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Rathlin - Irish in mind, totally American in transit

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Rathlin (or Rathlin City) is the second or third largest city in the Inishmore Island (2nd in 2004, 2006, 2009, and 2010; 3rd in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2008). Built in 1695 after the sack of Inishmore a few years earlier, it was dubbed Rechea for the Island of Rechea, now Rathlin, site of the first Viking raid on Ireland. Within current boundaries, several other settlements sprung up : Fort Charon, Hacqueville, and Engelsdorf. In 1780, Hacqueville and Engelsdorf were incorporated in the growing city; in 1855, the current city boundaries were reached. Rathlin grew much separately from Hajira; but with the Inception Bridge built in 1975, both cities quickly developed together and formed a sort of synergy. Nowadays, Rathlin is a bustling hub of commerce - it brasses more capitals than Sedona, and half all financial moves are decided there. The Finance Regulation Center is also built there. Rathlin threatens to undergo a demographic boom, though most of its working force lives in the nearby cities.






Rathlin is built on an isthmus, linking the outreaches of Quon to the small Wutai Peninsula. The land is mainly flat land; the Bays of Inisheer (bordering the city) and Granville (within the city limits) and the Atlantic Ocean limit its cities, usually on smooth sand beaches. Nonetheless, two old volcanoes scar the land – one in the old city, and a much bigger one on the northern reaches. Several small craters also dot the city; the Hacqueville Lake in the north is a prized destination for tourists.

Rathlin experiences the same climate as the rest of the island. It is not too rainy there, with an average of 75% sunny days a year.


Hacqueville Lake, as well as an edge of the Northern Volcano. The Lake was totally rebuilt into a canalized basin, and nowadays is a piece of awesomeness for modelers and RCers alike.







Urban planning in Rathlin is marked by an emphasis on high-rise buildings; 60% of all city blocks are skyscrapers or buildings more than 50 meters high. Rathlin is marked as a green city, with many parks dotting the landscape; and is considered the liveliest city in the islands.

Population in the Rathlin metro area (including Tyria, Bruma, Sarah, Tarnsburg, Inisheer, and Midgar, but not Hajira) is estimated at 900'000. The city proper is home to 528'500 people; this is 1'200 people more than Hajira. The city is of mixed origins; mainly Scottish and Irish people were originally settling in the area, but nowadays, people of various descent have arrived and now dwell the area. German population is considerable, though they are mainly people from the higher cities (Hajira and Sedona). Nowadays, Irish and German people make up for 85% of the whole population; the remainder is mainly French, Spanish, with a few people from Turkey. Chinese people are unwelcome, according to quota policies. Though this was controversial in the 1990s, the recent rise of the country and subsequent isolationism leads to exodus for Chinese folk.



Government & Economy




Thanks to its harbor and financial district, Rathlin is the second-largest industrial center, though most of its factories are located in the nearby city of Sarah. A high-tech district in the northeastern part of the city provides 6'600 extremely skilled jobs, mainly in experimental facilities. A spaceport, in the Airport, employs 2'500 people. Hugh inflows of capital from the European Union and internal fluxes finance most of the city's new development and investments, and much of the city population is extremely affluent. Many luxury cars roam the streets, and the price of housing is extremely high.


Rathlin is governed by two entities; the District Seat and the Municipality. In practice, both exercise the same powers; under the to-be-signed 2011 Rathlin Incorporation Act, the District will exercise its power in the fields of infrastructure, transportation, justice; the Municipality will be greatly enhanced, with the possibility to pass its own laws and holding most legislative power. This project was, too, greatly compromised, but is to be signed in the next months.





The current District Sheriff is US World War II veteran Harley McKinston (WP). His vice-sheriff is Rosa Lockham (WP). On the municipality level, the major Belinda Herrenschmidt (WP) has been re-elected for a second time in 2006 for a six-year mandate.







Overall map of Rathlin's neighboorhoods.






The Old City is the initial settlement named Rathlin. The base of the grid, it is nowadays a middle-rise residential district. It is marked by the University of Rathlin and the Holy Art Gallery.



Northern Old City. The main train station can be seen; old buildings dating from the 1900s are also featured. The old city walls were mostly destroyed, but some were left intact, as seen here.


>Regent's Folly

The Regent's Folly used to be a folly, built in the 19th century, and around which the first skyscrapers were erected. In 1956, the first such tower was built, and soon enough revolutionized the skyline of the city. To its extreme west, the main railroads were built on what used to be the city walls. A few are still visible in the southern part of the district. Regent's Folly is well-known for the Regent's Festival, a Carnival-like fest that happens mid-February.




A train on the U62 line passes above the Regent's Folly Main Platz. The Stadium can be seen to the right. The Shin-Ra Nuclear Station is also located in the Folly.


The water purifying station in Regent's Folly.




The CBD is the main commercial center, with financial buildings built on most of its length. Most of the city's capitals are generated from there. Alongside Idlewood Avenue, the famous Film Studios are surrounded with tourist attractions. The CBD is served by the ring-way around Rathlin, and most of its buildings are famous landmarks island-wide.


Hajirerstraße in the CBD. The Filmstudios are clearly visible - in 2010 they shot famous movies, such as Lord of the Sims, Deception, as well as the world's second full-3D movie, AVA-tards, about the notorious rebel group AVA that threatened to secede Dollet in the mid-70s. The City Hall is the tall building on the right.


More of the CBD. The towers with the heliports are the work of Architectural Artist B. D. Simmonds, who designed them all the same "to give Rathlin a more Orwellian feel".


CBD / Primavera / Hacqueville junction. The Ringbahn (horizontal) crosses the Southern Interstate. About two miles north, an offbranch of Southern Interstate diverts traffic south to the Ringway, as a cloverleaf intersection was impossible here.


Formerly a priestly settlement, Hacqueville is nowadays a middle-rise area. Much affluent, there are many architectural wonders there. It is also a tourist's nest : many upper-class restaurants line the avenues, strands are smooth and sandy; the Volcano of Rathlin and the Hacqueville Crater Lake are also attractions. Amazingly enough, it is the only district not served by any subway line – though the S5 and S51 link the district with the rest of the city, and Hajira.


An affluent place in Hacqueville : the Volcano Country Club, located between the Lake and the Volcano. Most wealthy citizens have tried golfing there at least once, and it is the only haven of crime in the whole Hacqueville area. It doesn't prevent Japanese tourists from taking photographs.


The Ringbahn Interchange. The Southern-Tyrian Interchange branches off in a three-mile branch, which connects to the Ringway.

>Primavera District

Primavera District is a high-rise commercial district that occupies most central Rathlin. Through it the initial grid breaks into the new grid canvas. Primavera is known for its bustling night life; many eminent nightclubs clog the district. The Small Simball Stadium lights the inhabitants' life.





Primaverastraße. Many commercial and residential buildings alike dot the district.




North Side

Northern Rathlin is a complete change. Across the Western Canal, rich, middle-rise buildings sprawl. The area is well forested, and is home to many VIPs of the island. The Win-O-Matic Magic Casino is nested in the North Side.


The North Side in all its suburban splendor. The Casino is visible north of the picture.


Lack of space has halted the sprawling; North Side is currently being expanded and transformed into another residential high-rise district.


West is the Capital Canal, a waterway that used to separate suburban and more dense lands, but which is now only decorating. Primavera is to the right.


Southerly is Edelvilla, named after Lady Edel's mansion, the first in the gridded district. Edelvilla is somewhat less rich, with many middle-class people living there. It is also a popular nightlife hangout; there is also an opera and a few theaters.


A little bit of suburban life in the bustling nest. Edel's Villa was rased when the Ringway was built. It would have been where the interstate exit is nowadays.


The City Festival Fairs is used for most festivals in the city. Most usually, the Regent's Festival begins here before moving towards the Folly.

>Gilmore District

Gilmore District, the biggest in Rathlin, encompasses many parks and greenland. A high-rise residential district, it is noted for its high quality hospitals. Gilmore schools are also amongst the best in the island. A zoo and many entertainment facilities can be found; a small stadium is sporadically used for lesser Simball matches.


Allston and Hestlerplatz, a recent high-rise development area on the edge of Gilmore. Like the North Side, this section is experiencing massive, fast upwards growth.


Southern Gilmore. The buildings there are all recent. In 2010, the small strip of low rise building were replaced by new pencil towers.


>Charon District

Charon District is a commercial district. Since 2005, it is linked via the Kamikawa Interstate Bridge to the CBD, where beforehand one needed to drive up to Hacqueville and back south. Charon is a place of more service-themed buildings, and many phone, taxi, alimentary, etc. companies have their headquarters there. Around Sternenplatz, the Richards Tennis Club is the greatest such facility in the island, and annually hosts the Island Tennis Open.


Night view of northern Charon.


The Heart of Charon. Many commercial and residential skyscrapers are mixed together here. The Concert Field, built in 2004 for the Island Rock'n'Roll Tour, was left in place and is nowadays used for local concerts.


>Engelsdorf District

Engelsdorf is the most decorated district in the city. It contains Engelsdorf Palace, which acts as City Hall and District Seat. Built in the 18th century, it stands proud as a testimony of former rulers.


President's Platz, a massive intersection in northern Engelsdorf. The horizontal double avenue is Primaverastraße, and the vertical avenue Inishweg. Both used to play a major road in city transit, before the construction of the Ring Way and Southern-Tyrian Interstate. Traditionally, when a president is elected a massive parade is held from the top of Inishweg, and stops at  this place, where the President enters her (or more rarely his) private limo which drives into the Palace.


The gardens of Engelsdorf Palace. It used to hold Irish rulers, and later on served as city hall and District Seat. The white building on the left is the High Court of Rathlin; that on the bottom, the District Seat. Opposite buildings are the Minister of Economy and Finances, that of Education, Health and Sports (in the same building), and the Minister of Justice.


Engelsdorf Palace, along with the Empire Building. The train station at Vindavenstraße is on the bottom-right.


>Industrial Side

The Industrial Side was converted in 1945 from prior farmlands. At this time, the objective was to create a high-tech center that could help in the event Inishmore was to be caught in a war. Few fundings were made, and until the 80s, the zone remained stagnant. After 1980 however, the city ended up investing about ten times more a year, and blossomed soon after.


Solar Plants in Rathlin - Industrial.


The Southern Emethal Research Center is on the south. Many high tech industries have moved into this area of the city. The freight station sends its trains to Bloodmoon, Sedona, where goods are exported.


Overall view of the area. The former Space Launch Area (Area 58) can be seen; the shuttle should be soon dismantled. The National Hospital of Experimental Treatments is located just nearby.




Culture in Rathlin is mainly focused on sports. Apart from the upper-class nightclubs, nightlife in Rathlin is the most intense in the Regent's Folly district. Around the University many clubs have formed, mostly students hangouts.

The Theater of Rathlin, known island wide, is based in Gilmore; the Philharmonic Company of Rathlin and Hajira has its main opera right by the Palace.

Sports involve Simball at the main stadium; the Rathlin Foxtrot have won the 2006 and 2007 Simball Finales, but have been eliminated on first round since then. The R. Richards Tennis Courts host the Island Tennis Open every year since 1974.







Rathliner City Subway map.

Transportation in Rathlin is operated by the Hajira-Rathlin Stadtbahn (HRS GmbH). It was created in 1997 as both Hajiran and Rathliner subways opened, in order to coordinate transit between the two cities. Lines U62 and U64 are operated by the Inisheer Transcity Company, which is nowadays a subsidiary of the HRS. Rathlin is serviced by buses, subways, and S-Bahn.

The bus network is extensive and is based on the grid system; while buses have numbers, they will be more known under the name of the street they operate. For instance SB57 is more known as Warenerstr. Line. In addition, seven BRT lines exist in the city; four end in Hacqueville, three in Rathlin Hbf, and three in Ninostr. (Three lines have the same terminals, but different routes).

The train network in Rathlin is made of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, though in practice those two networks are complementary. Subway trains are in blue, red and white livery, and were once used on the Paris S-Bahn system. They are organized along three main axis : the Primavera Line (which is served by U61, U65 and U67); the Regent's Folly lines (U62 and U63), and northerly, by the Transcity Lines (U64 and U68). In addition, the monorail U69 line links Karen Ulane Airport, the main domestic airport.

S-Bahn lines are extensive and serve most of Rathlin's surroundings. Tarnsburg, Tyria, Bruma, Hajira, Midgar, Wutai, up to Sedona, are directly available to commuters. Most lines end in Rathlin, but S51 and S7 only pass through, without stopping at Rathlin CBD or Hbf stations.

Air Transport : Karen Ulane Airport

Karen Ulane Airport, named after K. Ulane, a pilot who crashed at the commands of her DC-3 near DeKalb, Illinois, is the 3rd most important airport in the islands. Though nowhere as busy as Lili Elbe Airport (Sedona) nor as expensive (and extensive) as the Roughgarden-Riveira Airport in Midgar/Hajira, its three terminals host about 1'000'000 visitors annually. It mainly serves the nearby destinations, both on the island (Quon-Rathlin in 20 minutes), and worldwide. The U69 monorail, operated by Transcity, circles around the airport free of charge.


Overview of the Airport. Here is terminal T3. Terminals A2 and A1 are on the mainland. T3 is, by far, the most used terminal.


A monorail on the U69 line.


ATC Tower 1, the brains of the airport.


Longterm and shortterm parkings accomodate visitors and travelers alike.


The new Spaceport (Area 187) sits at the edge of the Airport. Maybe one day, when interstellar travels are common sights...

This concludes the City of Rathlin! I'm working on the more industrial side - Sarah and Tarnsburg. Then we'll get sprawling Wutai, bursting Midgar, and at the southern edge the tiny farmlands of Dollet. ^^.

©Amy H.M

Alle Rechte Vorbehalten

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It's actually Inisheer Island xD but the show inspired me. You'll see the boring communities of Inisheer and Dollet, don't worry XD

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 the plane must have had engine problems....    wow a Shin-Ra nuke plant.... what will they come up with next. XD
plus that launch pads a little close to the monorail....youd have to shut down that line to launch the space craft....and then afterwards send a team to check the condition of the rails before resuming service...other than that  its a very good city.

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Indeed indeed :3 for two days a year the whole island closes for space operations to proceed...not that Inishmore is such a big space nation :)

The plane on fire is for a fire training exercice. Trust me, they actually happen ;)

And Shin-Ra is gonna come back in Hajira, don't worry :3

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