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About this City Journal

A fictional city set somewhere in a peaceful part of the eastern United States. This one is going to be a whopper, hopefully topping 100,000 happy, healthy and educated sims. Harrisburg...

Entries in this City Journal


Sorry about the long wait, but I have been busy and have also created another region that I got hooked on, so bear with me! I am going to create another journal of my next region, and will add a few updates to this one before I cut it off.

Thanks to all who viewed- I will get started on the rest of this journal very soon!regular_smile.gif


Today we will look at the neighbor of Harrisburg, Johnsonville. Johnsonville is a small town with about 6,000 citizens. The city is quiet and green. Trees abound, and so does animal life.

The town also boasts the Jospeh Lansing Wildlife Preserve and Phoenix Lake (the white line is a fence)-



The city has a nice little downtown-


A close up of the schools-


Here is some industry-



This area is what is known to local teenagers as "the fun zone", where the concert grounds and college are located, a perfect place to party-


And here is Johnsonville as a whole-


That's all! Next time, I will show you some updates for Harrisburg and possibly another neighbor. So long!

(Thanks to rivit for the coastal modd, Pegasus doe the geothermal plant, codexmadboy for the freight station and gshmails for the fire station)


After a long day of gaming, I decided to post more of Harrisburg. I have been having trouble with my computer and it has been crashing all day, so I will address that issue propmtly.

However, now is the time to post...

Mayor John Harris has come to a realization that running a city and collecting it's garbage was too much for one man. So, he up and named his son Harry Harris the official mayor while he stays on the sidelines and shouts out plays and picks up cans.

So far, Harry has taken the city square and empty buildings and created the beginings of city...



After a hard day of laying track, building roads, and fending off rogue computer crashes, Harry came to a point when he thought he should unpause and fast forward...


Wow! Harry was amazed at how fast 40,000 people could move into his city!

Harry has told me to give you a few glimpses at Harrisburg's industry and utilities...

An artifical tree used to capture stray carbon-


Water treatment-


And microwave power (WARNING: Do not use 50,000 megawatt power sources to cook hot pockets!)-


The Harris' family were proud of their bustling city. By now Harrisburg had nearly 75,000 inhabitants, with plenty of water and power. It also boasted a strong police force, full fire coverage and a citywide school system with 2 libraries, 2 elementary schools, 2 high schools, a museum and a university.

The city lacked just one thing- a beach!

City council voted unanamously that Harrisburg needed a river and some beaches- not to mention riverfront property to raise housing values!


The city looking from the east...


So here we are- 75,000 sims, state of the art utilities, citywide healthcare and education, 5 arenas, TV and radio stations and a beach! Can't get much better than that- or can it?

According to my financial advisor "There are rewards to being neighborly!". He may have a point! I think I need to add more trees- but that will be next time, along with Harrisburgs neighboring towns!

(Thanks to Andreas Roth for the retro microwave plant, mrtnrln for the highway mod, vicgon for the hospital, scba for the baseball stadium and PEG for the artifical trees.)



One day a man named John Harris was walking through a completely unpopulated region that was sparse of vegetation and

devoid of all animal life. He was walking past a particularly monotinous piece of green ground when he spotted a button on a

rock. The button said "Create City". He pushed it. You can guess the rest.

The city was named Harrisburg in his honor. He became the first mayor and was also the first garbage collector. His first duty

as mayor was to create the town square. His second duty, as grabage man, was to empty all the litter bins.


Now that all the garbage was cleared, the mayor decided to start work on the HRTS (Harrisburg Rapid Transit System, or "HURTS").


At The moment that is all, but soon I will lengthen the light rail and add some more buildings and zones. Thanks to Diamond

for the ultra-cool universityy, Xyloxadoria for the train station and brenda_xne for the light rail stations. Oh, and PEG for all of t

he trees I will use!


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