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Vindaloo Province

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About this City Journal

This region is my first attempt at playing in a "natural growth" mindset - slow small changes over time, without much planning and upgrading only when absolutely needed. The inspiration...

Entries in this City Journal


For this update, i will try to show the progression of growth in the Vindaloo area, notably the Vindaloo CBD and Southbank.

Vindaloo CBD

As the historical centre of the region, the Vindaloo CBD started as a sleepy set of strip malls.  This image shows the initial densification, several apartment buildings began rising. In this pic, Vindaloo area population: ~30,000.


The CBD grows.  Note the expansion of the road networks to handle increased traffic.  The North - South axis through the centre of the town is quickly reaching capacity.  Plans for twinning the road are in place to handle the traffic. 


The twinning project is complete.  Also seen here is the northern terminus of the Vindaloo - Southbank Line, the region's first passenger rail link.  The rail line was deemed a success, allowing for a more amibitous rail expansion project to begin.


The new Abbott Line is constructed, to link the western edge of Vindaloo to the CBD.  Abbott Park is the first park in the municipal area.  The Abbott Park area is quickly becoming an upscale condo area full of townhomes and low-rises.  The Abbott Line included a new central rail station to accomidate future lines.  (the train station seen at the right of the CBD sign is the Tonkso TrainStation from the STEX)


The University Line is established, linking the CBD to the area's number three population centre, Mott Lake.


Next Update:  Southbank, the 2nd largest population centre in the Vindaloo area (other than Vindaloo itself).  Hope some of the ideas shown in this CJ will be helpful in developing your own cities.  Stay Tuned!


1) A First Look: Region Population: 18,736

Vindaloo is main city at this early stage.  The farming community of North Vindaloo can be seen at the top.


2) Region Population: 35,503

Vindaloo is still dominant at the centre.  Additional farming communities have been established to the north and east.  Southbank (located within the Vindaloo area) can be seen just accross the river to the south, as the name suggests ;) .  The other main node visible is Mott Lake (also within the Vindaloo area) just to the right of the Vindaloo CBD , home of the University of Mott Lake, the main education centre of the region.


The transportation network at a population of 35,503.  Roads being to web out replacing the streets in the Vindaloo region.  Southbank is connected by a a road bridge into central Vindaloo.


3) Region Population: 59,961

Kensington is established just up river.  The town at this point is the largest outside of the Vindaloo area, with a population of about 6,000. 


The transportation system at a population of 59,961.  The Vindaloo - Southbank Line can be seen in the centre, linking a growing Southbank with the densifying Vindaloo CBD and its peripherals.  


4) Region Population: 103,396

These images are from several years later. Growth has begun to merge the different towns and areas of Vindaloo into each other.  Brookton can be seen to the south of the Vindaloo area.


The transportation system at a population of 103, 396.  Notably, the rail network in Vindaloo has expanded to reach Abbott Park in the West and Mott Lake in the east.  Additionally, Ellison Field is established in Vindaloo, serving as the regional airport.    


For reference, here is a labelled version of the current map at the population of 103,396.  Smaller towns/villages are in yellow, regional nodes are in red.  Several other landmarks are labelled as well


Hope the progression of these regional views will give some ideas for your own cities.  Next update ill try to get in a little closer, and give a description and pattern of growth around some of the regional landmarks.



The concept behind this CJ is one of natural growth - keep changes small and without thought to the wider region.  The idea here is to avoid the unrealistic tendency of city-building to to create road grids and towering skyscrapers in a region that isn't large enough to support them.

There are a few guidelines that I have tried to follow to create a realistic city and region:

1) Start with streets, upgrade to roads only when congestion becomes a problem.

    Vindaloo is born, town centre is located at the intersecion of the two roadways.


2) Provide services on an as needed basis.

    The University of Mott Lake, Outside of Vindaloo


3) When developing city infrastructure, try to avoid destroying buildings - take the path of least resistance, the larger the building the less likely it will be torn down to fit new infrastructure.

   A segment of the Vindaloo - Southbank Line connecting the two nodes.


4) When a town centre grows, the hinterland of low density/farms around it must grow with it.

   Before and After: Year 12: a sleepy town. Population: ~6,500

   Year 44: a burgeoning city ready for the big leagues! Population: ~58,000


Other notes:

-The region being used is the standard Berlin region found in SC4
-CIties are on easy mode, the only cheat used throughout is the reopening God Mode.  I only used it to add trees easier to the city scape.  No money or reward cheats were used.
-There are several BAT files and other tools that i used (i.e. NAM, industry quadrupler etc.) that i try to acknowledge as they come up in the posts.

Stay Tuned for more updates and region views!

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