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Citi Journal: St. Bartholomews (December 2010)

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At the very center of Old Town is St. Bartholomews. A British neighborhood built and settled after World War II. It stands as a testament of the lasting cultural diversity of the island state and a vestibule into the past of Siccalium.

Table of Contents

1 The History and Culture of St. Bartholomews

2 Cafe Palma

3 Raycraft Hotel

4 St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church


Only a modest sized avenue, few midsize apartments rebuilt by British immigrants in the 50's, a church, and an Art Deco hotel comprise one of Siccalium's most renowned neighborhoods; St. Bartholomews.

The History and Culture of St. Bartholowmews


             Although, the Italian invasion of Siccalium was a brief affair, a considerable amount of damage was done during the initial weeks of fighting. The local Siccalese resistance was quickly conquered by the Italian Naval forces; the landscape of the city was changed due to the guerrilla tactics used during this period. One such neighborhood that fell victim to such tactics was an old Spanish neighborhood now known as St. Bartholomews.

aerial1 Prior to the war, St. Bartholomews was much like it's surrounding neighborhoods in Old Town; colonial era apartments built during the latter half of the 18th century. However after the war, many British soldiers opted to settle in the Mediterranean island and immigrated their families. During the early years after the war, St. Bartholomews was one of the only British neighborhoods on the island. As immigration increased, British immigrants began to move out of the neighborhood.
aerial2 The neighborhood remained primarily British through the 60's and 70's, although it was by no means the only British neighborhood in Siccalium anymore. But during the 80's, the British residence began to move out. During the construction boom and urban sprawl of the early 80's, many British families found it prudent to move out to the newly constructed suburbs. 


street2 Today the neighborhood is a picture of a very unique past; resided by  artists and young professionals, its hotel attracts tourists from all over the world, and its church, from whence it gets its name, brings the faithful of the community together. While, Siccalium is filled with 2000 year old renovated Roman administrative buildings, Colonial Apartments, and modern office buildings, in St. Bartholomews, amidst a sea of Spanish villas, is a small slice of Britain, a token of appreciation thanks, to the liberators of the island.

Up Next

icon1    Cafe Palma, the premier eatery in St. Bartholomews. 50 years of divine dining.
icon 2    The Raycraft Hotel, a bridge between the past and the future.
icon3    St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church, the parish that gave the neighborhood its namesake.
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Recommended Comments

For the intention and for the enormous potential that has your project 5/5.
Good Luck !,
don't rush !

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...if you dont use SC4 at all in this journal i fail to see the point of it...i mean the box program is cool and all but its not really simulating anything....like whats next? someone makes a city journal using MS paint.......?

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It'd love it if someone did a CJ like this. Depends on why you read CJs and what you think the purpose is I guess. I'm not a Sim City fanatic per se. It just comes with the territory, I'm in school for architecture and I love it and urban design. So if you are asking me the purpose of my CJ, it's obviously not to show you my game play progress, it's definitely more about the city design for me. And the advantage: more freedom. I can construct what kind of building and exactly what it looks like. I can also show interiors of buildings. 

I can't speak for the next guy but the point of MY journal... Urban Design.

Hell, I'm a pretty good artist, I might just take you up on that MS Paint idea, of course, I would use Photoshop and my artwork would look something like this 

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