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About this City Journal

Due to posting problems on ST that I am experiencing, this CJ has been moved to SC4D under the same title. It will reappear on ST when these issues are solved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Entries in this City Journal



This is, as the title suggests, 17 regions of wonder, terror and craziness. In this journal are documented some of the greatest successes and crushing failures that I have experienced during my time as an SC4 player. The 17 regions, in a nutshell are: The Challenge Regions - 7 regions created through STEX-downloaded configs and played to complete challenges set by the uploader (sorry, can't remember who they are...) Fairview - My random take on the Maxis-created region. Lego City - No, it's not made out of Lego, but instead is inspired by a Lego town I created a few years back. Milton Keynes - An attempt to produce a to-scale (1:1) replication of my hometown. Quicksilver City - The new, less random version of my earlier CJ city. Trust me, it's better this time, but there's still a little craziness in there... The Silver Hills Regions - The 3 regions that formed the Silver Hills City Building Contest; here's how I went about them. Skaledale - A pre-planned region that awaits the Great Construction Project... Test Region - The place where I go to check out new stuff, or stuff I've created. If I do this one then I'll show you some of my latest mods. The Megacity - The capital of Sim Nation - follow the story of how this city becomes great. There you go. 17 regions. I wasn't lying. As for updates, they will take place every Friday. If I don't update then please feel free to give me the roasting I deserve... I will work on 1 region per week (to give it time to significantly progress), and the most significant developments will be shown in the update. At each update I will tell you what region I'm going to work on for the upcoming week. Does that make sense? The first update, for the record, will be on the region of Skaledale. Now then, there would be a taster of what

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