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About this City Journal

A journal about the Caribbean Island group of St.George, a British colony and growing nation which has become world renown for its living conditions and beauty. RATE!!! Preferably well!!!!

Entries in this City Journal



2 updates ago an invitation was sent out to all independent nations which encouraged their leaders to attend the Capital Developement Summit - A conference whereabouts topics of trade, immigration, etc. would be discussed. Today, that summit took place marking the first occurance of this historic event - and the press didn't take it lightly. Here is a basic overview of the leaders first day - out of 2 - in St. George.


More coming soon!





This is the first update in which we will be heading offshore the main Island and exploring a whole region within the nation of St. George's borders. The island I will be showing today, Aria-Couthe, is the closest of the others to the main island and is also the home of the country's first settlement, Helenia. Its location can be seen below as well as a basic overview of the islands layout, size, etc.


The township of Helenia, though one of the smallest and most remote throughout the nation, is one which is packed with tourists throughout the year due to its beauty and rich history. Its buildings have been preserved for hundreds of years with few modifications, and its massive cathedral has become one of the worlds most famed landmarks. Because of the massive demand for tourism/ accomodation throughout the island, the government has initiated a booking process to merely get into the region - with waiting lists of up to 2 years. This is partly due to the presence of only one hotel (The Hotel Ariann) - and lack of permission to construct anymore. The town can be seen in the images below along with the vibrant farms and flower fields which reside nearby.


Thats all for this update - but dont forget to check in tomorrow for the following of the Capital Developement Summit. It isnt too late to join so just leave your nation's name and continent. Hope to see you there!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------





---------------------------------- If you are interested please leave your nation's name and continent on EARTH. Sorry not for the outer space CJ's!

Also, as this will be the theme of an update soon to come, it will be covering the recent developement of North Hampton as well as the unveilling of the long awaited Commonwealth Tower Complex. Hope to see you and your nation there!--------------------------------------------------




Port York, Located in the region of Cape York, Is the only international serving seaport in all of the islands of St. John - a sad fact when considering that most of its facilities are outdated and collapsing due to it's last renovations dating back to the early 1940's. The port is connected to the rest of the island by only one route via the Northern Motorway and has plans of expansion and refurbication underway. The small highway can be seen in the image below as well as a few of the old port.


( Images

in black and white due to age)





Seeing as I have not showed a basic map of the region thus far, I have decided to do just that to commence this update. Though it shows only the main Island, It gives a pretty good representation as to whereabouts each region is - however, please note that the towns Cape York and Noble Bay have only just begun developement.


So Anyways- Now that that's aside, back to business! In today's update I'll be discussing the recent situation of the large township of North Hampton as well as neighbouring Barringham - A tiny region off of the eastern coast. Because of it's small size, Barringham is not the most populated or jam packed city, but rather a necessary pass through for work commuters along the Sunflower Expressway. Due to this fact, the town has not been the sight of many developements in the past until recently with the construction of a few luxury seaside condos, such as the Ville de la Atlantique (Atlantic Villa).



North Hampton, however, is a completely different story. As well as holding an important interchange between the Sunflower Expressway and the Northern Motorway, the town has recently grown into one of the most populated regions on the island. As well as this, North Hampton holds a key position in terms of trade throughout the nation - possesing the only route from the capital to the country's central port in Cape York. Some basic overviews of the region can be seen below.


North Hampton, as previously mentioned, has recently spurted and grown into one of the most populated cities in the region. With bustling suburbs and a small downtown, the city continues to hold high demand for residential developement as well as commercial, with agriculture - slowly but surely - being phased out of the picture. Because of this expansion into the farmland and continuous growth, many have demanded the government relocate its heaquarters to the city recently, and with true consideration of this request,  the wish may become a reality in the near future. Until then however, here are some pics of the current township.



For years, the Sunflower Expressway - - Northern Motorway interchange has been of high value to the Commonwealth of St. George due to its connection with the central port in Cape York, and with no plans of future expansion / routes in the future, It seems it will always reamain that way. Since 1976 the region has flourished due to its construction and the cities current unstoppable growth would be nonexistent without it.

A few images of the freeway - collision can be seen below.




Carlton Point, Parringshire's western bordering region, is one full of newfound culture and luxury. Though not the capital, its population is higher than thereof and is full of high profiles such as the elderly business tycoon Edgar Winehomes - owner and major stockholder of the town's exquisite Carlton Point Resort. Because of the region's new defining luxury, many rich and famous men and women have settled within the borders of the town - influencing many tourists from other areas of the nation and abroad to visit. This new demand for tourism, believe it or not, has also resulted in the modernization of the town and building of new attractions such as the Simcity Mall - one of the largest in country.



As previously mentioned, tourists are not the only ones rushing to visit the paradise which is Carlton Point. Many ordinary people (obviously who earn a fair amount) also have settled into the town along with famous celebrities, etc. Because of this high demand for luxury housing, jobs, etc. many developements have commenced over the last few years resulting in what is now referred to as a 'Modernized Monte Carlo'. This can be seen in the images below.


The Sunflower Expressway (II405) also runs through the town of Carlton Point providing some of the best views of the area that can be offered. The route, continuing on from the capital to neighbouring Barringham, is the fastest possible way to get around the region and is accessible from most points throughout the town and the Island in whole.




Parringshire, though the capital of The Commonwealth of St. George, Is like most other regions of the islands in terms of population, commerce, etc. With most of it's land occupied by farm and flower fields, Residential zoning makes up less then an eighth of the overall area and is calling for expansion. However, because of the current economic recession, the Prime Minister has halted all plans of developement in the near future and the town remains as is... for now. A few pictures of the main commerce district / suburbs can be seen below, including one of the famed National Design and Architecture Senior Highschool - or NDASH.



Because Parringshire is the capital of The Commonwealth of St. George, the main political facilities / complexes are located within the boundaries of the town. The most notable of these,Capitol House, Is reflective of old english architecture and was built in the late 17th century by early settlers. The building, containing the main courthouses and offices' of ministers, is also surrouned by a moat and lush gardens which stand out dominately against the flowerfields in the background.


Though the town of Parringshire is a beautiful place, it is uncomparable to the natural landscapes and farmaland of which it occupies - such as the marvellous sunflower fields which have nearly defined the town to the international public. Because of this defining commonality throughout the capital, many a feature have been named after these flowers, such as the very coastline it posesses as well as the island's main freeway - named simply the Sunflower Expressway (II405). The freeway, titled repeatedly by Travelocity as the most beautiful / interesting scenic highway, has believe it or not become one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the nation after only the island outlining Atlantis Coast Drive.






Because this is the first update where we will really begin explore the lands of St. George, It seemed appropriate to me to start at the gateway for most into the island nation, Parringshire International Airport. Located in the capital region of the country, the airport is home to only a small terminal with two concourses as well as one gate fit to accomodate a jumbo jet, a necessity for any journey outside the Americas. Because of this, plans for expansion and a new terminal have begun to hit the drawing board and are nearly certain to be seen in action in the near future. Until then though....



Welcome to The Commonwealth of St. George, an island group located in the northern Caribbean Sea. As an underpopulated British colony, St. George has only begun to make its mark on international scale, with many who once were unknowing of the region now calling it their home.

Though St. George is thought of as purely a resort destination, a small minority of people do reside in the islands - living off of the farms or even small bustling commercial districs. Because of this assumption that St. George is just a holiday place, many also conclude that its living conditions are that of other Caribbean Islands' such as Jamica. This however is far from true as most living in the nation enjoy many luxuries such as government paid health coverage, high wages/salaries, etc.

By now you may have gotten an Idea about what St. George is all about in brief and the problems the country may face in the future... Yadda Yadda Yadda. What do I want you to do with this information? Erase it from your minds. In this CJ you will experience problems and disasters like never before, you will see a quaint island race grow into a sofisticated society, and you will watch towns of small, thatched houses rise into monstrous skyscraper jammed metropolises. So yes, what i have said is true now, but who knows in the future.

Stay tuned :)


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