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About this City Journal

When the the Mayor Ricardo died, his 2 sons, Juan and Jose, compete to win his fortune and his city. Ricardo's City is being watched by his advisor, but only temporarily. We will see which...

Entries in this City Journal

 Jose has begun construction in Crystal City. Since he also already inherited a fortune, he had enough money to build seaport to connect Jet City and Ocean City and Jet-Canal

Jose likes to put more detail in his city plans, and he hates spending too much money, so he started with low density Residential and Commercial, but he hates agriculture, so he started with high density industry. He is more into industry so he doesn't want medium density industry.



One difference is that Jose does not care about the environment, but he uses some of Juan's technology to reduce emissions as much as he can:
Jose also added something to connect Ocean City to West Jet City and Crystal City by their lake


I let time pass and:




and as you can see, he also built 2 car/ferry ports to go to each place quicker.

  Juan has begun construction in Crystal City. Since he already inherited a fortune, he had enough money to start with high density zones. 

For now, the residential/commerce zones are powered by the sky tree power plant, and the industry/garbage zones were powered by many windmills. Juan likes to keep pollution in a minimum
I let time pass and:

The Beginning

This is a very large region. The amount of land dominates the amount of water by 60:40. Mayor Juan like cities with that are more land based, while Jose liked cities that were more sea based. As you can see, the land they purchased reflected wat they liked. The city that Ricardo had made already had about 450,000 citizens. This would help both Juan and Jose in the future.


Lets take a look at what Ricardo did before we talk about what Juan and Jose are doing...

Here is the more populated part of Jet City...The World Trade Center (1 - 7) is in the south west part of the city proudly standing.


The World Trade Center


The High-Tech and Manufacturing Industry


The Transportation Central


As you can see, it is a fairly large city with all the necessities, which is why both Juan and Jose want it for themselves.

The Advisor, Raul, is watching over the city until one of them inherits the city.

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