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About this City Journal

I made this CJ at SC4D, and I thought I should bring it here. In U-Build-It, the CJ revolves the Plugins that YOU suggest. Read for more rules.

Entries in this City Journal


Note: If you bug me enough about not updating, I will update.

We continue on to Daloa, picking a small hotel near the train station.


Some people decided to check out the nearby nightclub, Twisters. It's quite an interesting sight.


The next day, we take Daloa Light Rail to Daloa University (DU).


We arrive in Nick's Nook, the relatively new shopping area of campus.


At the main building, we meet up with our tour guide. We visit all of the major buildings and some dorms, and then return to Nick's Nook for lunch.


After lunch, it was one DLR stop to the Government Center, the governing center of Abbot (Illu'an province) and Daloa. From there, we had an

additional tour of both the Municipal Building and the State Government building. Currently the Congress Building and Governor's Street are off limits.


Once the tour was finished, we visited the old Daloa City Hall. Once upon a time, all government functions of Abbot were located in this building. The

Treaty of Daloa was also signed in this building, marking an end to the Puget Sound War.


Once the learning is all said and done, there was (more) shopping/wandering in the sunset.


***I need from you***

1. Do you see any possible improvements for Daloa?

2. Would you like to continue sightseeing, or continue on to Colbitz? (maybe a third option?)

3. What specifically would you like to see in the next update?


Holy baloney that took a long time to update. In case you want to know, it's 1% work and 99% laziness.


With a new look, we walk down Main Street in Cambridge buying anything that looks good. (?1 = .675 USD [just guesstimate 2/3])

We start at the north of town. The stores are small and a bit on the low end scale. However, we found this amazing electric drumset!


Farther south, we approach the main intersection and keep on buying! You spent WHAT on Glee CDs?


We're halfway there! There's a typo because that ain't supposed to be caviar. Too late for that. :P


After passing by the police station, fire station, and library (no shopping allowed,) we bought some drinks and watched Community Theater at its best!


The rest of the night was spent taking the last train to Daloa.


***I need from you today...***

What do you think about the new style?

What should we do at Daloa?

Sign up for the Name-A-Town Program! You get to name one town that might appear during this trip. If your town was named in the last trip, you are disqualified.


Before you get to see the next update, I would like to inform you that the mega mosaic that I made (Update 44) has won me a Trixie!

We leave Newport on the next Translink Rail train. The route crosses over the the Sparkling River Bridge, commonly known as that diagonal bridge.

As the train slows down towards Cambridge, a light snow beings to fall.

After waiting in the snow a bit, a the bus service called Ride arrives and takes us to the Lordside-Illu'a National Laboratory and Museum. We get off and enter the Visitor's Center, the building on top of the picture.

Next to the Visitor's Center is the dome... thing... (I only did it to show Windspear Arena turn into something science looking)

We end our time in the laboratory with lunch at the Illu'a Modern Art Center.

In case you couldn't see it in Picture 3, I made a bus skin for this update. (We take the bus service back to Cambridge for some shopping later on in the day.)

***I need from you today...***
Like that snow? I'm trying this technique for the first time.
Continue shopping at Cambridge or chug on to Daloa?
Sign up for the Name-A-Town Program! You get to name one town that might appear during this trip. If your town was named in the last trip, you are disqualified.


We start our journey on a Translink Rail train heading to Colbitz. We got off at Newport Point (I changed the name from Newport. There isn't a port anywhere Newport Point.)

Just like last time, a shuttle bus met the train at the station to move tourists to the base of Newport Point Hill.

The bus dropped us off, and we started the hike up the hill.

Hm... It seems as if the top has some campgrounds now.

The people running the fire ritual couldn't do it the night we came because somebody called "The Game" wouldn't allow the fire to light up (darn you PEG nightlighting).

Oh well. We gazed at the stars and rented out a camping spot. Tomorrow will be the last day in uninterrupted nature...

Early the next morning, we took a shuttle bus back and ate breakfast at one of the stores. Those were some good pancakes...

And off we go to Cambridge(or Daloa)

***I need from you today...***
What do you think of New Newport Point?
Should we stop at Cambridge or skip it and go to Daloa?
Sign up for the Name-A-Town Program! You get to name one town that might appear during this trip. If your town was named in the last trip, you are disqualified.


1 YEAR OLD!!!!!!

Well guys, it has been a remarkable year for U-Build-It and its viewers. What started with a single post with a few words has blossomed...


a huge...

8.13 megabyte picture. (800x14600)

How do you follow up something like that? You can't. However, I am offering a couple major choices.

Question 1: Take another rail trip or not
Let's face it, seeing the same sights gets boring after a while. How about an improved trip down to Colbitz? I heard that we can get tickets to see AINvision. (The AIN's Eurovision)

Question 2: US or Euro road textures?
Originally, I had Euro textures. However, I switched them out when the NWM was released because of the lack of Euro textures. Now that there are Euro textures for all roads, should I make the switch or not?


Imageshack is Evil.

I have just noticed that while browsing through my old updates, some of the in-game pictures are either missing or have been replaced by random photos. I am sorry for this inconvience and I will replace the pictures as soon as possible.

In the meantime, it's 10 days from the first U-Build-It post on SC4D! Happy almost Birthday U-Build-It!

(Before anyone else asks, the plane is Photoshopped in.)

One day, a plane mysteriously landed in Invernessen Airport. No, this isn't a UFO invasion or anything like that.

It's the President of Illu'a! He's on a short vacation in Invernessen. (Since Illu'a has a population of only 5 million, security is relatively small.)

His choice place to stay is up in the mountains, where he goes hiking for a few days.

After relaxing in the mountains, he goes to Downtown Invernessen to buy things/increase Public Relations.

Finally, he sets foot on Cedar Shores and spends his last day relaxing on the beach.

***I need from you today...***
Congratulate that I finally updated!
Where to expand the farms?
Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.

Sorry about the lack of updates. If you didn't know yet, I have volunteered to make Nyhaven: An Engineer's View updates in Illu'a. The banner below made by woodb3kmaster links to the latest Nyhaven update (It links to the SC4D version because I'm lazy).


But don't worry! Invernessen will not be neglected! Here is the first picture of the next update. Guess what's going to happen next...


Eastside Renewal


A problem that I always had with East Invernessen is the steep slope leading to the town. It was unrealistic in my opinion, so I decided to do something about it.


After a bunch of terraforming, it's now a small extension of West Invernessen. The farms can't expand because of the hillside.


And a preview of the next update.


A special mention...

IrvingTwoSmokes on Simtropolis created this CJ:

You-Plannit: The CJ that puts you in charge!

Sounds familiar, eh? I'm actually endorsing this spinoff.

***I need from you today...***

Name new suggestions for the second town in the region.

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.



And here's the progress on the third trail, leading east to the mountains. It starts on the Serpent Snakeway, the newly paved road leading to Cedar Shores East.


The trail passes a small farm. At this point, motor vehicles can go on the trail. However, the trail narrows to a point where only hikers can access the trail.


Past the point where vehicles can't go, the trail quickly turns left into the mountainside.


The top of this trail leads to a few cabins. You can rent them by going to either Invernessen Town Hall or Cedar Shores West.


With no amenities anywhere nearby, not even electricity, these cabins are perfect for seclusion. Even the view of the rest of the valley is designed to hide civilization.


Who could forget an overview?


Bonus picture: I learned how to reskin automata.


Plugins featured in this update:

I'm too lazy to get links. Ask or PM if you want to know where to get something.

***I need from you today...***

Any suggestions for new trails?

I'm thinking of making a second town. Where should it be built? (see map in previous update)

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


Super Region View


I thought that uploading the whole region view would be a good idea to show everyone the Invernessac Valley. Click for full size.


Plugins featured in this update:

Sawtooth's Region Census v0.8 - Used to create the region view

***I need from you today...***

See any place where you want something new to be built?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen. Just post the name here. Limit 1 per person

*NEW* Name nature landmarks! Point out a nature feature and name it! Just post where it is and the name. Limit 1 per person.


The Idunwanna Falls


Plans were changed. A new trail plan was established because people drawing lines on a Region View picture using the Gimp can't see elevation changes. One trail was abandoned in favor of a new trail leading to the Idunwanna Falls. Be prepared to get wet.


The Idunwanna Falls Trail starts in the northern area of Invernessen, where people can also trek through the forest on ATVs.


Down the road, the tracks cross a stream. Most offroaders continue past the river, while hikers go upstream on the wide riverbank.


The top of the trail leads to the Idunwanna Falls. Let's take a swim!


Region View.


Plugins featured in this update:

Jeronij Ploppable Water Rapids and waterfall, - For the falls

***I need from you today...***

Any suggestions for new trails?

Are there any ways to further prevent eco-terrorism?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


(This is a fake update)

The Invernessen City Council unanimously decided to build the best thing ever in Invernessen. Plans were drawn, and this epic was built.

simhottoddy wrote:
In all of my days I have not set my eyes upon something so beautiful. The shimmering golder pillar in a gilded moat speaks of the difficulty of life and the hardship that is the human condition. The monoliths leading to the throne of Nuclear Starbucks stir the emotions, beckoning to happier days. The various methods of access create focal point for all races and religions to come together in a fondue of peace, but the radiation is the pestilence of our nature lasting millennia on end. I fear I must cut my praise short, the tears of joy are trickling down my cheek and my hyperventilation from the excitement is making me light headed. I bid you, sweet Nuclear Starbucks, adieu.


(Yes, I am missing Dependencies)

The effects were profound. Invernessen quickly received the world record for being the most radiated city in the world. The few remaining residents mutated into cars.


A daily freight train arrives at Invernessen Station and delivers fresh radiation to the rest of Illu'a.


Farms provide the main staple of the post-Nuclear Starbucks economy. Here, crops are mixed in with large amounts of radiation, smog, and garbage.


However, all is not well. The Invernessen Geothermal Station can run by itself, but only for so long. As the mutated car-people can't get inside to operate the station, it eventually shuts off.


Without the plant, the flying zots return. The remaining car-people evacuate the city, leaving Invernessen abandoned.



A Hiking we Will Go!


Cedar Shores and the Invernessen City Council hosted a joint meeting inside Town Hall. Here, Cedar Shores will change their plans to benefit Invernessen and Cedar Shores at the same time. The plans for a golf course were scrapped, and one that should please the eco-terrorists emerged.


Build hiking trails. There are three hiking trails approved, one built, and two more in the planning stages. In addition, new ferry routes would be added between Cedar Shores, Invernessen, and hiking trails.


At Cedar Shores, the plan for an expansive golf course was downsized into a smaller town center with some stores operated by Invernessen residents.


To the east marks the current start of the Cedar Shores Trail.


It continues on past forests...


Through wildflowers...


And up to Lancaster Hill.


And look at that view!








Plugins featured in this update:

RRP Draggable Paths ChrisAdamas3997 - For the trail

RRP Pasture Flora ChrisAdamas3997 - For the wildflowers

***I need from you today...***

What are your thoughts on the new plan?

Are there any ways to further prevent eco-terrorism?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


Trip to Florida

From the 29th of May to June 9 (Hawaii Time)

I'll post some pictures of the trip. In the meantime, here's a picture for all of you to gaze on. It's the incomplete Shadow Park, northeast of downtown Strathmore. Click for full size.


Once the crane was sabotaged, the same Eco-terrorism group decided on their next target.

A truck filled with homemade explosives traveled on the Cyclone Highway through Downtown Invernessen.

Going north, the truck passes trees that are going to be farms soon.

Continuing North, the truck passes by the main entrance to Cedar Shores.

The truck takes a left turn towards the mine. It passes through the small railyard town of Sutton.

But the mining company has prepared for terrorists. At the entrance to the road, a newly built gate appeared. This may have put a stop to the Eco-terrorist's plans. He would have to blow up the gate or surrender.

Of course there's the option of attempting to run through the gate.

He didn't make it. Congratulations eco-terrorist group! You're on International news!

Here's a map, in case any of you got confused.

Plugins featured in this update:
USA Police Pack vol1
SNM Military Gatehouses BSC

***I need from you today...***
How should the mine handle this situation?
What should Invernessen do to solve these problems?
How can we stop these Eco-terrorists?
Where to expand the farms?
Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


Some of the residents of Invernessen aren't too happy about Cedar Shores. They are citing that the new resort has reduced business in the Invernessen town center, and that the new golf course is ruining the ecosystem.

During an oddly rainy week, protesters came from all over the town.


The main crowds appeared near the resort and in front of Town Hall.


On April 10, Cedar Shores hosted a meeting inside the small Cedar Shores Convention Center. However, the Cedar Shores representatives are tricky, and almost all of the citizen's concerns went unanswered.


Claiming that they addressed the concerns of the community, Cedar Shores got to work building the golf course, clubhouse, and secondary hotel building.


But people don't give up that quickly. Especially some of the more crazy ones.


They do crazy things, like sabotage cranes. This causes problems.


Problems like the police getting involved. It's a good thing nobody died during the sabotage.


Now Cedar Shores has to handle another problem. This will probably make national news, even though nobody died. It is technically terrorism. But look at the bright side. The rain is clearing up!


***I need from you today...***

How should Cedar Shores handle this situation?

How should the city of Invernessen handle this situation?

Invernessen needs to get a newer police fleet. Any suggestions on police car automata?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.



The final addition to Cedar Shores will appear next update. For now...

I have built two tracks for the AINGP bid. The first takes use of the existing roadway south of Invernessen. This winding road+railroad is the first thing I have ever built in U-Build-It.




The second is the Palmona Racetrack, in the city i am building for the Simlympics.


Finally, some of the planners of Cedar Shores were at lunch, and drew up a plan for the Cedar Shores Country Club. Growing tension between the country club and Invernessen residents mean that the company is attempting to build this golf course in secret.


Actual story: I was at McDonald's, and I had a pen.

***I need from you today...***

What do you think about the AIN Grand Prix bid?

Place your final thoughts on the Cedar Shores Country Club.

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


Resort Improvements

Resort Improvements

I have taken in implemented almost all of your suggestions on ST, SC4D, and CSGf. The resort is renamed Cedar Shores, and the Overton pass tower had been downscaled. Along with that, there are other improvements around the area. Let's let the Cedar Shores marketers tell us what they are.


There are three ways to get to Cedar Shores. The first is driving Route 27 Northbound from Daloa/Route 27 Southbound from Dafter. The Adraman train service stops at Invernessen, where you can take a taxi to Cedar Shores. Finally, during the peak vacation season, there are charter flights from Daloa International Airport, Strathmore-Palmona International Airport, and Henry Edwards International Airport.


Once at the resort, there is a marina and boardwalk, where you can take a stroll, rent a boat, and relax in the peaceful Sparkling River.


Next to the boardwalk is the main resort tower, a Four Star hotel. There are a total of 90 rooms, including 3 luxury suites.


There is always something new at the Cedar Shores town center. You can walk around a open air shopping mall, buying whatever suits you.


All of Cedar Shores is powered by clean solar energy, including the water pump. This allows your stay to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


If the center of Cedar Shores id a bit too urban for you, we have rentable cabins around our artificial lagoon. There is a free boat that allows you to go from the town center to cabins and back.


We hope that you will visit Cedar Shores, for a day, week, or even a couple years!


***I need from you today...***

Like the finished resort?

Should I add a golf course to the resort? If yes, where?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


I fixed the terrain mod problem. As you can see, here is a new region view.


You may or may have not noticed the small new lake. That lake is part of the new Overton Pass* Resort.


Around the lagoon, there are 11 cabins that people can rent.


Closer to the actual river, there are 6 more cabins up for rent.


On the island formed by the lagoon, there is a small shopping complex, a marina, and the construction site for the Overton Pass* tower.


Finally, the planned Overton Pass* tower. When complete, it will be the tallest building in Invernessen, until you get to the city of Daloa.


***I need from you today...***

What do you think of the resort?

Should I build the Overton Pass* tower?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.

*temporary name


After trying to find the solution of the problem and giving up, I resumed my improvment of the mine.

First, I replaced the dirt with CSGdesign's Cleared Earth. Then I used SimGoober's coal mine in the middle.


One of the things I was making was my thread for the AIN Expo. Here's a few pictures.

Downtown Daloa has grown a bit since we last visited.


My first complex junction thing.


A golf course suburb.


An office park.



Terminal 2 at Colbitz International Airport.


Finally, several people at the AIN convinced me that I should run for the Simlympics. If I compete and win the bid, we are going on a trip to watch the games! If I don't win, there is another option to take a trip to a new city.

I shall call this city...


There is a nearby city, called Palmona. Together, they make the Strathmore-Palmona Area.

***I need from you today...***

Should I add a shiny bar in the pictures?

Should I compete in the Simlympics?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


A Problem

Personal replies coming later.

It seems that some terrain mod deep withing my Plugins folder is overriding the Olympic Terrain mod I have. As you can see, the tile with the about to be improved coal mine is in a different terrain. The tiles to the top are newly opened ones, showing the open terrain mod. Does anyone know what could be overriding the mod?



To the Mines

If you managed to read the hidden text in the last update, you should have known that coal mining might come to Invernessen. Of the two people that talked about coal mining, both said yes.

About 12 kilometers to the northwest of Invernessen, the brown scar of progress appeared.


Route 27 and the road to the mine intersect in this mining town. A train shuttle exists between here and Invernessen.


The mining road heads west, somewhat parallel to a stream.


The road is still near the stream. This stream is an experiment of placing PEG's Tahoe water under Jeronji's transparent water.


We pass a bridge along the way.


And the rest is a few curves.


And a few more.


And a couple more.


Until the edge of town. Just small industry and a generator.


The town's stores don't have too much activity, and only serve people living inside the town.


The rest of the streets are laid in a grid system, and contain the housing of the people working.


Finally, the mine.


***I need from you today...***

Any suggestions on how to improve the mine?

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.

Name the mining towns and the mining road! First come, First Serve!


Now that my RL homework cramming is done, I can finally have an update.

The new power plant was up in running in three months, supplying clean power to everybody.


To the north, the land originally owned by Repeat-A-Lot is being rezoned. Plans here call for a few more houses, and the first public school in Invernessen.


Central Invernessen after construction. Once I get rid of the adjacent parallel roads to the right, the cross border expansion will be complete.


Region view. Not much to explain here.


Except for the new development near the airfield. I will tell you what this is next update.


***I need from you today...***

Welcome back! Guess what the new development is for.

Where to expand the farms?

Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.

Do you want a coal mining operation in Invernessen?


Solving the Zots, Part 1

Plans were made and introduced to the City Council. 40% of the town agreed that geothermal power is the best way to go. 30% wanted solar, 20% wanted wind power, and somebody suggested a dam. City Council reviewed each of the options in detail.

Geothermal plants can be used in Invernessen, but would require approval from the Illu'an government. We would have to build a second generator while the funding is approved. Two plans are currently being decided. Solar wouldn't be too reliable in the environment of Invernessen. We'll save them for areas that constantly have sun. Windmills are also a viable option, despite the eyesores popping out of the small town. A dam would require funding from the Illu'an government. While it could be used, the difficulty of receiving funding and the resulting ecological damage would make a dam very hard to build.

In the end, City Council decided on geothermal plants, with a temporary generator for before they are completed. A small plant would get built faster, but the zots might still return. A larger plant plans for future growth, but is more expensive. The location of both planned plants will be in East Invernessen, across from the Sparkling River.

An artist's rendition of the small plant

And one of the larger plant.

***I need from you today...***
Should we build the smaller or large geothermal plant? Or should we consider something entirely different?
Where to expand the farms?
Sign up for the Name-A-Road Program! You get to name one road in Invernessen.


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