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Today, we launch ourselves almost 200 years into the future. How much has changed? We'll find out soon, but first...


Biriali: Thank you! I think I'll clarify for everyone that the language technically not Latin, although I have based the "flavor" and even some exact words from that language. Thank you again for your comment, and I hope to see you again soon.

JGellock: Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it!



Immense changes have taken place since we last visited Ellis Hominis. Almost 200 years later, major social, cultural, architectural, and technological advances have been made. We now see bustling cobblestone streets, huge timber-frame houses, and a rough governmental system in place.


One of the major advances, cobblestone streets, is derived from this small discovery. Deep inside the hill north of Ellis Hominis is a significant deposit of rock, which is used in the production of the new streets. These streets allow more people to walk about without having to worry about the muddy dirt paths of yesteryear, marking the beginning of a new social era in history. As more and more people venture outside, relationships are forged, gossip is spread, trades are made, and as a result the first "social network" is created. Although not quite as technologically advanced as Facebook...


In the center of this picture is the home of Ulysses the Great, leader of Ellis Hominis and its sister village, Sema Aquarius. The home not only includes quarters for Ulysses the Great and his family, but also is the center of government in Ellis Hominis. Let us take a quick break to explain the current state of law in Ellis Hominis:

First of all, Ulysses the Great is the supreme ruler of Ellis Hominis and Sema Aquarius. Together, these two villages are known as the Freedonian Kingdom.  Ulysses the Great has five advisors. Collectively, they are known as The Council. While Ulysses the Great has ultimate control over affairs in the Freedonian Kingdom, the Council advises His Greatness and generally supports him. Few laws exist, and those that do are quite simple: Murder is punishable by death, stealing is punishable by the removal of a limb (at His Greatness' discretion), and other such common punishments. Essentially, Ulysses the Great has all the power. Yet he is a good and kind leader, generally, although he does quite enjoy his power and will stop at nothing to keep it. 



The military camp has seen major improvements in both infrastructure and organization. Several new structures were added to house soldiers, and a fence was erected to keep out unwanted visitors. 


In Lake Hominis, the fish population has begun to rebound, allowing for an extensive new fishery to be erected. Fishermen are still watchful of how much fish they take in, because they do not want to see another near-extinction.


Sema Aquarius has stayed largely the same, with only a few additions to accommodate the ruling Ulysses the Great. A few hundred years ago, Sema Aquarius was once the epitome of quality living. Now, it is poor, and its citizens live meager lives in comparison to the luxuries of Ellis Hominis. 


A small governing center was erected in Sema Aquarius to keep things in check. Seventy percent of all fish from Sema Aquarius are sent directly to Ellis Hominis, and this process is run carefully by Governor Rue and his few advisers. 


Governor Rue lives in relative luxury in a small home on a hill overlooking Sema Aquarius. He has two daughters and a son. 

Here is a bonus picture since everyone waited so long for the update:


As the culture of Ellis Hominis continues to grow, painting has become one of the most revered art forms in the Kingdom. Here, we see Ellis Hominis at night, painted by a local artist hired by Ulysses the Great. 

May you seek the light.


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Nice little update here. Just a millenium or two more two the present. Your landscaping looks really good.

And its a shame you're not using latin... it is a language that is being used far too little, if you ask me
But maybe you could use pig latin?

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