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About this City Journal

The Royal Province of Coralane is a semi indepennts constitunat country of Great Britain. Despite this, its actually part of England, and is 20 miles of the coast of Cornwall. (South West...

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Off we go!

Part 1: Point Pleasnet to Brooch Head

This is part 1 on our journey. For the first 10 miles, the line is mainly urban. And follows the shoreline.

ppp4.jpgOur train passes through the myrid of jucttions out of Point Pleasent Victoria. Note the tunnelat the top of the pic. This is the thorugh route which lends passage to a station called Hunts Gate under the city. Our train is the one on the bridge. Yes i know the bridge isnt made properly.


In this daytime view, our train powers through the suburbs of Point Pleasent. The area now is totally different with the opening of the Point Pleasent/City of Coralane High Speed Route. (Comming soon) (I also apologise for the lack of carriages on the train. When i was making this the trains all seemed to be glittched)


                                                                                               Part 1: Point Pleasent to Brooch Head

This is part one of our journey to Shearbourne, the 20 miles to Brooch Head. This section of the line is mainly urban, nad follows the sea all the way to Shearbourne. We will make no stops on this part of the journey.

Major towns on route:

Point Pleasent


Port Bassett

Railway infrasturture facts:

Linespeed 110 miles per hour

Track allingment: quadrupled

Control Centres: Grovsnor Juction (Point PLeasent), Tanners Lane (Brooch Head

Electrification: 25kv ac overhead

Stations called at:


Great Providence



zzzio.jpgpointpleasent17may30012.jpgA view of Point Pleasent station and its approches. Point Pleasent Victoria was built in 1837 for the arrival of the Point Pleasent and Providence Railway. However, following the branch to City of Coralane being built, and the expansion of its suburban network, it went thorgh a rebuilding process in 1860 and again in 1885. Point Pleasent Victoria is now the terminous of the Intercity routes in Point Pleasent. Point Pleasent City being for suburban services to the east coast. And Point Pleasent North fo services to the south coast.

 INTERCOM-Ding, dong "The next train to depart from platform seven will be the 11:16 Intercity Coralane service to Shearbourne via Chowden. Calling at: Huntsmouth, Deansport, Providence, Great Providence, Chowden and Shearbourne. First class is towards the front of this train. This train is formed of of 8 coaches. Platfrom 7 for the 11:16 Intercity Corlalne service to Shearbourne. Is ready to leave.

  londonvictoria200510240g.jpg                  INTERCOM "ding, dong" "        300pxclass377unit377501.jpg      Our train is ready to depart. All Abord!

An interior view.



                         Point Pleasent      

Point Pleasent is the capital of Coralane, its where the Coralane Council is based. The City has 5 main constitnaunt areas: Point Pleasent City, Bay/Lowrouth, Reddinge, Manorthrope, Hartford and Beaulah Hills.

The Beaulah Hills is a large area of the city whih is mostly residential aeras. The area sprung up in the 30s, and now is split into 3 other towns: Beaulah Hill, Crown Point, and North Reddinge. Heres some pics of the city.


An orverall view of the Great City. The Beaulh Hills is at the top of the pic.


The Beaulah Hillls. Crown Point to be precise, note the GPPWS.(General Purpose Public Warning Sirens)





                                                                            The Royal Province of Coralane

The Royal Province of Coralane is England's largest island. Despite this, it actually has its own parliament- The Coralane Council. Independecne was to be given in 1998, however this fell through. And still today in 2009 there is still specualtion about it.

Basic facts:

Climate- normal, sometimes Medditeranian in the south

Language- English, French, Spanish

Railways- Privatised (Govia, Arriva, Stagecoach)

Airports- Point Pleasent, City of Coralane, Huntsmouth, Providence

Seaports-Tezance, Point Pleasent, Providence, Shearbourne

Currency- British pound

Soverign- Royal Family


An aerial shot of the isalnd. Point Pleasent in the centre, Providence and Huntsmouth in the north east and The City of Coralane in thhe midst of building right in the south east corner.

93181218622435860153786e.jpgmap of the reigon.


An introduction


The logo for Coralane's Intercity services.


Welcome to the Coralane, where we would be expreicing the isalnd by train. You may remember my less succesfull journal about the same reigon, which i deleted. Now I  have replaced it with this new one.

Basically, in my reigon the capital Point Pleasent is connected up to Great Providence, Providence and Huntsmout; 3 other imprtanat cites, by the Provishire mainline. I thought it would be nice to give a tour of my reigon by tain.



This is the map of the Interciy services. Our route will start at Point Pleasent Victoria, go through Port Bassett to Huntsmouth. Then to Great Providence via Providence and then the last 20 miles to Shearbourne. *NOTE, SOLNE IS NOW SHEARBOURNE*

377newliverym.jpg Heres a picture of our train, the British Rail class 377 Electrostar  painted in the new Intercity livery. These 110 miles an hour units were built in 2003.

The class 377 Electrostars were built in Bombardier's Derby works for England's South Central and Southeasten rail franchises. (Real) Also Intercity Coralane owned by Govia, orderd 77 vheicles for the long distance Intercity services. With frequents stops, High Speed trains were deemed unessceray for Coralane.
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