station; then we have the bridge.


Here's the turn of Mikal, the new suburb built on the banks of the namesake river.


The industrial area contains also a new power plant.


In this new industrial area some factories are assembly lines for complex military engines like the T-100 tank motor.


After weeks of desolation, abandonment, Kaliningrad rediscovered herself in a true regional industrial power, capable to support the war with her best skilled workers.


Town is growing and a good place where to start building a new neigborhood is along the railway. A new suburb will rise beyond the Mikal river, along the railway. Name chosen for this new quarter is Kharkov.


Here is the planned zone with new roads and railway modification.


The industrial sector is large compared the residential part, it will supply the need of jobs also in Kaliningrad center.

The railway main line is left without intersections.


Also another road bridge is built on the railway. This new road connects the industrial zone to the rest of the town.


The residential are makes Kaliningrad reach almost 20k units, and gives home to more than 7k citiziens.


The local railway station is expensive but has a wonderfull design, a little park placed opposite the station creates some calm atmosphere.


The Kharkov center is located at east of the station.


Recreation for 7k citiziens is a must and another park, similar to the Kaliningrad's center one is built in the suburb outskirt.


Kharkov has 1/3 of whole population of Kaliningrad. It seems like Kaliningrad in future wont have some real center, also if the mayor pushes to give the town some landmark investing on the center. With the growth of these detached suburbs we maybe soon will need some road ring around Kaliningrad center.


Ghosts' city

...This is the Kaliningrad emergency broadcast, if you hear this, it means you are in danger, if you are a civilian, you are asked to leave the city immediately. This is the Kaliningrad emergency broadcast, if you hear...


_____   _____   _____


Captain Vladimir: We could not expect this massacre. It has been the most intensive fight i've ever seen. This city has something special, don't you think Makarov?

Soldier Makarov: I was born here. It has nothing special to me, it may does for you. In Kiev snow is rare isn't it?

Captain Vladimir: Hehe not really... I meant to say, this city reminds me a lot of Pripyat'. Of course it doesn't have the same skyline, but the feeling is the same.

Soldier Makarov: In this moment i am just thinking about my family, they moved to Tula during the first weeks of war by train, i hope they're all right.

Captain Vladimir: I've no family, I based my entire life in the army... This is the result, a perfect Spetsnaz killing machine with no heart. But... didn't your family phone you?

Soldier Makarov: With the americans using EMPs? Impossible.

Captain Vladimir: Ah right... I forgot.

Soldier Makarov: I heard that Khabarovsk was stroke by another american air assault.

Captain Vladimir: That's correct, but i think our troops there are handling the situation. We could kick out americans before the autumn.

Soldier Makarov: How's the situation in Europe?

Captain Vladimir: It seems that we conquered the baltic states and now we're invading Poland, meanwhile Turkey is giving us some problems in the Caucasus.


As 19 june 2045.

Orange territories: Zones occupied by the RU and allies (Poland, Baltic states, Sudan, some China and Pakistan.

Green territories: Zones occupied by the USA and allies (Half Venezuela, some Brazil, some Iran, Mongolia, Russian bordering area with China, large parts of Primorsky.

Estonia and Latvia, the 2 enemy baltic republics, are probably going to join the RU with immediate effect, also the allied Lithuania seems interested. Moldova requested to enter the union too.

The US advance in the south american territories seems to have stopped, as the Turk/Iraqi invasion is facing resistance.

China is near the brink of a revolution, none likes this war, the chinese people have always thought about themselves as great friends of russians.

Kaliningrad is evacuated. There's no way to know when the people will be able to come back, also if they actually do not want to come back right now.


No cars, no people, nothing but some soldiers and few tanks.


This is Kharkov after the fights.


Only Misha remains active. It still gives home to some soldiers ready to defend the city once again... The military has increased his attention on our airport, now considered very important since americans gained some air superiority in the Primorsky through the japanese help.


The good news are many on the other frontlines, but the real fight is on the eastern front, the Primorsky region became the center of the world in these months.

For those who believed in world peace it had to be shock this war, but we russians know how really the world goes on, and we also know that we can't lose this war.


Finally the first families have arrived in Kaliningrad! Construction of houses was fast and some of them were prefabricated away and transported mostly by train. Of course the reailway will always be the driving motor of the town, since it is impossible to produce agricultural products at these latitudes.

First arrivals

Also the industrial zone is growing quickly. Heavy industries will work the big amount of wood and also minerals around the region. Then they will export the products in Khabarovsk using the rail track. This obviously secures the growth of a powerfull industry.

Industrial growth

Now the town has taken life and cars go around the town and the railway starts being used also by commuters.

Town start

With the arrival of the new residents, the richest and most influent part of them ask for enlargment of the water plumbing. Their demands are accepted and the request for new zones increases.


The new residential zone planned includes a little enlargment of the streets.

New zone

So now this is the actual state of the residential zone, with the arrival of some new more influent families and a little new commercial area.

First arrivals

The ministry positively values the results from the town and congratulates with the mayor and secures support for this project, until now successfull.



Civilians from the Primorsky and the rest of the border with China are moving to our cities in the north. Also if the fight moved down in the chinese northern regions, Moscow can not rebuild a city that was completely destroyed without electricity, telecommunications or running water.

World situation as 7th january 2046.


The allies are counter-attacking the aggressors but the enemies are doing great efforts to resist to our offensives.

Revolution explodes in China, full invasion of the country and also of Turkey began, Iraq surrendered, Pakistan was fully invaded by India despite the truce. Latin America liberated with the european help, now advancing in Mexico and liberating Cuba

Michael Reagan in his speech at the UN said that nobody has potential to invade the USA, with the "excuse" to free russians from their hostile government promised to win this war in any way... These are words of a psychopath, since the US invasion force was completely destroyed during the first months of war.

President of the RU commented from Moscow how this war will end only with the annihilation of enemy forces and occupation of the USA.


Returning to Kaliningrad, the mayor according to the president of the "Far east district" of the Russian Federation, began construction of new "concrete" neighborhoods. A new hood is being built on the Siskal banks. It's called Project 17, since this is the 17th on the list of building projects started in all of the eastern RU for a total of 68. For months people had to stay in overpopulated flats.


The drawing above is just a sketch of the final project. Here's the various part of the new hood completed in March, the construction has been very fast thanks the large use of pre-fabs.


Same designer, same materials, same project with 7 different types of apartments. Boring but very functional.


Project 17 is not only condos (mostly), it's also parks, functional buildings like hospitals and schools, but also factories.


With the come of more than 25k people in the city in this new hood, the traffic has increased greatly/terribly, the new freeway directly enters the hood, many have found job in other parts of the city, also relatively far.


here's an aerial photo taken in late march.


The local amazing forest had to be cut down... but the local government has granted green areas planting a lot of new trees also in urban areas, for this Kaliningrad was nominated by green ecologist movements as "Green City of the RU" 2046.


Russia cares about environment, of course, but ecologists cannot blame continuely the development of heavy industries. We need industries, large factories. Production is what makes our country powerful among the others.


The freeway along the Siskal torrent:


Now, talking about services, all 3 of them (electricity, water pumping, landfills) had to be enlarged.

Here's the second incinerator of the city located in the industrial area along the Mikal.


The landfill is being transferred in this area, today it's still located too close to Kaliningrad center.


Last, but not less important, also the airport knew an update.


Kaliningrad is getting too close to her citiziens. Mayor takes in consideration to expand city limits and permits to build in the rest of the bordering area.

In march we accomplished an important obligation: we've given home to more than 25k russians escaping from war and famine. In these cases the real strenght of our people comes to surface.


Despite the ministry for the growth and development was generous with us, we want to spend the less possible since this wont be a cheap expedition.
The town will be lighted by a coal power plant, placed in the insutrial zone, far enough from the residential zone according to the mayor.

Coal power plant

The ministry confirms that the coal power plant wont affect the health of the residents, also if some environmentalists have already protested on the journals from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk. Strangely, the following day, the heads of the journals have immediately announced that the articles about the pollution danger presented by the power plant are fake, and there's no threat for the people.
The town construction goes on and one water tower and a little landfill are added to the town.

Water tower

Obviously the water tower stands close to the residential zone and the landfill far in the heavy industrial zone.


The zones are prepared on the terrain and the power line is built between the coal power plant and the town center.
The town will be organized (for now) in little single houses. The russian population has already tested living in big squalid apartments in the cold Siberia and didn't appreciate, but must admit, at least those were very cheap. A little commercial zone will rise sticked to the town. Of course many shops will be under regional managment, which will provide goods of first necessity at low prices.

Residential plan

The industrial core.

Industrial core

Finally a part of the power line connecting the residential zone to the power plant. The structures have a very solid foundation, to resist the wild siberian wind and snow.

Power line

Now the future towns lacks only of a primary school and a little medical clinic plus obviously the reailway attachment.

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