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Aquarius, sema aquarius

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Good morning, everyone. It's time to find out what the meager group of explorers has discovered in their travels. But first...


Waterclaw: Thank you! We shall soon find out if you are correct.

Eldaldo: Thanks for visiting!

Reikhardt: Thank you for your kind words. I hope to see you again soon here!

nickzou: Thank you! It is quite ambitious, what I'm doing here, and I hope it pays off.

JGellock: Thanks! That is a really wonderful compliment

Devonf!: Great, I'm glad you're excited!

Aquarius, sema aquarius


It was decided that a search party would set out in search of a source of water. Many were starving in the village of Ellis Hominis, as the settlement had come to be called. It was difficult to find men willing to go out in the search, for the land outside the lake shore was thoroughly unexplored. Whatever horrors awaited were a terrible mystery to the people of Ellis Hominis.


Within an hour of leaving the village, the men discovered the first horror in a field of beautiful flowers. The men had just stopped for a drink from their water pouches, when they heard a grunt, followed by an odd sort of spitting sound. They turned, ready to fight, when they found...


Oh, how the terror that followed the discovery of these sick beasts rocked the very core of the people. The explorers ran out of the field and into the woods, the beast trotting and spitting at them all the time. Never had the men been so frightened.


The men found that the beasts were scattered all over open fields, but tended to avoid forests, so the party stuck to the trees.


At last, the group of explorers discovered a tiny spring, with a creek trickling down the slope. It was the perfect place for a settlement - flat, clear (On a side note, although the beasts preferred meadows and open areas, they seemed to stay away from civilization, hence why they were never seen in Ellis Hominis, and why the men thought it would be safe to settle here), and right next to freshwater.


The spring-fed pond contained an abundance of fish, including many that did not exist in Lake Hominis. The men were amazed.


Within a few months, a new village was built, with materials from Ellis Hominis for the construction. The place was deemed by the explorers as Sema Aquarius, roughly translating to "sweet water." The new settlement included ten homes, a village storeroom, a meeting place, three fields for cultivation, and a fenced area for sheep and pigs. A path was also created between Sema Aquarius and Ellis Hominis. 

Initially, the inhabitants of Ellis Hominis were overjoyed at the discovery of fresh water, and so they were eager to cooperate with the new village. They provided construction materials, expecting new fish and other delicacies in return. However, no one from Ellis Hominis dared live in Sema Aquarius, for they had heard the stories of the beasts and did not want to face an uncertain fate in a (seemingly) far away land. 


A few weeks after the construction of Sema Aquarius, a group of men were travelling to Ellis Hominis with fresh fish. However, when they neared Ellis Hominis, they discovered a new hut erected, and the path blocked by a group of strong men. Confused, the men from Sema Aquarius attempted to inquire about the situation, but were quickly beat with clubs by the strong men. They ran back as fast as they could to Sema Aquarius to tell their friends of the event.

See, the village of Ellis Hominis grew anxious at the growth of Sema Aquarius. The people of the new village seemed much happier, stronger, and more fearless than those of Ellis Hominis. And so the inhabitants of Ellis Hominis slowly but surely began to resent those of Sema Aquarius out of jealousy. They weren't getting as many fish as they wanted from Sema Aquarius, and they wanted it all for themselves.


And so this was erected in Ellis Hominis. Essentially a military camp, self-appointed officials at the village began training men, and especially young boys, into warriors. They wanted to plunder Sema Aquarius for its delicious fish, fertile fields, and beautiful women. Slowly but surely, they built up an army, which, granted, only consisted of about fifteen or twenty men, but compared to the defenseless Sema Aquarius, it was enough. Plenty, really. All Sema Aquarius had to defend themselves with were strong hearts and brave souls. 

May you seek the light.


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Excellent update again, you have a good eye for the scenery, I just hope the tranquility will not get ruined by warfare!

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Anthropology CJ! I love it. I was gonna do something like this but I decided it was too much of an undertaking for my first CJ.

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