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Battalis ema Sema Aquarius

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Ellis Hominis is in the midst of preparing for battle as we speak. Before we begin the telling of their story, however...


Reikhardt: I must admit, I agree with you!

nickzou: Yes, I simply love the idea of it! Anthropology has always fascinated me, and although this isn't meant to be a realistic picture of anything, really, I hope to see the world evolve naturally. 

Schulmanator: It is so great to see you here, and I'm very glad to have your support! I really appreciate those kind words. I hope to stick around.

Hermannleicht: Thank you for the kind words.

Battalis ema Sema Aquarius


After several months of battle preparations, 40 men are sent from Ellis Hominis to take Sema Aquarius for its succulent fish and crystal clear fresh water. The men take to the hills, planning to sneak up on the small village in the early morning.


In a field just above Sema Aquarius, the men rest and take stock of their weapons. The plan is to head to the village meeting place, swarm it with men from Ellis Hominis, and overpower the new village by sheer force and impressive size.


The invasion begins. Villagers in Sema Aquarius hear the roars from the oncoming pillagers before they see it: The screams, the pounding of running feet, the crackle of flames on torches, all of these send shivers down the spines of the villagers. Battle was something new to both villages, and the reaction was utter confusion and chaos. Villagers from Sema Aquarius, fearing their own lives rather than the livelihood of the village as a whole, picked up knives and pitchforks and stood outside their home, ready to defend themselves and their family. No one from Sema Aquarius thought on the scale of the whole village being taken over. The only concerns were their immediate surroundings: Their own life, their home, and the lives of their family.


The battle lasted long into the night. Men from Ellis Hominis entered homes, killed men, women, and children, and stole their possessions. However, the ultimate goal was not this measly pillaging, but rather, the conquering of the entire village. Therefore, the men abandoned their pillaging after a few hours and instead focused on the village meeting place, essentially the government (or whatever the primitive form of that looked like) center of Sema Aquarius.


As they entered, they discovered who was generally considered to be the leader of Sema Aquarius, Aqa. Aqa was an old man, with a long, golden beard. He was not one of the people that retained the pasty white skin and snow-white hair of the original ancestors, but rather seemed to glow a soft, golden aura. The men from Ellis Hominis slit Aqa's throat in seconds, and dragged his dead body to the center of the village. The villagers, still focused on protecting their own home rather than the livelihood of the village, saw Aqa's dead body and began to swarm around it. Aqa was an inspiration more than anything else. His wisdom brought success to the small village, and to see him die so easily at the hand of these foreign enemies drew fire at the core of the villagers' hearts. What was once a defense of each individual home suddenly became the protection of one, collective home, their home, Sema Aquarius. A pride unlike any that had ever existed sprouted at that moment, and the villagers fought back with hearts like lions.

Although the villagers of Sema Aquarius fought valiantly, there were simply no match for the organized power and sheer number of those from Ellis Hominis. They surrendered after several hours of fighting, not out of fear of the enemy, but of fear of the death of the newfound prideful spirit. Ellis Hominis took control of Sema Aquarius, encompassing it under one governing body. The age of kingdoms begins.

May you seek the light.


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Recommended Comments

This is very nice. And a good story too.
Only downside is your latin  "Battalis ema Sema Aquarius"? I think you mean "Proelium de Sema Aquaria"
I could go on for hours about latin grammar, but I learned many years ago that not many people really are that interested.
Anyway, I look forward to see what happens next, in the "age of kingdoms"

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