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About this City Journal

Thanks to aleking for his inspiring "Show Us Your Ghettos Thread"... this CJ is dedicated to the development of a ghetto city on a medium tile in a developed region to see just how low the...

Entries in this City Journal


Notice to All Residents
Please be advised: The ordinance formerly banning freedom of religion in Blight, the Bushoms Anti-Theism Movement, has been suspended indefinitely. All residents and community organizations wishing to build houses of worship (regardless of denomination) may contact the Office for Cultural and Community Affairs to apply for zoning permits and to learn about the regulations on such buildings.

Thank you.

Mayor of Blight

Teresa Ford

City Snapshots The city has undergone quite a number of transformations in the past months. Here are the highlights.

Completion of the Stuytown Residential Area


Closeup of Stuytown Shopping Zone, Pedestrian Area & Office of the Mayor


Eastern Stuytown Border/Mayoral District Police Department and Elementary School


Commercial Ammenities (Mini Mall, Mini Golf, Sport Arcade)


And the Newest Educational Addition: Blight University for Business and the Humanities

The university, and its surroundings, have been a boon to Blight. It even brought college radio to the city.



February 1, 2013

Dear Citizens,

I would like to thank you all for your continued support and compliance with the ordinances put into effect February 1, 2012. There have been minimum setbacks during the past year, and for that I applaud you all. As promised, please enjoy the following updates of the progress made since these rules have gone into effect. I do apologize for the delay in updating you, but things at City Hall have been hectic indeed.

Cleanup and Renewal

A Master Zoning Plan has yet to be drawn up. However, as you will see from the map below, zoning has changed slightly due to the bulldozing of several arson-stricken areas, bringing more commerical and industrial opportunities to the center of the city.





I would also like to highlight the bulldozing of the Stuytown slums. Former residents of these areas have been offered government housing in a new, state-of-the-art housing complex, which will be built shortly. New commercial opportunities in the surrounding area are forthcoming, as well.





Roads and Transit

Potholes have been filled and the dirt roads have been upgraded to fully paved streets. You will also, as I'm sure you are aware, know about the new avenue installed to ease congestion in the downtown area.






The streets are close to being cleaned in full thanks to the landfills. The  recently installed incinerator will aid in quicker cleanup of the filth. However, we have a large pollution problem on our hands, which will only get worse in the coming years. I have discussed several options with my colleagues that will counter this, but it shall have to wait until a later date. For now, things are tolerable.






The installation of the proposed police stations have greatly reduced the crime rates in the city as can be seen from the graphics below. The new Police HQ has also done a tremendous job of bringing in new business to the area.




The New Police HQ


Health & Education

By far, the most successful application of the education and health ordinances has taken place in the West End district of Blight. There are record numbers of school attendance and the EQ in the area has shot up to the high teens (18 at the current measure). Health ratings are also on the rise and soon we shall see increases in longevity.



West End's Commerical District at Night

The school and hospital have brought about wonderful development in the West End, including high- and middle-wealth business enterprises.


Thank you all. I will be prepared to offer additional updates with haste as there is much to discuss about the blossoming Blight!


Mayor Teresa Ford


OFFICIAL NOTICE: 2012 Budget and Ordinances

February 1, 2012

Dear Citizens of Blight,

Thank you for electing me as mayor. I promise that I will do my best to bring Blight into a most prosperous future.

My first act as new mayor will be to revise the budget and enact a number of projects to get Blight on track. The city has 1 million Ruskovian Fitzes in funds available to enact some very extreme measures. However, this will ensure that Blight quickly improves.

Below is the 2012 Budget Proposal and Related Ordinances in detail. All changes will take effect immediately.


Riot Cleanup

As you know, much of the city was destroyed during the rioting. Whole city blocks were burned down, and roads were mostly destroyed in the areas with the worst arson. A total of $200,000 will be spent to demolish and remove the rubbish from these destroyed areas. Please note that formerly zoned residential districts destroyed by the fires will no longer be in effect.

New zoning maps for future development will be provided in the near future once a city master plan has been developed.

Tax Breaks

Given that former Mayor Bushoms swindled us all out of our hard-earned money for the last 11 years, I am going to give some back for a limited period of time. Until the end of 2012 (and possibly into 2013), taxes will be reduced across the board for residents and businesses, down to 2%. Industry will also receive tax breaks: 2% for manufacturing and high-tech, 5% for agriculture. Dirty industry taxes will remain the same due to the costs associated with cleanup of the environment that will be a part of future plans.

Road Repair and Transportion Funding Increases

Allocations for road maintenance will be increased from $200 to $550 to repair potholes. Once an adequate road system has been recovered all dirt roads will be gradually upgraded to paved roads. A public transport option including buses, and eventually a metro line, will be included in the 2014 master plans.


$10,000 in emergency cleanup funds are being used to get the trash off the streets and into a landfill. Another $60,000 will be used to build sanitation facilities for incineration. Monthly maintenance will average $2000.

Public Safety

In effect immediately is a new smoke detector ordinance. This will cost very little for maintenance once the initial costs for installment are covered.

As you read this, police stations are being built around the city to ensure that every individual is protected. In about two weeks, each of the stations will be complete and fully functional. Facility costs are $1500 per month with an initial payment of $12,000.  

In response to the growing crime epidemic in Stuytown, the slums to the north of the district and the nearby projects will be condemned. This is a final notice to all residents of these zones that they must move immediately. Total costs for implosion and cleanup shall cost $15,000. No further construction shall take place on those lots until further notice.

Be advised that there are new laws in effect regarding crime. As seen in other cities of Ruskova, Blight will enforce the three-strike rule. The death penalty may be applied on a case-by-case basis depending upon the severity of the crime. Hard labor, however, shall be enforced for those who receive three strikes. This is your final warning.


A new ordinance will go into effect beginning September 3, 2012 that will require all residents under the age of 16 to be enrolled in an educational program. This ordinance will go into effect concurrently with a pro-reading campaign. Registration for the new school year will begin on April 2 and is free of charge. As an incentive, each student enrolling for the new school year by July 31 will receive a stipend to cover their educational supplies, including books and uniforms free of charge. Those residents who are not enrolled by August 31, 2012 will be charged a fine of $1,000.

Each of Blight's four districts will receive an elementary and high school, which will open September 3 for the first day of school. Unisex uniforms will be enforced in all schools. Any child caught outside of school on a school day during normal school days of Monday-Friday during the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm will incur a fine of $250 unless they can provide a doctor's notice or teacher's permission slip of absence. Attendance will be strictly enforced.

The school day's traditional study will end at 3:00pm. The final two hours of the day will be dedicated to mandatory extracurricular studies ranging from arts, to sports, to computer technology courses, to vocational or technical courses. Students may choose their preferences for these courses during registration. This new educational concept is meant to bring up the EQ of the city and to provide working parents with the ability to finish a day's work, come home, and then supervise their children without having to pay babysitting or day care fees.


A new clinic will be constructed immediately in the center of the city ($2000 construction fee, $1000 monthly maintenance). Subsequent clinics will also be built in all four of the residential districts at a later date, but have yet to be determined. It is possible that health groups from other cities in Ruskova may have an interest in building here, which may reduce some of the costs associated with these services.

All residents may visit the Central Blight Hospital one (1) time before the end of 2012 to address any issues they may have. This single service will be provided free of charge and is meant to help even the neediest families start off this new year in good health. The total costs for these visits shall be no more than $100,000.

I thank you for your time in reviewing the current changes in Blight policy. An update of the changes and advancements made will be provided promptly upon their completion.

All questions, comments and concerns can be addressed to the newly created Public Affairs Office.

Thank you,

Mayor of Blight

Teresa Ford


The Votes Are In!

January 17, 2012

It is official: 70 percent of Blightians voted for the Blight native,Teresa Ford, to be the new mayor. Ford has no experience in governance whatsoever. However, the people of Blight have been won over by her infectious enthusiasm and words of hope and idealism. Below is an excerpt from Ruskopedia regarding her credentials:


           2nd Mayor of Blight

Incumbent              Teresa Ford

Assumed Office      January 17, 2012

Preceded by            Bob R. Bushoms

Born                        May 12, 1981

                                 Blight, Ruskova

Political Party        TBD

Residence                Mayoral District, Blight (see photo below)


Alma Mater            N/A

Term Length          4 Years

Personal Life

Teresa Ford is a third generation Blightian born to a family of Ruskovan decent at her grandmother's home in south Blight. Her father, Jeffery Ford, was a deadbeat dad who left her and her mother, Justina Ford, just after her birth.

Ford never attended college, elementary school, or high school, but she was home-schooled by her grandmother during her childhood and completed her GED by mail. She did attend several courses, however, in public policy at the Chitiri Institute for Adult Education while she worked in the capital in an office.

Political Career

[placeholder: no entry]

Political Stands

Ford defines herself as being socially liberal, fiscally conservative, and moderate in regard to domestic affairs. She has never been outside of the country and does not own a passport. However, she says she would like to see Voltaterrina one day.


Speech by Ruskova President, January 12, 2012, Blight City Center

Good morning, citizens of Blight. Hello to citizens from Ruskova viewing this address on your televisions or listening on your radios. I welcome you all on this historic occasion.

On this day, we gather to discuss the recent events in Blight--the tragedy of lives and homes lost, a city gone to the wolves thanks to a careless, self-indulgent mayor. We come to put behind us the horrible conflicts faced over the past few weeks, and for some, the desperate cycle of poverty that has enslaved you for months or even years. We unite today to welcome a new dawn and to usher in a future of prosperity, truth, and hope. 


Today, I have what you have long been waiting for, Blightians. I bring you some of the finest faces from the Ruskova region. They are here, not to deceive you. Not to swindle you. Not to deprive you of your basic rights as citizens. No. They are here because they have one thing in common: the desire to bring Blight up out from the ashes of conflict and into the present day. They want to compete in the race to become your new mayor!

[Crowd roars]

Drumroll please...

I present to you your four mayoral candidates!


From Stravyetse, in the north, Pri Treemont, is your green candidate!

[Crickets hum. Crowd mutters and wonders if the mayor is color blind.]

'Green'. You know, like ecologically friendly?

[Crowd oooohs and aaaahs]


Pri Treemont:

"Fellow custodians of the Earth, let's clean up this city!

My vision as your new mayor, should you choose to elect me, ensures land preservation and the creation of parkland and nature reserves. I propose taking the land that has been scarred from the fires and transforming it into green zones. Not only will Blight become beautiful, but it will attract visitors from far and wide to enjoy the prisine wilderness.

Next on my list is clean energy research and development in order to spur the creation of high-tech, high-wealth jobs. My getting the gears of this city moving, you will be more prosperous and live better lives.

My vision also entails the building of emission-reducing mass transit works that will improve commute times and the air we breath.

Our future green city will be transformed from Blight to beautiful if you elect me, Pri Treemont!"


President: Inspiring, Treemont. Really...

And from Jenshina, Altino Zag, an entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience and financial sector knowledge. He recently directed the budget appropriations council for the construction of a news sports complex in Jenshina.


Altino Zag:

"If you elect me as mayor I can assure that we will accomplish four key things:

1) Superior fiscal prudence. Micromanagement of city funds guarantees lower taxes and higher efficiency in all sectors.

2) A 20% increase in small and medium business development for you eager citizens to be your own bosses. I know this downtown can be built into a thriving city center with the right marketing and advertising strategies to bring in business from all over the nation.

3) The creation of a stock market. This will help funds flow into Blight and bring big businesses into play.

4) Tourism promotion through the construction of major public works of athletic and entertainment superstructures. This will help spur the growth of high-end amenities and entertainment.

In my city, Blight will become the business capital of Ruskova. Vote Altino Zag!


Well said, Zag.

Next, we have Helene Ecolier of Velosopediye of the south she has made civic services reign supreme!


Helene Ecolier:

"It is an honor to be here with you, Blightians. A vote for me is a vote for growth. A vote for me is a vote for a bright future. A vote for me is a vote for healthy families, smart families, prosperous families.

Through the promotion of higher education we can develop the wheels to tranform this dilapidated city's crumbling business and industrial centers into hot spots. This city needs schools, colleges, and universities. I propose building top-notch medical education facilities to bring in students and new residents to the city.

With better jobs and a brighter outlook, Blight will go from blah to boomtown in the same time it takes to earn your PhD!"


Right... And last, but certainly not least, your own Blight native, Teresa Ford.

TeresaFord.jpgTeresa Ford:

"Blightians, let's get this party started! Forget these out-of-towners. Who knows the plight of Blight better than me? I was raised here, just like you.

I know how bad the streets of Stuytown are, day or night, and which alleys harbor the city's most wanted killers and drug dealers. Let's put 'em behind bars already!

I know where to find the coveted last patches of grass you can enjoy that haven't been polluted from the toxic industries that have clogged our airways. My family has suffered from cancer caused by the factories and has looked for hospitals where there are none. Let's get the health care our families need!

My car has seen every one of the potholes in our city streets while I looked for a library, a school, something. Let's get our kids educated so we can all have good jobs that pay more than $6 an hour!

And my heart has bled alongside yours while we watched this city spiral further and further into an abyss these past few weeks. Let's stop the trauma and revitalize our city.

Look no further. Vote Ford. Vote Blightian. Vote urban renewal!"

[Thunderous applause, hooting, hollering, whoop-whooping, and the like.]

Thank you to all the candidates for taking the time to want to make Blight a better place. The polls will open for election of the new mayor on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 6:00am. Polls will close promptly at 9:00pm. Between now and then, take the time to get to know the candidates. They will be here all day to answer your questions and hear your concerns. Town hall meetings will be held throughout the coming days to ensure that everyone gets the chance to hear from the candidates in depth.

Until then, good luck, candidates, and fare well, Blightians.


Aftermath of the Riots

First off, a bit of housekeeping.

  • Apologies for disobeying CJ regulations; I realize (after rereading the CJ rule thread) that I was posting/updating too frequently, so I'm sorry. Guess I got a lil' excited! I'll make sure to space out my posts going forward.
  • Thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments on my CJ. I appreciate your kind words and constructive criticism.
  • Another thing, which readers might or might not want to know, and which I failed to mention are my computer specs. I'm running:
    • SC4 Rush Hour
    • Mac iBookG4 (so I get grids even though I swear have the grid turned off--if anyone knows how to fix this, I'd love to know!)
    • NAM and CAM installed, as well as Trolca's dirt street mod. Other than that, there are no other game mods in play and I'm not using any money cheats.
Now on to the story!




Telephone conversation, dated January 5 between President of Ruskova and regional deputy and mayor, Madame LaCroix of Jenshina:

"Mme. Lacroix, what the hell is going on in Blight?! I've just read that the rioting is still going on and I can't get ahold of that dimwit mayor over there! I need answers!"

Mme LaCroix
"Yes, sir. I'm on it."

"On it?! You missed the boat, LaCroix! This should have been nipped in the bud before it started. How could you let this happen?! I was counting on you!"

Mme LaCroix
"So sorry, sir. We have the head of the Capitol Police, Regional PD, and of course, Chitiri's finest military reserve teams on their way to Blight as we speak."

"How many?"

Mme LaCroix
"A force of 332 to stop the rioters and to man temporary security stations that are being converted from abandoned buildings. We also have Mayor Suerte on the ground there assessing the damage, plus we have a group of advisors from Jenshina scoring up reconstruction alternatives."

"What about that dirt-cake mayor? Have you got him in custody yet?" Who are we getting to replace that scuz?"

Mme LaCroix
"'Scuz', sir?"

"Yes, 'scuz'! The scuz mayor of Blight! I want him outta there and on the first plane to Chitiri so I can set him in line."

Mme LaCroix
"Yes, sir. There are no airports in Blight, but when we find him we'll get him on the fastest transport available to the capital."

"And the replacement?"

Mme LaCroix
"Still working on that, sir."

"Fine. Keep me updated."

Meanwhile, in Blight, fire brigades and police teams attempt to halt the rioting.


Even with a police force nearby, the rioters take the liberty of "removing" the mayor from office themselves.


During the rioting a temporary police station is established--the first in Blight--but it's not enough to keep the criminals contained.


Eventually, the fires and vagrants are subdued, but the damage is immense. Whole neighborhoods have been wiped out from the fires. Severed water mains leave many without water. Several have died, while the lucky ones have moved away to other regions leaving scores of abandoned buildings vulnerable to squatters, criminals, and mobs still out for vengeance against the mayor. Population has dropped by 10,000.

Back in the situation room planners and mayors meet to discuss Blight's future...

Mme LaCroix
"OK, people. Let's settle down. We've got a crisis over in Blight. Although it's under control now, there's no telling when things might flare up again, so we need some solutions to quell the storm before the havoc seeps over into our cities."

Mayor of Pochta
"I got a plan--let's just nuke 'em and wipe that filth from Ruskova!"

[The planners all cheer. Madame LaCroix frowns and ignores the remark.]

Mme LaCroix
"Given that the mayor lost his head during the riot, quite literally, and none of his colleagues can be found, I'll be in charge temporarily until a replacement can be voted in. The first thing that needs to be tackled is the crime situation. People can't feel safe, can't live normal lives, can't keep the city afloat without some police force. Jim, what have you got for me?"

Jim, Captain of Chitiri Police Force
"We've got another 200 officers from around the region on their way to work at the temporary stations. But, LaCroix, those temporary stations aren't enough. I need the reconstruction team to start working on plans for building real police stations. And they're not volunteering, either. They better be making double overtime for their troubles."

Mme LaCroix
"Don't worry. The mayor's safe had enough padding to cover them and their families for their trouble."

Alexa, Associate Reconstruction Member
"If I may...it's going to be at a minimum six to eight weeks until the security stations we planned can be up and running. We have a number of locals committed to help with the construction and we plan on using a sweet sum from the mayors private stash to build a main headquarters facility downtown, plus four smaller units in each of the main neighborhoods. We've got all the manpower on it available, but these things do take time.

Here's a layout of the city with red dots representing the proposed new police stations. And below is a blueprint for the new HQ design."



Mme LaCroix
"Excellent. Next up, what about sanitation? Our people on the ground are getting sick daily and no new mayor coming into Blight will last unless things are cleaned up."

"Well, it's easy enough to use an existing polluted farm near one of the major industrial zones on the north west side of the city as a site for a landfill just to get a good portion of the trash off the streets. Later on a waste management facility can be built, but that will probably be up to the new mayor..."

Mme LaCroix
"Good work, people. Keep it up."


Comment responses:

@CTMandR: Hmmm... how did the letter get out of Blight... donkey courrier maybe? Lol. I didn't really think about that detail. Nice catch!


Things are thoroughly getting out of control in Blight. A recent clip from a major national newspaper:


The fires burn through the night:


Angry residents of the French District revolt:


Fires continue to rage across the district:






Things in Blight have gotten pretty bad--far beyond what anyone is accustomed to in the Ruskova region, of which Blight has been recently incorporated. Madame LaCroix, head of regional matters and a mayor herself, has gotten wind of the situation and is taking initiative.

Madame LaCroix, Deputy of Regional Affairs

High Road Capitol Building, Suite 130

Jenshina 2500-001

Mayor of Blight

1 Private Road

Blight 2515-001

October 24, 2011

Dear Mayor,

It has recently come to my attention of the Regional Affairs Office that Blight has been experiencing some difficulty in governance. Surely this is an oversight committed by your underlings (we have our own fair share of mishaps in Jenshina). However, I have received numerous reports that the school system is sub par and that the health system has fallen into a state of distress; dare I mention a rather poorly written letter I received from your "Citizins Counsil" that suggests the former is a gross understatement.

This is quite concerning, as I cannot allow such a deterioration of approval ratings to occur under my leadership. Any further diminishing of ratings would result in you stepping down from your position.

Although I am confident you are doing your very best to govern I do need to provide some evidentiary support of this fact to present to the highest authorities. Please forward me, with haste, the most recent census reports regarding the city's status as well as the most recent police and fire department reports.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Mme. LaCroix

Over in Blight, where there is no postal service, the Mayor never received the letter. In turn, another was sent:

November 28, 2011

Dear Mayor,

I am terribly distressed at not having received the reports I requested--you are still living, are you not? I am afraid that given your failure to provide the necessary documents, you will be receiving a visit from my trusted advisor Mayor Suerte of Dom within the next month to carry out his own assessments and reports.


Mme. LaCroix

Naturally, it took the visit from Mayor Suerte to awaken Blight's mayor to the growing federal interest in the city's affairs. Unfortunately, he won't receive the following notice.



's report enumerated more atrocities in your city than I can list;
came back sick
with dysentery and is threatening to sue you for your hand in his illness.
IMMEDIATE improvement of Blight is imperative! If the President gains wind of the situation it would mean immediate cancellation of your mayorship. This is your final warning prior to termination. You have one month.



Meet the Mayor

"Bliss" in Blight is thanks in no short order to the mayor himself and his scheming ways. With taxes at their current rate he has been able to stockpile more than 1 million simoleans while using less than 10% to fund city services--he has even scraped money off the transportation funding so that the roads all now have potholes.

Strangely enough, the Mayoral Compound is looking awfully cushy with its flowing fountain, crystalline pool, and private tennis court. Oh, and while the city has no police station to keep the resentful sims in line, he has two new police kiosks stationed at the entrance of his walled palace to keep out the ruffians.


At least some of the surrounding area has witnessed a vague improvement thanks to the beefed up security and the smell of gardenias wafting through the air rather than burnt rubber.


Given the state of things in Blight, it's not surprising that the citizens recently wrote this nasty letter to his highness, the Mayor, in search of a little due compensation in the way of social services:

Deer Mr. fatpants Mayor,

The citizins of Blight are angry! and want change! and won't stand for anymore of your bull.

Its hi time that we get givin skools, hospitals, and sum garbage dispozal already!
The rat infestion makes it hard to walk the streets.

Drug dealers too, always hanging out by the nice folks stoops.

Lets not forgit the wheelchairz too takin up all the sidewalks or the gunshots that keep us up at nite.
We seen that nice pad of yours and we no that our moneys goin strate to your vakashun fund! Well, we've had it!

We pay taxes and want them put to good use. stop holding out on us mayor!

Fill the potholes, clean up the streets, git us some jobs! Give us what we desreve or else! Sincerlee, The Citizins of Blite p.s. If you don't do something soon "the Shark" il be makin a vizit to your manshun and he won't be there for tee.

 And from the city opinion polls, a quick snapshot of the city's situation:



 That mayor rating equates to -90.

To give you a sense of Blight, here is a basic map with the residential neighborhoods:

1) The West End

2) Stuytown

3) Blight Central Projects

4) The Mayoral Zone (where some of the nicer low density residences are located).

5) French Immigrant District


As previously mentioned, Blight has no social or civic services except for a single firestation nearby the coal plants; no police stations, no schools, no churches, certainly no green parks (but a few basketball courts), and no landmarks (except for Alcatraz located in Stuytown to make the landscape a little less monotonous). It's just a low wealth city that brings the selfish mayor big bucks for his coffers. And by big bucks, I'm talking over 1 million simoleans to date.

Here are a few more detailed pics of the neighborhoods, starting with the nicest, the West End and the Immigrant district, which are similar in wealth to the Mayoral Disrict:

  WestEnd.jpg   FrenchDistrict.jpg

Blight Central Projects eastern border is slightly nicer than its center because it borders on the immigrant district:


The center of Blight Projects is one of the worst neighborhoods:



Stuytown, though, is the worst overall:






Despite a total lack of public services (save for the recent installment of a small fire station next to the power plants to ward of incessant fire outbreaks), Blight's downtown areas are pleasant strolls during the day...if you can escape the meandering criminals and homeless sims.

A humble carsalesman lot:


Some small shops:


The local tattoo parlor:


Burger joints for all your fast food needs:


My favorite thrift shop:


And of course, the local drive in where Blight's sims can get some entertainment:




Everytime I start playing a city I have grandiose plans for the perfect utopian society...except this time. This go-round I wanted to see how low a city could go. I want to create something so bad, so repulsive, so crime-ridden, and trash-infested that I ALMOST get fired and sent to run for mayor in another city.

Here is how the experiment begins:

Blight is a nice enough city situated to the northeast of a region of several hundred thousand sims. With zoning high density all the way, we wind up with about a 10,000 sim population growth per year and a total population of around 60,000 at the time this census photo was taken.


In subsequent years, following this census shot, zoning expanded slightly to the west and south leading to the zoning shown here:


As for traffic, with some skimming off the top, roads are somewhat dilapidated with notable congestion.


Nothing is plopped but water, power, the census repository facility, and some open paved areas making the monthly income well over 16,000 simoleans and the expenses a mere 2000.

In just ten years, the city's population boomed to more than 100,000 unhappy and disgruntled sims. Of all the zones, 90% is high density. 99% is low wealth. Crime rates are well over 70 incidents per day, ranging from the common street fight to car jacking, stickups, drug dealing, and the like.


Education rates hover just above 20EQ, life expectancy is around 50 years old, and the city is teeming with just under 3000 tons of refuse. Average income is $17,000/year and yet the mayor rating has yet to fall below 30 points. There's not even any public transport, which combined with the bad roads, may partly explain why more than half of all Ghetto residents walk instead of drive.

Finally, the city has a substantial pollution problem, of both air and water. The coal power plant has contributed significantly to deforestation and killing off local flora.


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