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Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes, Marelles, and V

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ilikehotdogsalot- The textures were actually the hard part, But I'm glad they yielded such nice results! Glad you liked it! 1.gif

Schulmanator- Well hold your horses, I have more treats to come!

tigeria- Thank you kindly

tankmank- I was definitely trying to go for that look, It's fair to say I succeeded!

Jamonbread- Indeed! aside from lot editing, I needed to use a touch of photoshop to liven it up! Glad you like it! 1.gif

Blakeway- Thanks!!

B33Rm47- Yes, I'm starting to get used to realism in my cities to an extent now. Glad you like the finished product!


Notes from the Author

I would like to say 'Hello and Happy Holidays to everyone. I've been absent from Simtropolis and updating my CJ for two months all thanks to variety of issues. One of the most prominent would be the fact that 12th grade has no let up; I feel overworked, overburdened, over stressed, and most felt of all, under appreciated. But that's the breaks. Either way, I have never forgotten about you guys and have been working on a few things during my absence in regards to SC4. Even when working with SC4 I have run into a few obstacles. The main obstacle would be my HP TX1000 laptop being on the fritz. But it isn't because of the fact that I dropped it or broke it, it was due to a defect in the manufacture of my laptop and its series. I've managed to fix my own laptop after a year of fighting and stress and decided that for now on, I'm going to do some things different when it comes to buying computers, But eh, we learn as we get older don't we. So let me go ahead and be quiet and show you the update :-P



SierrastareBannerWiki.jpg picture by RenikosEricos453



The Joliendroit Commuter Rail Lines and Sierratare National Railways transit agencies have recently completed the beautification of the  Joliendroit Corridor leading to Joliendroit Central Station. The project employed 1700 people and had a price tag of 30 million dollars.



The project has allowed the formal establishment of The Woods at Joliendroit. The Woods at Joliendroit is the first urban green space of it's kind that has a focus of maintaining plant diversity and decreasing soil erosion on the hills that the rail lines travel on. In addition to that it is found to be improving air quality in the area by great leaps and bounds.


The hills of Marelles posed a great challenge to any builders and architects during the early years of growth in this area. However today, this area seems to have a natural feel all it's own.


In addition to that topography, another interesting feature of Marelles is it's large quantity of tunnels for the railines which run under and criss-cross the entire area. Oddly, the tunnels were built during the 1800's, well before the area was developed in a urban fashion.


One of the most famous intersections is the Roundabout of Amillia Springs. Amillia Springs was a series of small springs on top of Marelle Hill in Marelles. Over the years the other springs were drained or piped, and built over. Amillia, the largest of the springs, was turned into a small circular lake and during the 1900's the road network in Marelles branched from this one point, making it the focal point of the area. It also set the stage for the area around Amillia Spring to become the second comercial hub of the city.




Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes is a suburb that is due north of the Marelles district of Joliendroit and northwest of the Vä'entä district of Joliendroit. Due to it being a directly neighbouring suburb, the area is very densely populated. One of the main issues with this suburb and also it's interesting feature is how close people live to the rail lines in the area.


The sub-neighbourhood of Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes is the area known simply as The Strip. The area was constructed during the 1960's when the area was going through a housing boom. In a desperate bid for space, developers bought the land between the two rail lines and build houses on it. Today it is one of the most characteristic pieces of land in the country and is also well known in the urban planning world for it's awkward placement.  


Aside from it's odd characteristics, Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes has one of the best secondary schools in the country. Le Instité Claymontaine, founded in 1880, ranked 3rd in the country in 2010 on the national assessment. During the 1960's, it was seen as the worst school in the country with high drop out rates, but after the re-organization of the 1980's, the turn around has been proven to have been massive.


The area around the school is working class family homes, apartments, and businesses. But it is located next to the Wá'en River, one of the natural rivers that flows into the Central Sierrastare Channel from the Sinjonique Outlet.


VÄ'ENTA (Joliednroit )


Located on the border of the City of Joliendroit and Dioxcourvait-sur-Lionnes, lies Vä'entä (Vah-inn-tah). Built up during the 1950's into the late 1960's, this area is extremely urbanized. Recently censuses place the population of this small area to a staggering 85,000 with less than 5% owning their own homes in the area. Part of the reason the area developed was due to the sandwhich effect of two municipalities unwilling to either give up land or spread out the population someplace else. The post WWII housing crisis in Joliendroit caused the construction of many apartments and highrises in the outlying districts of the city. Vä'entä just to happens to be the epitome of the blights of that time. 


The streets are lined with grey apartment buildings that over the years have went through major improvemtns. There have been several proposals to paint the apartments different colors in order to improve the atmosphere. The city council has decided that painting the exteriors of the properties will help improve the property vaues in the area.




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Very nice work! It's nice to see another update from Sierrastare; I especially like your use of trees throughout the area.


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