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Roads - Asphalt arteries

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First of all I want to thank everyone who commented on my pictures in the various “Show us…” threads. Through these comments, I’ve been given the impression that Victoria’s transit network layouts are of special interest. I’m very flattered by this, and you should know that it has inspired me to pay even more attention to it when I'm playing. Transit networks are an important part of my building style, and this will not be ignored in my CJ.

This is the first of many transit related updates and is to be considered as an introduction to the thoughts and ideas behind the Victorian motorway network.


Greater Victoria is the heart of the national motorway network. From here, drivers can follow A-1 to the north, go east on the A-2, or south on A-3. These three motorways are meant to be the backbone of the motorway network in the country. As of date, only the A-1 is complete, and I’ve just started on the A-3. On my regional map, seen in the first update, the motorways (RHW) are in black.

Naming the motorways

All motorways derived from one of the main motorways, are numbered after the “X-nY Standard”:

- X indicates the classification of the deriving road.

- n indicates from which motorway the road is derived from.

- Y the is the deriving road’s designated number.

For instance, the Victoria Inner Ring derives from A-1 at the Upper Gilette Junction, and has been given the number A-11.


Classification of the motorways

The motorway classifications are defined and revised by the Department of Transportation.

"A-classified roads must have at least two lanes in each direction, separated by a median. The road must be constructed with no sharp turns, and must be secured with fences or similar. No at-grade intersections are allowed. There are no exceptions from these rules. On these roads there are no speed limits, but a recommended maximum speed of 130 km/h."


"B-classified roads must be secured with fences or similar, and no at-grade intersections are allowed. There are no exceptions from these rules. The centre road marking must be a double, solid line, except for stretches where overtaking is allowed. These stretches must be marked with a double, dotted line. B-classified roads have a speed limit of 100 km/h."


"C-classified roads are per definition not motorways, but regular roads or avenues considered being of “special infrastructural importance”. Many places these roads run alongside the motorways, indicating that the C-road often is considered an important detour alternative, should something force the motorway to close."

A prime example of “special infrastructural importance” is the C112,

St. Andrews Avenue
, which also junctions with the A-11 at North Winersh Junction.



As seen on the pictures, A and B-classified roads have blue signs with white text. C-roads have yellow signs with black text. This is an expression of the difference between the "real" motorways and the C-roads.

Directional signs are just as important for drivers as the road numbering. All junctions should be properly marked; exit signs at the exits, and distance signs at the entrances. Each motorway junction is also given a number; 1z on A-1, 2z on A-2, and 3z on A-3, where z is indicates the junction’s number in line from the motorway’s starting point. Note that a motorway junction with an ordinary road or avenue, even if they are C-roads, is not considered a "Junction", but an "Exit".



That was the boring stuff taken care of.

It may sound unbelievable that I actually have these things in mind when I’m playing. Still, it’s true. I believe that by following these “rules” and standards, I end up with a more uniform motorway network looking more realistic. I hope you don’t find me too crazy..

How do you plan your motorway networks?


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I love it! What walls are you using? i believe to gap the elevation changes between the highway and normal ground. 

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First of all, fantastic job with the highways! And secondly, fantastic job with the high degree of realism you've achieved classifying the roads according to real rules and implementing them on SC4.

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Great inspiration, I think I'll do the same with my road system, and I can see you've got some inspiration from the German system, eh
Can't wait 'till next update!

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Oh wow!  It's about time I stumbled into a CJ by Heitomat.  This looks great so far.  Did you make those signs or are they in the new GTR pack?

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  • bwong: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. The walls are Jeronij's Concrete Diagonal Walls v. 2, style no. 4.
  • ROFLyoshi: That's interesting. I'll have to forward your question to the Department of Transportation.  However, I do believe that link roads could be treated as deriving roads. Thank you for very good inputs. Hmmm..
  • hunkske: Thank you very much.
  • TekindusT: Thanks a lot, my friend. Your comments are much appreciated.
  • Benedict: Thanks a bunch for the nice words. I'm glad you like it - I was hoping that you would. 
  • ImVhOzzi: Thank you, I'm happy to be of inspiration. You're right; my system is very German. We don't have that much motorways in western Norway, so I had to go elsewhere.. 
  • jim 546: Great to see you here. Welcome to Victoria. The signs are the German Autobahn signs by pitti.

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