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About this City Journal

This CJ is of a modern religious war on the little island of Friesland P.S This is just for fun and i am not a Fundamentalist i just love the 1500 and could like to make a second religious...

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   Let get down to the Basics of this Island


This town was founded by the Dutch in 1689 to help protect there other colonys. By the 1750' s the colony had a population of 5,000 at this time was when the first Huguenot church was build. At this time all 3 church communities were peaceful togther

Time went on as normal the local population slowly grew ,but then during the WW2 in 1943 the Americans build a milatary base very close to the Huguenot communtiy and vastly aided them by the 50's the community had grown to a population of 45,000 . Mainly in the Huguenot communtiy ( the beginning of racasim had began.

Then the spark that ignited the flame happened when a group of Huguenots and Protestant attacked and burned to the ground 5 Roman Catholic shops and raided 11 others in the day know as ' The attack of St.Papal" then 3 mounths later at a wedding between a Huguenot and a Protestant, some Catholics came in and killed the paster,bride , and the groom . This was know as ' The Revenge of the Virgin Mary'


Roman Catholic -36%

Protestant-32 %


Other or no- 1%

Languages ( First Language)

Dutch- 41 % 

French- 27%


Other Well Recinized Languages

Flemish 8%

German 1%

Titonasa(native language) -0.25


Dutch & Flemish - 54%

French -29 %

American-11 %

German - 3%

Titonasa 1 %

Other 1%








RIGHT KNOW 2009 250,000

2010-(PROJECTED) 245,000

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