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About this City Journal

-That's the story about two cities that want to create a together business, trading with its own resources, and fighting to give the people health, safety and good homes to rest.

Entries in this City Journal


City guide: Nuromita Bay, luxury and fun.(part two)

Bay City Bird Eye

Principals monuments and places to visit

If you do not have a vehicle to move through the bay, I recommend obtaining a tourist travel pass which allows take any public transport along one day (commuter train, boat or bus) and also includes discounts of 5 or 15% in the major monuments. The cost of the pass is 5.75 € (8.66 $), and free for children 3 years or older than 70.

Town Hall & Courthouse

Town Hall & Courthouse.

Town Hall(1) and Courthouse(2) are not visitables.

however, losing one morning in the Kasukame enclosure (3) let you enjoy a guided tour through the galleries and museums of the mansion, the beautiful views of the lighthouse, or the exquisite art collection stored in the Kasukame’s church (recently reformed ).

Kasukame Enclosure

Kasukame Enclosure, with the mansion, church, Restaurant & Beautiful Lighthouse.

If you go to the Bay park(5), go to First Schools(4), whose walls have the history of the beginning of public education in Aland.

Of course, It’s advisable to visit the Sen Monique’s Beach (6), even in winter.
The Nuromita Bay great technical institute of sea (12) besides being one of the focal points in the naval and maritime research, is a place that celebrates continuous and interesting talks on the marine environment and resources to explore it.

Great Technical Institute of sea

Great Technical Institute Of Sea.

Of the many things to see, highlighted Marvelously dark church located in Gothic Paradise (15).

If you decide to spend your money at bay stores are not going to miss places. But I warn you that almost all are pieces of handicraft & luxury shops of high cost.

Comercial Center & Central Station

Comercial Centre & Central Station.

If you want to buy souvenirs, or just buy in places where you do not pull up a kidney, I recommend the most popular, where besides finding a wide range of products, you can find affordable things.

Of course the big shopping center & central train station (10) or the Airport Store City (30).

Bay Chinatown

Bay City Chinatown.

If you’re looking for Exotic or old things, take a walk through Chinatown (31).

If you want to expand your dark closet with more gothic or alternative clothes, you should visit The Gothic Paradise Commercial Building (32).

And if all you want is a place to get food at a cheap price or not fashion (and not too quality), go to Los Alamos Comercial (33).

Gothic Paradise Comercial Building

Gothic Paradise Comercial Building.


Night Life, Bay identity

Although the nightlife is less than in capital Nuromita. In proportion to their population, The Bay is the most vibrant and lively city of Aland.

It is impossible to know the exact number of bars, pubs, discos, restaurants, theaters and entertainment venues.

Because constantly open, close and reopen many of them.

But These icons of the nightlife, which have remained impervious to the changes are:

-Gothic Paradise (15).

Gothic Paradise By Night

after the forced departure of the Kasukame family from the city, gothic fashion jumped on top of interest to young people, and was inaugurated in the industrial park a campus to the dark people called Gothic paradise, with restaurant, shops, visitable cemetery, and of course Gothic nightclub.

In gothic paradise, any person, seen as light, and have the belief you have is welcome (though predominantly black).

Here, the party never ends. rock and metal sound everywhere, even live, for it opened in mid-2006 Gothic Rock & Metal Concerts Ground (28), where groups have played the likes of Rammstein, Manson, Metallica, Judast, System, Lacrimosa, 69 eyes, and a long etc.

Gothic Paradise Concert Ground

-for a lively evening of bowling, darts, arcade games and movies, people like to go to Los Alamos Ludic Center (29).

Los Alamos Ludic Center

-For young people who want to bypass the restrictions of age and drinking in the company of many academics, have to go to New University Complex (9), which besides having library open 24 hours, has great concert ground, and wonderful gardens to drink at outdoors.

New University Complex Night Party

-If no local or precinct can convince visitors, there is always the wonderful nights of Sen. Monique Beach (6), in summer experiences a large influx of people gathered around bonfires to dance, sing and take a night swim.

Sen Monique beach by night in winter


City guide: Nuromita Bay, luxury and fun. (part one)
---------------------------------------------please, put your mouse over a photo to see description------------------------------------------------------------

The Bay is the oldest “City” in Aland, and the first place that enjoyed the basic civic services. Also is the first place to suffer poverty.

That makes the bay a place full of contrasts, although decreased over time, are still feeling, not only in the standard of living of its inhabitants, but also in its variety of customs and air of the city.

If you choose to travel to the bay, and you should do, prepare to experience significant changes from one end to another.

Nuromita Bay Area

map guide

A minimum of history

Bay City was founded and governed for many years by the Kasukame dynasty, that unlike their counterparts Anasawa, used heavy hand to make the city prosper.

That's the main reason by what the dynasty was overthrown, and its assets passed into public hands in 1999.

Until that date, in which the latter Kasukame left the nation, homosexuality and religious freedom does not exist. I

n fact they were punished with death.

The only permitted religion was Christianity, and the only language that could be taught in school was Japanese.

Against this background it is no wonder that in December of 99 people arming a revolt as few had seen in Europe at that time, burning much of Kasukame territories and destroying their walls.

Luckily it all ended. And The bay is now a small but cosmopolitan city.

The little remains of the Kasukame family has been declared an Unesco heritage.

Los Alamos City Map

Nuromita Bay City Map

(1)-Town Hall.                                                                         (17)Los Alamos Church.

(2)-Courthouse.                                                                       (18)Great Bay Port.

(3)-Kasukame Dynasty Enclosure.                                           (19)House Of Tamariz.

(4)-First School.                                                                      (20)Luxury Seaport Restaurant.

(5)-Bay Park.                                                                          (21)Ashumi Restaurant.

(6)-Sen Monique Beach.                                                           (22)Gothic Paradise Restaurant.

(7)-The Bay Five Stars Turistic Complex.                                   (23)First Porkacho's Restaurant.

(8)-Central Cemetary.                                                               (24)Cherton's Low Cost Hotels.

(9)- New University Complex.                                                    (25)Parchis Hostels.

(10)Comercial Centre & Central Train Station.                             (26)China Town Hotel.

(11)Luxury Seaport.                                                                  (27)South Katami.

(12)Great Technical Institute of Sea.                                          (28)Gothic Rock & Metal Concerts Ground.

(13)Bay University.                                                                  (29)Los Alamos Ludic Centre.

(14)Advanced Investigation Centre.                                            (30)Airport Store City.

(15)Gothic Pardise.                                                                  (31)Chinatown)

(16)Police Army Bank.                                                              (32)Gothic Paradise Shops Building.

(33)Los Alamos Comercial.

How to arrive

The Bay have its own airport since a few time, and is the best way to arrive the city if you come from abroad.
But, there exists three highways that comes from the capital (two by the north, one by the west), three train lines (coming from north, west and east), a big port (if you prefer the boat), and a lot of bus lines.
So, get in isn’t a problem.
To eat
As you may suppose, being a city of a so large tourist attraction, where eating is not a problem.

So if a problem is the price of everything in the bay.

Being a city whose second main source of income (after the high-tech and contaminant industry) is the luxury tourism, I will quote the most emblematic restaurants or those with money-quality are very reasonable and affordable.

House Of Tamariz Restaurant

House Of Tamariz, The Best Restaurant.

The first to be mentioned is the house of Tamariz (19). I

ts price is very high, but its incredible views of the bay and its privileged location (within the enclosure Kasukame) make a good investment spending. The menu per person can be about the 250-600 euros (376-904 US dollars).
Another very interesting luxury restaurants are The restaurant of the luxury seaport (20), or the Ashumi restaurant(21) (with live shows).

Luxury Seaport

Luxury Seaport & Restaurant.

For less fortunate pockets is advisable to visit the Gothic paradise restaurant (22) or the first porkacho’s restaurant (23) (in los Alamos).

Gothic Paradise By Day

Gothic Paradise Enclosure.

To Sleep
To stay, you can choose from many hotels, hostels and motels, in the most varied range and price.

If you're rich you cannot miss a suite at The Bay Five Stars Touristic complex (7) with swimming pools, tennis courts, parks, golf course, and magnificent views of the beach of sen Monique (6).

5 Stars Complez & Sen Monique Beach

Luxury Resort & Sen Monique Beach.

If on the contrary have not too money, or do not want to spend it all on accommodation, visit Cherton’s Low cost Hotels (24), Parchis Hostels (25), China Town Hotel (26) or South Katami Hotel (27) in Los Alamos (if available rooms).

South Katami Hotel In Los Alamos

South Katami Hotel In Los Alamos.


Anasawa Town: How & Why Arrive To.
Anasawa was the first human settlement in the Aland region.

Its inhabitants have always maintained a pro-environmental stance, and a clear love and respect for nature.

In fact, the main source of Anasawa’s economy reside on farms. And their products free of fertilizers and chemical fertilizers are a global benchmark for sustainable farming.

Anasawa, Farms And City

Travel to Anasawa, involves travel to the most rural and least populated of the entire region, free from pollution, traffic and population density.

The inhabitants of the Town are friends of move around the city on foot, and if you travel to Anasawa, we recommend you do the same, to soak up its atmosphere friendly streets and humble.

To reach Anasawa, has to take the train, bus or car, because the city has no airport or pier.

By train, you can get from the airports of Nuromita or bay easily and quickly.

By Bus, you can get directly from the airport of Nuromita or pick it up from the bay, but needs to make a transfer in the capital.

By car, you can take Nuromita highway, which links directly with Via Ronda Avenue, which borders the city by the south.

City Map

(1)-Nuromita Budist Temple.

(2)-Farm Market.

(3)-Agricultural Fair.

(4)-First Aland Catholic Church.

(5)-Ayami Dynasty Mansion.

(6)-Anasawa's Park.

(7)-Town Hall.

(8)-Ins Of Grihill.



(11)-Radio Stat.


(13)-La Pedrera.

(14)-Police Central.

(15)-Library & Museum.

(16)-FF Zone.


(18)-Gay Pub.

Where Eat&Sleep

There’re not many accommodations in Town, but there are ways in internet to contact people who rent rooms in their homes for affordable prices.

La Pedrera

If you're not convinced, you can always try your luck at the hostel La pedrera (13 in the city map), at north of the city.

Or if you can pay extra money, go to Cherton (10), a five star hotel or on economic version of three.


As for places to eat, the supply is so large and it can get to overwhelm. But wherever you go, make sure the ingredients are obtained from farms around the city, as its flavor and quality will amaze you.

We recommend eating at the inns of Grihill (8), east of the Town, where besides enjoying a wonderful meal, you can also delight in the view.


If you prefer to eat fast food, go to the end of Via Ronda Avenue, where the hamburger and snacks are stacked (16). (we especially recommend Porkacho’s fast food restaurant that is famous for its half of kilo hamburgers).

If you prefer sweets, your mandatory stop is the bakery-confectionery Goofer (9). Not exist in the world about the mazpanes as delicious as this pastry, completely handmade.
Monuments and Places To Visit
Anasawa Park (6), is a place you’ll remember from your trip to the Town, because a few blocks from the park are the main historical sites, to spend a busy morning.

from the park can easily reach the town hall (7), which has an exhibition hall where artists free access to the Town express their art, this will give you an idea of the mentality of Anasawa.

Anasawa's Park & Town Hall

in the opposite direction is the mansion of the dynasty Ayami (5), which since the founding of the city have been the leaders. the entrance to the Ayami dynasty museum is fairly cheap (3 euros, which are about 4 or 5 dollars) and in the collection you can enjoy the exotic Ayami armor worn in the feudal wars of Japan, in addition to an incredible collection of objects and paintings from around the world.

Ayami Dynasty Mansion

Besides a few meters is the first Catholic church in the region (4), which, although small and humble, kept inside the first codex of laws of the region.

Another must-visit site is the neighborhood of agriculture, which is named for the farm market (2), where you can buy fresh produce from farms, and  the agricultural fair (3), where you can enjoy endless entertainment as attractions, exhibtions, rodeos, etc ...

Farm Market

Agricultural Fair

With regard to cultural, itself, visit the University of Anasawa (12), along with the radio station of the city (11), can be very reassuring, and a few blocks you will find the museum of literature, and the library

Central (15). Both are very emblematic and beautiful buildings.

Finally, there is the best landmark of the city, the Buddhist temple of the mountain (1). But walk up could fatigue, exist a bus that arrives at the mountaintop from the Anasawa Park, and it stops right in front of the temple.

The temple is visited almost entirely.

Night Life
Anasawa is not a vibrant city, and therefore neither are his nights. However, there are some places recommended for those who are not tired enough to sleep.

A part of the agricultural fair, which maintains its activity, there is an area called entrecross (17), which houses numerous restaurants and pubs open until the wee hours of the morning.

For those looking for something more alternative, there is a Gay pub (18), where everyone is welcome, it does not close until dawn. is a site recommended for party animals, but their prices are somewhat high compared to the rest of the city.

Chapter Four
With the mass immigration that Aland was receiving since independence, the government had to devote all its energy in maintaining the growth and development plan, so that the good qualities that so many immigrants from all over the world attracted, not disappear.
From 2000 through 2005, Aland became a mad race against time to in which private and public buildings seemed to compete for the hearts Aland people take over .
Below I will show some of the most important works and major projects. I will not dwell much on adding text because a picture is worth a thousand words.


Nvidia invested in North-Post

 The multinational, was very attracted from the beginning to the great possibilities of Aland. When the doors were opened to foreign money, Nvidia bought land in the high-tech industrial park in North-Post.
Nvidia project
Nvidia Building

Los Alamos Highway

 The state of poverty and neglect suffered by the district of Los Alamos in Nuromita Bay, were long shame of the government of Aland, and building a connection Highway became a principal task.



 Many people came to Aland for his only air link, Nuromita airport. The passenger volume reached a critical level, and lost luggage claims became part of everyday life.

This air crisis should end, and after a lot of bureaucracy, the proposed new terminal in Nuromita, and a new airport in the bay became a reality.

Nuromita T2 construction
Bay Airport Construction

Nuromita Highway

 For the build homes and offices project  around the center of Nuromita, the construction of a new highway to surround the city was required. The project, despite its monumentality did not bring too many problems, except the passage of the highway through the neighborhood of New Nuromita and the South connection with the old highway.
New Nuromita Highway Process
South Conection Process

Enviroment Quality

 Everyone smiled at the constant and relentless growth of Aland, but the laughter died quickly when thinking of the environmental consequences. The respect to el ciervo forest was not enough, the government undertook to encircle the cities of forests, and the arduous task of forestation is carried out.
Foresting Process

Nuromita Development plans.

 The principals Nuromita development plans were:

-The implementation of an high-tech industrial district in the city's municipal margins.

Industrial District Inside the city

-The development of skyscrapers to curb as way as possible the devastation of the land to the starving city carried on with its growth.


-The development of the medical city, in the west, which was to create a specialized college, a large general hospital to be prepared for the bulk of people who goes to receive the city in coming years.

Central Hospital and Garages

-The development of financial centers around the city center.

North Business Center Plan

Region Projects

 The most ambitious of the projects was to develop a major new city that houses dozens of administrative buildings that were required, and a new central government building. This project, which was a large increase of Nuromita, was called Capital District Project, and began to develop beyond the medical city.

To eliminate the debt acquired with France and Spain, Aland was forced to allow large corporations to develop a holydays resort town and a new industrial park around the old castle ruins of Shinzo. The only condition for this last project was to respect and preserve the central forest and the ruins of Shinzo.
Region New Projects

Government Restructuring: Aland Is Born.
The government, according to the agreed plan in the constitution, was responsible for developing health, education, part of a police and fire coverage adequate.

The project cost so much, and forced Nuromita Bay and Anasawa to acquire a multi-million dollar debt to France and Spain, which were the main benefactors of the money.
Moreover, the capital, the bay and rural areas were provided with schools, colleges, doctors, veterinary clinics, hospitals, firehouses, police stations, parks and a good water system, which became the responsibility of NuroWater Corporation.
Immigration increased by 677% and the City Council of Nuromita was overworking.

The solution came when it was created Nuromita Palace, a place from which to govern and coordinate all government efforts at regional level.

Nuromita PAlace

Nuromita Palace Construction Process. The works lasted a lot of time.

Fort he reestructuring had effect, Anasawa created Its Own Council, And Nuromita Bay also.

Anasawa Council

Anasawa's Council construction process, the building was constructed in imitation of the Nuromita's.

Transport Network

The transport network was transferred to the newly created department of transportation. It created numerous bus routes connecting with the train stations. And established a Travel Pass with different prices, depending on the area of outreach, and also age (being more economical for young and old persons) With the travel pass you can use all transport services escept Nuromita airport.
The transportation department promoted the creation of a ferry line that would connect North Post Nuromita with the newly established industrial park north of the capital, which envisaged the construction of an advanced high density polygon with high-tech industries.

ferry nuromita

Ferry's First Terminal Construction Process. (Nuromita)

The main roads and highways are paved over and it was promoted an efficient highway plan, which also connects the capital with Anasawa and Nuromita Bay

Religion, Law & Prohibition
Moreover, the government washed its hands of religion and entertainment, leaving it in private hands.

Official legislation was created from Nuromita courthouse, jail and two halfway houses, to mitigate the crime.
To try to fit the new age law, were allowed to practice any religion that would endanger the physical and mental integrity of people

Homosexuality was legalized completely prohibiting schools of any kind, insulting the homosexual group, or display it as something indecent or abnormal.
Drugs are banned, except for soft drugs or natural, who must wear prescription or psychologist.

There is no death penalty or life imprisonment, but serious crimes are punishable by more than two hundred years without bail.
Reducing penalties is not covered by the Nuromita justice, but if the transfer for good behavior, prison rehabilitation centers, where prisoners work in public services, including construction, garbage collection and treated, manufacturing building or gardening, and receive a salary and one or various degrees of training, depending on time.


If someone is convicted and later his innocence is proved, the government makes the freedman delivery of evidence of recognition (a kind of public apology), whose economic value amounting to the salary of the judge who sentenced him multiplied by the number of years in jail , and a college university scholarship.

Yes. The university came in 2001 as a result of the new education plan. A large and comprehensive university in the capital, a specialist in applied science, a polytechnic university, a specialist in naval and aeronautical engineering in Nuromita Bay, and an agricultural college, with agricultural engineering, management, etc ...

And it was in 2001 when Spain finally recognized the independence of the region. French and U.S. government support prompted the independent region of Aland.


Chapter Two: The train, a capital is born.

Three years of work were needed to carry out the work of train connecting Nuromita Bay with Anasawa.

But not in vain, this connection was a sharp increase in industrial demand, which led to overexploitation of mineral resources in Nuromita Bay and the fertility of the land around Anasawa.

Anasawa Train Line
The cultural differences of each, but the need to grow together, promoted the idea of Greg Kston, and its ambitious urban plans began to bear fruit a few months after the inauguration of the rail line Anasawa-Nuromita.
The increase in labor supply fueled a migration into the area of all kinds of people, not just the tsunami victims poured into the newly founded Nuromita but many young people and dreamers from around the world who saw in the new city an opportunity to create a wonderful, environmentally friendly, cosmopolitan city.
Ragion ViewAlthough for a couple of years the city grew as never Anasawa or Nuromita Bay did, food shortages and minimal services caused a catastrophic epidemic, which took more than two thousand people.

Nuromita (Capital Project)

This fact, known as the great epidemic, was instead the starting point for an equitable and responsible government.

On December 7 of that fateful year was signed at the Neighborhood Association of bay Nuromita a codex of laws and political organization as well as obligations and responsibilities that the new government should carry out to improve the quality of life in the region.
Remodeling Street
Remodeling Process on Nuromita’s Main Street. Exceptionals results.

It was not until January 4, which began building the City Council and a large Nuromita Avenue through the city and joined Ima Highway, named in honor of the lands of Ima, a place among Anasawa and Nuromita, where no one lived, only factories, warehouses and farms scattered through these lands.

Council Creation1/2

Council Creation 2/2

Council’s Creation: The begining of a new age to the región population.

The recently created new government is devoting all its efforts and resources in developing a competent public service structure.

The project has just begun.

Chapter One: Starring By....

A tsunami swept many islands in Polynesia, destroying the home of thousands of families.

A few braves decided to found a model city to house the victims, it must to be a symbol of survival wich can reach humans.

Unfortunalety, not all the developers of the idea were agreed in the way the city must grow. so, and until there is sufficient population to create the great city of which they speak, the solution was to found two diferent colonys, one with an industrial development and other with landfarming.

El ciervo's region

The only condition that the Spanish government put at the agreement of the cession of land for the foundation of the new city, was that no one could cut down El Ciervo Forest.

And There was the moment in that two populations appear on the region, Nuromita Bay and Anasawa.


Anasawa is a very little village at the end of El ciervo's forest, that have an economy based on the farms, and farming culture.

It hasn't any kind of civic services, altought it has a perfect air quality.

Instead,the Anasawa's villagers want to prosper and they demand access to industrial jobs and a minimum of public services.


Anasawa. Population: one thousand aprox.

                  Religion: a few budists, and musulans.

                  Public Services: No One

                  Echonomy base: Farms.

                  Language: Japanese, and Spanish


Nuromita bay is the proyect of a Richman, that want to found a big, skycrapered, commercial, and industrial capital. His name is Greg Tkston.


He provides to the nuromita bay's principal city population with a big school and police & fire protection.

The only conditions is the freedom to create a big and advanced contaminant industry.

In the beginning these idea has a good results, but now, the people of Los Alamos, at the north of the contaminant area, and some other persons break up the burocracy, when they take the mayors house, and make him to create a new train, to comunicate the two populations.

The proyect is on.

Nuromita's Suburbs (Los alamos & industrial)

Nuromita Bay. Population: four thousand and five hundred aprox.

                         Religion: Catholics.

                         Public Services: One Big School, A police Station and a Fire Station

                         Echonomy base: Industrial and Manufactured Industry.

                         Languages: Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, English And Spanish.

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