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The Region of Aspire

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About this City Journal

This is my First Successful Region of Cities from Cities XL. The First 5 Pages are a repost of my other cities as they were seen as spam and i must fix them.

Entries in this City Journal


Fenton - City of Ages

Welcome to Fenton!


POPULATION: 1,452,975

Map of Fenton Current:

Fenton Resides on the Takerath River, with 3 Bridges and 1 Tunnel. Its Major Highway Routes, Roadway 4, Penbescott Freeway, and Rideway 1, Supply the City with Economic Oportunities and more. Paltis International is Also the Largest in the area.

Okay! No More Boring! Fenton Started as a small town, (Obviously) Which was Formerly Called Penbescott. Its Prime Location in the mainland region pushed more and more people into the small town, cramming people up in small places. (where you see Downtown, thats the historic District :). )


Of Course, The City grew rapidly within 30 years from 10,342 to 402,012 Residents, and caused rapid, unplanned development.
The Small bridge far away from the city managed traffic, but unfortunately the First West bridge buckled under pressure,
thus causing the West Bridge Disaster of 1910.


As a Response to the disaster, City hall built the New-Technological Art of the time: The Gartley Tunnel.


The Gartley Bridge was supposed to be replaced by the newly built West bridge in 1936, but it was recommended that they kept it for a little longer.


West Bridge from another angle

After a while, The City Steadily built, Starting with the newly famed Rohatheus Built in 1959, it is the tallest in the city currently.


Also built a year later, the Utan Skyway, Provided Rideway 1 to extend through and pass the city. Currently it now is over 50 years old, and is under tremendous pressure from traffic. It is still undetermined wether it should be completely rebuilt or just kept mainained.


The City's Current Layout/traffic.
Roadway 4 is circling the city. it was built in 1964.
Penbescott Freeway was built 5 Years later, as well as the Erpin Bridge, which was built in 1973.
Rideway 1 makes a backwards-L type shape arround the city.
Rideway 6/Roadway 5 travels along the river into the downtown region. it is called Coastal Highway. It was completed in 1979.
only if i had rail lines...


At First it was stated impossible to build a highway in such conditions. the Council completely opposed it, not allowing it over 40 times. Basically, its designer Torin Rakes almost got extracted and banned from the city for challenging the council's Statements until the new mayor allowed him a chance to build it, bypassing the council's votes and permissions. The Coastal Highway was completed and added an aditional 80% releif on city traffic and commute times.


Coastal Highway Entrance from Rideway 3 during construction.


Coastal Highway in 1981. Also, After the construction of the Erpin Bridge, The Tunnel going across the river was destroyed to make way for the bridge pillars.
Fenton is still growing, and Later we'll go into City Life! [wait what? City Life? wow. i just got that.]

See Ya Tomorrow! Hope You Like my Lighting on the Bridge!
I'll Answer Questions in the Next Entry!


Well Here We Are... Poutmarc, the Country's Capital on the main island of Babalus. A Little History:

Aspire was created from people who did not want democratic oppression and tyrany. they wanted a monarchy. So,, they left their country and came to three different vacant islands, Callibannicca, Babalus, and Tepokat (TeH-POK-AT), they called them, and they began to wonder what to call their country. They later pondered for hours and days on end, until they came up with a suitable name: Aspire. they called their capital Poutmarc after the first king, King Poutmarc. (note the Parilament in the picture)

At First, Poutmarc was small, only residing on the simple island of Tochcra, with a few residents (23). After, Cities begam sprouting and brawling out of all the country's islands. First came Rennington, then Ouerti, then Vaks Vale, then Callibannicca.


Of Course, With the arrival of the ailens in Rennington by the year of 503, Aspire Grew exponientially, with cars, Electricity, and advanced technologies that speed up the building process.


The Whole Population Boomed as a rebound effect, byy 500%.


They ended up with the first tallest towers in the world: the Uroung Towers.


Wait for Part 2 :D Latar!!!!


Construction in DP

Most Recently, DP has been developing at a rapid pace. Because of this, DP was able to pave the way for a new form of Entertainment!


Desert Pike City




View from West Pike Expressway:


What's This? Construction on a Stadium?

Journal Arena Built: 2010

Capacity: 4,000 Citizens (approx.)

Multipurpose [X]



P-I-K-E N-E-W-S Journal Arena Completed; Grand Opening aand First Play night

the city of Desert pike has a new arena for its People to Enjoy! The Journal Arena located in the downtown region od Desert Pike has opened its doors for its first play, a football game, home team and new resident of the Journal Arena, Desert Ravagers, and away team, Mountain Peak Watchmen!



Welcome to Desert Pike





CASHFLOW: +592,344

CASH: 597million


Anyway, Welcome to DP! Fuel Rich, Oil Rich DP!

Desert Pike actually started out as a small town for work in the eastern Gielan region, which experienced many, many droughts. It was poor for about 25 years until a man found something that struck everybody:


here is a picture of desert pike in 1840.

After the finding of oil, Desert Pike rapidly flourished with many fuel sites following suit. Roadways were built to get to remote sites, directly in the Hell's Gates, and Devil's Pass regions.


A more recent picture of Desert Pike. Note that the Devils PAss Highway, built in 1879, spits into two smaller roadways, Hell's Trap and Death Road. Hell's Gate is to the north, and to the far east, Demon Way.


thats all for now


So, now you have seen the old Rennington, Now Look At The New!

This Picture is from the famous Bayside Ave, overlooking downtown behind shops and the seaport from Northampton.


We Now leave this area to go more inside.


Callibannicca National News

(CNN lol)

Today marks the 50th aniversary when the ailen Humans came to a small seaport town


In other News, the Yolktown Plaza Has Been Completed! It will house a Shopping mall, residents, Commercial offices, and

Leisure items.


- B R E A K I N G - N E W S - 

The Middle Portion of the Southira Bridge Has


2:34PM: As the Rush Hour Home Began, Traffic to the bridge heightened to its peak, causing more stress

to the mainland section of the bridge trusses. this uneven balance was caused by faulty construction during the b

ridge's renovation 2 months ago.. In an Earlier report, warnings of truss and cable failures were sighted, but dismissed

as an "Stress Test" issue.

We Now head to Jennine Rinalds for more information.

ok, Now we are about 2 blocks away from the Southira bridge,  Police, firefighters, ambulances, 

and Rescue services have blocked off a Mile radius between the bridge and the rest of the city. Steps are being

 taken at the Psynoris Island as well. The Northampton region has just been evacuated, as there are concerns

that the spires can collapse at any time. There was over 50,000 People driving on that bridge when it fell, and--- hold on-- 


...we have lost the signal with Jennine, but the Helicopter is on the scene. 

-- Jenny, the Cables that were keeping the entire bridge level has completely ripped off its foundations and

destroyed 2 of the Pennings Residential Buildings in northampton, and the spires are now falling like dominos

under uneven weights-- OH MY GOD, the rescue boats have been hit by the south and north spires!! (greifstricken)  i

m sending it back to you jenny.

we are looking at the situation and will give updates on it later.

!This is a channel-1 Breaking news Interruption![/q]


 That was a little too much damage.. i wish i had pics for that.. too bad cxl dosent have disasters, but until Next Time!


Welcome to Rennington Bay, It is located on the Main aspirian land known as Antranalus.25 Miles away, we have deset Pike, and
another island known as Lawaki.
Paranormic View of the city from the Huntercorp Tower

Rennington was a small, poor seatown, with about 20 people. One fine night, the town saw a big meteor-like light passing through the sky, and late encounter a  magnitue 7.9 earthquake.

6 Minutes later, a group of 12,000 People came from within the forest, claiming they are from a different planet.
Of course, they thought they were dillusional, but they said they were from the planet Pollux, about a year away from their planet.
so, they went along with it, and 50 years later, Rennington experienced a large upgrade.
Rennington, 1935

things stayed like this for a while until the construction of the Shell Building in 1940.
Wow, Windows Photo Gallery Works Great!



This is the Area of Northampton, built in 1895.

So Far, I didn't show you the Recent downtown! Wait for More :D Bye!


Luiano Re Al Priltzer Olera!

Translation - Welcome to the Priltzer Lake Region!


  Hi Everybody :D I'm  Back with a new Edition to the SimTropolis City Journals! Date Picture taken - 1977 - Priltzer Lake City Waterfront - East Side

Priltzer Lake Stats:

Date Founded - 1203

Population 1,000,000+

Prilaris(Cash) 1,082,923+

Bus Lines - 12

Stability - 78%

Trades - 5 (total)

Sister Cities - Wyhalen, Uleca

Landmarks and special buildings - Tokyo Tower (called Prime Selican Tower)


Not Completed 19%

Welcome to Priltzer Lake! it's currently doing well and one of my first legitamate Successful Cities - Wish i could take another Picture:: My subscription ended!!

Founded in 1203, Priltzer was a small settlement formed by colonists from planet Hyperion I Before the explosion and destruction of the planet. at this time, there was only about a few as 40 survivors of the dozens of beta mayor's cities! Aelencia, Toothpaste, and others were survivors and Veterans of the CitiexXL Beta Planets explosions, (this hapened twice)


an early model of  Voleco before the Priltzer lake construction.

There is no early pictures of Priltzer, but many recent ones.


Roadway 1 - built in 1925 - has been carrying citizens of Priltzer Lake to the Industry and Agriculture districts.


The City of Priltzer Lake before the Revvar Expansion went into effect. (Date: 1944)

The Big Green Line out of the City is Roadway 1, which replaced the old Road 1, and the Gurwich Bridge on Road 1 is scheduled for destruction. Note the City Center, where the tower is being constructed.


Priltzer Lake Waterfront - North Side (Date: 1979)


Ok... I Start with the offline version of Wyhalen because it went bankrupt about a day ago, (-34 924, 837). Wyhalen, Formed in 1772 by Erona Reivers, Who opened the Pelamonia pike in Easter Frelfield.gamescreen0007.jpg

After, Erona's Twins found that this area will be a great port and Trade region, the city Prospered.

Wyhalen Found that using cairrage wheels and some steam they can make a Whrollay, or known today as a car.

Wyhalen in 1852


With the City's Economy prospering so well, Nothing could stop them from buying anything. A Section from the Wyhalen Riverflow:

?Wyhalen Cashflow is highest in the Region!

69,534 a Month as Hules Dawsor Rakes in for more Development!



As You can See, 1n 1967 was completely vibrant as a Wyhalian Drives across the Frontier Bridge.


Wyhalen Frontier Bridge (up)


West Wyhalen Aerial


Wyhalen In 1974, In he Distance you can see the Uilicaurtialio Hotel.



Now, at recent time 2009, We Drove Downtown Early in the Morning when the lights were still on. Ain't it Grand?


Now, Wyhalen's Fuel Supplier, Omnicorp has backed out of supplying Wyhalen with Fuel and other Resources. The city is now in a deep, probably unrecoverable depression, but is still pressing on to continue the new Year's Parade.

Merry Christmas! (day LatE)

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