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Post Oak

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Post Oak

Welcome to Post Oak, Vän Vatten. Originally Post Oak was the fourth city of the Golden Valley area. However, as time passed, with the increasingly rapid growth of Holly Grove to the north and Cresent City to the west, Post Oak has quickly transformed into a city on the edge of the Golden Valley. A few farms still exist in the east, but the primary function of Post Oak now is acting like a buffer for those of the rural heading into the city, and vice versa.

Like its former siblings, the Strand Linje goes straight through the north side of Post Oak. A northern route spurs off of the Strand Linje, which is the Strand Linje North that runs through Holly Grove, Augusta, and Concorde that we witnessed earlier. As the trunk line goes east, another route heads south from the Strand, this is the Cedar Trail; it crosses the Northern Star Waterway and ventures into Cedar Vale. There is also a spur industrial line on the west side of town, this goes into the Post Oak Disposal Center, one of the main areas for the eastern part of Cresent City’s waste to go. The Syv is rather adamant about keeping Vän Vatten clean, and that means taking the waste and either recycling it, or using it as energy. Post Oak was one of the first examples of this when the Disposal Center was created. Don’t mind the trash near the rail, it’s clean trash.

The Augusta River empties into what is known as the Cresent Crossing. This is a large body of water that is fed by the three main rivers and the Augusta River. It feeds into the Northern Star Waterway, a man made waterway that is used as a mass transport sector for the industries throughout Vän Vatten. The concept was taken after what was witnessed in Panama in the early 1900’s, but was taken upon by Vän Vatten to be larger, deeper, and wider so that all forms of transport via water can access the region.

There is a newly built ferry terminal in Post Oak; it obviously has direct connection to Cresent City. A four lane highway, simply known as Waterworks Blvd, goes from the heart of downtown into the ferry. There is a future construction plan to connect VV13 from Holly Grove directly to this terminal. Since Holly Grove is landlocked, this would provide essential travel to those attempting to access cities along the rivers, not just Cresent City, but also Cedar Vale, Fuego Port, and Oslo’s Ending.

Inside Post Oak, there is a newer commercial district on the shoreline of the Cresent Crossing, subway terminals dot this area. We’re now closer to the metroplex and to encourage clean air, the subway system is heavily used. Subways in Post Oak will take you to two cities: Holly Grove and Cresent City.

A small town named Amber is just south of Post Oak, kind of a halfway stop between Post Oak and Cedar Vale, the rail goes through Amber with a small depot, a gas station, a few greasy spoons, a few small factories, and that is all that is Amber.

Finally, the crown jewel of Post Oak: Post Oak Regional Air Center. Air Center (commonly known elsewhere as ‘airports’) is few and far between in Vän Vatten. A few small strips dot the rural landscape, but actual centers are limited to Oslo’s Ending and now Post Oak. In 1994 Post Oak outgrew the capacity of its airstrip. The Vän Vatten Council of Transit decided that it was time to ‘upgrade’ Post Oak to a regional air center. Groundbreaking was February 1995, it took ten long years, primarily because the air center was directly in line with the Cedar Trail. The Cedar Trail got rerouted to the east of the air center, and Post Oak doubled the land needed for the air center. Now PORAC holds just over 10,000 commuters daily, primarily those from the Golden Valley heading out to another remote strip, or commerce individuals from the eastern part of Cresent City/Holly Grove/Post Oak needing to travel to Oslo’s Ending or Hickory Grove.

Post Oak, the city truly embraces the theme of Vän Vatten and Councilman McGraw’s view: Health, education, and most importantly…expansion.

Post Oak


Where rural meets urban...


Post Oak Depot along the Strand Linje


VV3 and the Strand Linje crossing...due to the increase of traffic it was decided to have VV3 run under the rail instead of crossing it at ground level


Post Oak Landing


Post Oak Disposal Center


Downtown Commerical Center and Subway Stations


Town of Amber


Coastal Nature


Post Oak Regional Air Center


Night Shot of the Pride of Post Oak



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Recommended Comments

The medium-high-rises make it look like a rural-city, all mixed. The airport is beautifull, looks great and original and the railyard with gargage looks very original. Amazing job: 5/5

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@Alejandro24 Thanks! I enjoy trying to make it all look 'natural' if you will. Anyways, on with your questions:

Post Oak Disposal Center is made up of several features:
A. The dome is the Plasma Gasification Plant by Pegasus via the STEX: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=20606
B. The rail set is part of a massive garbage/recycling pack from Paeng via the STEX: http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=24871
C. The small recycling/garbage center at the very top of the screen, I'm not real sure about it at the moment. I do believe it came from the STEX but I can't seem to locate that file, I'll keep looking, though I'm sure you're more interested in the rail area ;)
D. "The ferry", I'm thinking you mean the large one connected to an avenue? That's also via Pegasus via the PLEX: http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=119

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@Chris95 Thank you! I always enjoy knowing that people are looking at the CJ and are enjoying themselves. I enjoyed the airport, I must admit that since it was a piece by piece deal, it took me forever to get right, but the end result was quite enjoyable. More airports will start to float around the CJ, you have my word. Thanks for looking!

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