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Welcome to Shaston City

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Shaston City is a city located south of San Lorenzo, on a seperate island. Because of it's relative isolation from the rest of New Cholula and proximity to the coast of California, the city is heavily influenced from the mainland. The city is a popular city for leisure due to the substantially warmer & drier climate in comparison with the farther north Stratford Island.

The city was founded in 1886 as a quaint fishing village, and began growing rapidly with people looking for opportunity in the unsettled land. During WWII, the mostly unpopulated island served as a training and practice ground for the Navy and military... and small explosives were also tested.

After WWII, while the rest of the nation was rising from the Great Depression, Shaston City hit a massive economic downturn. In desperation, nearly all types of gambling were legalized in 1955, bringing in a massive influx of business. Through the mid century, the city's famous Art Deco inspired neighborhoods were built. With many of the new attractions, and the city's increasingly liberal stance on drug use, the city became a mecca of Hippie culture. This was the start of what would become a huge cocaine smuggling business that would reach it's heights in the mid 80s. Because of the increase in crime in the late 70s, the city became much less popular and many of the city's formerly famous casinos were abandoned and fell into disrepair.

In the year 1985, crime was continuing to skyrocket and the economy continued to plummet. It was this year that the mayor (Rupert McGreenstein) announced a massive reconstruction of the city's casino economy, which started with cracking down on drug trade. Controversial raids were conducted on warehouses near the port, and persons involved with drug dealing were treated very severely... and in many cases accused of brutality. Near the end of 1985, business began returning and it snowballed into one of the largest construction booms in U.S. history.  By early 1986, the city was already a rising center for leisure and trendy nightlife... just in time for the city's 100th anniversary.

The city still has problems with crime and drug trade, but it has declined. The economic progress and construction has decreased a bit since late 2008, but it continues to be a very popular city.

Now that the history lesson is over, time for some pictures!! The weather is partly sunny with a chance of fog.


Above is a view of the beach. The city has a large beach which is one of the most favored features of the city. In the summer, vehicles are allowed on the beach and there are dune buggy races.


Here is a view of the Torino Beach area, the trendiest neighborhood of Shaston City.


The area is well known for it's Art-Deco style homes, which were actually built in the mid '50s, after Art Deco was first popular. This is the neighborhood that was home to artists and Hippies in the late '60s. The area spawned some famous bands, such as the rock band"Firecracker" and the psychedellic-inspired band "Purple Tucan". After the hippies left, it fell into disrepair until the art-deco style homes were renovated in the late '80s.


Today, it is the most expensive part of the city and home to trendy (mostly younger) people. Because of it's association with wealthy, hip people, the neighborhood has associated a stereotype of everyone driving a hybrid car and using renewable energy sun panels... which actually tends to be true. 3.gif


At the east of the neighborhood near the foot of the Santismo Hills is Landaro Boulevard, which is essentially the city's own "Sunset Boulevard", home to many chic nightclubs and, um, some more seedy and "exotic".


On Landaro Blvd is the Cali Nightclub, which was built in 1978 and since then has been the city's most popular hotspot. The nightclub was very controversial due to it being a den of hedonism, and was the target of angry protests by local religious groups. Today however, any previous controversy is completely outshadowed by the nearby gentlemen's clubs.


Despite the undesirable nightlife, the neighborhood is still quite liveable and well-kept.


Heading downtown, you will find that the city is much more aesthetically pleasing than it was 30 years ago... although plenty of old restaurants and buildings exist - such as Biff's Mexican Cantina, which has recently begun building chain restaurants all over the city.


The city's downtown contains a combination of casino towers and condominiums, along with commercial offices and smaller street-level establishments such as Raz Records, started in 1982 and continuing to be the most popular local music shop.


The city's tallest building is the Muellecito Insurance Plaza, which was designed by a famed architect from Thailand and built in 1986. Nearby, the white and black tower is the Waterfront Plaza Realty Company, built in 1970 and was the city's very first modern skyscraper.


Finally, a view of the Thessalonica Theme Park, built by a wealthy tycoon from... well... Thessalonikki, Greece. The park has a mostly Greece-inspired theme to it, serving up some delicious Gyros. Nearby is the Courtyard Marriot and the Palacio del Sol hotel, a nice and highly underrated beachfront hotel with great views.

That's it for the update. I hope you like my new city - it was a challenge to make with my OCD-ness, but somehow I managed to make it all work.

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 awesome work on this city! I love the way you give your cities life and history so they are more than just a picture on the page. Waiting for more! 

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