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About this City Journal

Jarira is the capitol of the Federated States of Arabia. It's one of the most richest cities in the world, because of the money they got from their oil. Now, sheik Karim Abdul Khaled III...

Entries in this City Journal


Official announcement of Jarira World

Today, Karim Abdul Khaled III and project developer Sjoerd Kremer, announced the construction of Jarira World. It will be the biggest entertainmentcomplex of whole Arabia, and maybe of the world. It will also be a good place for visitors of the possible simlympics of may 2010 in Jarira. If the simlympics will be held in Jarira, the project will be completed before the simlympics, so that all the visitors can enjoy it, promissed Karim Abdul Khaled III. The following complexes will be built:

- Six Flags Jarira

- SeaWorld Aquarium Jarira

- Ski World

- Jarira World Aquarium

- Jarira World Mall

- Jarira World Hotel

- Jarira World Golf Resort

- Splash Oasis Water Park

- Oasis Water Park Hotel

- Six Flags Hotel

(everything with reservation, some other projects could be added or removed)

The logo of Jarira World



Interview with architect and planner of the simlympic park of Jarira, Sjoerd Kremer

Sjoerd, what is your main goal you want to reach with your design of the new park?

Well, for me and for the whole Jarira society, it's the most important that the park will be good for the environment. Some of the details of the green things in the park are: we will build air filters in the park. It will provide fresher air in the whole area around the simlympic park. It's very important for the athletes that they can feel and perform good during the games. The most stadiums in the park will be connect to each other with pedestrian paths and not with roads. Nevertheless, there will be roads in the simlympic park, but these will connect the park with the city and other important places around the park. The last thing is that the mass transportation in the park will be provided by monorails. With the monorail you can reach all the important places in the city. The are very clean and they almost won't give pollution.

Which stadiums you want to place into the park?

I'm not sure right now, though I already know I will place a lot of stadiums inside the park for the most sports. The Simlympic Stadium, the aquatics center, the velodrome and a lot of arenas for sports like basketball, handball and volleyball, will be placed inside the park. About some sports I'm not sure yet. Sports like outdoor swimming and canoeing are still in discussion, because there are more options for it. A whole guide will be expected soon.

What will the Simlympic Park of Jarira offer for the simlympics?

We will offer a green park, which will be good for the environment. A lot of trees, grassfields and a lake will be placed inside the park. The Simlympic Village will be in the park as well and will be very green too. The distances inside the park between the sport venues will be short and you can walk around the park and visit every venue easily. I will design a whole new wide, green and beautiful park, which will be easily accessible by everybody and will give as well as visitors as athletes the best possibilities to have a Simlympics like the have never experienced before.

Here some preview photos of some venues in the Simlympic Park, Simlympic Park guide will come soon.

The Simlympic Stadium


The Simlympic Velodrome


For more information, please visit: http://simsports.darkbb.com/possible-future-bids-f6/jarira-may-2010-bid-t1897.htm


The announcement for the Simlympics Bid Jarira 2010

13 February 2010, sheik of FSA announced the Simlympics Bid for Jarira in may 2010.


Why choose for Jarira?

Because Jarira offers all the possibilities for a superb simlympics. There is enough ground for the a simlympic park and the simlympic village. On the top of that the city Jarira grows very fast and want to move its limits till the impossible. Sky is the limit in this city.

What does Jarira offer?

Jarira offers all the things which are needed to organize the simlympics. The city has a big airport, Jarira International Airport, which has a big capacity. Nevertheless, when the city will get the simlympics, the airport will be expanded. The transportation in the city is very well organized by the Jarira Monorail Network, a very fast system which connects all the most important spots in the city with each other, and with the simlympics in the city, the simlympic park and village also of course. Moreover the city has a lot of hotels, which will host the tourists and the press. With very luxury to more budget hotels, everybody could stay in the city during the simlympics. About the attractions, Jarira is a very intersting city to visit. The best beaches, interesting architecture and with the coming project: Jarira World, an entertainment complex with a Six Flags Park, Water Park, dozens of hotels and a lot of other things, the tourists won't be bored at any time.

How will Jarira organize the simlympics?

Jarira wants to organize the simlympics with the most stadiums in the simlympic park. It will be a huge park with almost every stadium for almost every sport that will be neccesary. The Jarira Monorail Network will be expanded so that every tourist can go to the park. Also the simlympic village will be located in this park. The park will be located in the southside of the city.

Watch the first Promo Bid Video for Jarira 2010 -  We are ready, you?

I hope you can understand everything, sorry for my english and I had some problems with the volume.

For more information and the latest updates of the Jarira 2010 bid, please visit: If you want you can leave a reply and say what you think about the plan so far and you can do the poll!




Brief history
Before 1980 (when there was found oil in the ground of the Federated States of Arabia) the FSA were a country that lived on trading with neighbour countries. Karim Abdul Khaled I was the first sheik when the oil was found in the FSA. Though, the country could become very rich, Karim Abdul Khaled I decided to put all the oil money he earned in the national oil company: the Arabian Oil Company. The money he earned from the oil he kept for his own, because he was the major shareholder of the company. He didn't want to change the country because of the oil. After he stopped to be the sheik, Karim Abdul Khaled II became the first sheik. He did want to change the country and invisted in the first big projects of Jarira. The first building he built was the Arabian Oil Company Tower. Unfortunately, Karim Abdul Khaled II died 3 years after his beginning to be first sheik, because of a helicopter accident. Karim Abdul Khaled I became first sheik again. He stopped all the projects his son started immidiately again. Now, Jarira is developing again, by Karim Abdul Khaled III, who is first sheik now for 3 years. He made Jarira from a little fisherman's town to the developing supermodern metropol it will be.  

Map of the FSA


Flag of the FSA


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