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Gambling in Shaston City

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Hi guys, I had to redo this update due to some minor problems with the last one (I accidentally copied the older version of the update onto the page along with the new one, boy was that embarrassing! 18.gif

This update is about the several large casinos in Shaston City, along with some pictures of the city at night. The city is widely refered to the "Atlantic City of the west" because of the casino-lined beachfront boulevard. As mentioned in the previous update, gambling was legalized in the mid '50s as a response to the major lack of economic activity at the time. Since then, the city has grown in prosperity with casino resorts lighting up the skyline of downtown Shaston City.


Above is among the oldest surviving casinos in the city, called the Casblanca, with a retro Moroccan theme. The original "Arabian Palace" building was built in 1956, and contains various rooms with luxurious Moroccan decor. In 1976, an additional hotel tower was built behind the palace building. According to government agencies, the casino has been a target for extremist Moroccan terrorists who are "offended" by the "stereotypical" depiction of Moroccan culture.


The third largest casino in the city is the famous Carthage Casino & Resort, which is home to the Carthage Theater, an outdoor theater that has hosted many famous musicians. The casino is famous mostly because of it's unique design, and also because it is often featured in movies and shows filmed in Shaston City such as Shaston Vice, a short lived program in the 1980's.


King Arthur's is the second largest casino in Shaston City. It is well known for its tacky Medieval decor and many buffets. It was built 15 years ago and since then has been popular for it's cheap rooms. The hotel offers a unique "Medieval Experience" package where the wake-up call includes the sound of a thousand Huns screaming for bloodshed, along with a group of Knights Templar who will ravage through your luggage searching for the Holy Grail.


The largest and most expensive casino in the city is the Golden Coast Casino & Resort, which is also home to an exotic aquarium and indoor wave pool. The hotel also contains a shopping mall with high-end boutiques. It is owned by an extremelly Australian businessman, who is in his late '60s by now and has nothing really going for him except maybe his money. 21.gif 3.gif


This casino, called "Falling Dice", was built in 1985 and is among the more iconic casinos, because of the massive dice on the top of the building. A restaurant is actually located inside the dice... but is often given bad reviews for its "general tiltiness"


At night, the avenue is lined with colorfully lit palm trees, along with many neon lights and signs for nightclubs and casinos.


Because of very strict drunk driving laws, very few people drive at night in the downtown area where all of the casinos and bars are. Instead, a shuttle service is offered for people who are above the legal limit of alcohol in their bloodstream, which can take them back to their hotels or to other bars. Local groups have criticized the service saying it encourages heavy drinking and makes homeless drunks feel more comfortable with relieving themselves on public transport.


On the beach at night, you'll find people getting together and burning fires in industrial oil drums - which I thought was illegal but whatever. 21.gif 3.gif


Shaston City has its own Hard Rock Cafe, built 30 years ago and still a very popular spot at night.


And finally, here's a picture of the Thessalonica Theme Park, with the iconic ferris wheel lit up for people all along the beachfront avenue to see.


- Shaston City residents are, on average, wealthier than Lorenzinos, however the crime rate is almost double that in San Lorenzo.

- Shaston City is located on Santismo Island, which is seperated from Stratford Island by the Strait of Puebla. Tunnel and bridge projects have been proposed, however for now the only way to get between the islands is via ferry or airplane.

- Shaston City is rated highly as a gay-friendly city.

- According to polls, 76% of Shaston City residents believe in alien aircraft. Despite this, nearby government facilities located off the coast of Santismo Island have denied the existence of U.F.Os... however their poorly-made public announcements of denial have only fueled speculation.

- It is estimated that the population of the city temporarily increases by 25% during Winter months... when northerners head down for the nicer weather.

This update was generously sponsored by:



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 hmm... dejavu- I am pretty sure I commented on this before 

Anyway, as I said before, your humor is awesome as are your pictures 

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Yeah, I also have this sensation...

Just to say again what I've said before, those humour touches are excellent! And one thing I hadn't said before, I like very much the variety of fonts you use in your pics...

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"If our casino existed back then, Rome would have lost the punic war." Haha I love that!
I really love the Casino & beach kind of envorinment.

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