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Update 20: Thalia's Route 37 Mosaic

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First off, a map of what we're looking at:


Click anywhere on the mosaic to see the full size




Bonus: Find Squall Leonhart in this mosaic (hint: He's larger than most buildings) and I'll give you a cookie and maybe name a highway after you. Most likely a 1 mile long connector, but oh well. 3.gif

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Look! There he is! Right by that stuff in that picture!! You know, the one in your CJ!

The problem with showing me this stuff early is that I run out of things to say about it...looks great sounds really generic now.

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Vince, this is an absolutely fantastic update here, as per usual.  You've really done some creative things with this mosaic, and have pulled out all the stops with the RHW setup there--demonstrating once and for all why we changed the meaning of the "R" in "RHW".That map really gives an incredibly detailed sense of the setup, too.

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Best RHW I've ever seen, hands down. It's so unique and realistic......and I love how you added the signs in there. 

I wouldn't mind seeing more of this....


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Hmm, I thought about running RHW in my regions, but from my experience, it takes a bit of work.  And I'm lazy (though becoming less so), so I don't do much outside of interesting terraforming.

Still, looks awesome and may actually convince me to start using RHW.  As always.


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Woah at the top the 6C and the 4 rhw's have a sweet yellow flare to them... now that is pretty sweet.

Great mosaic and DDoT map! Looks very professional

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Holy Carpathia that's a lot of replies in such a short time. Thanks everyone!!

Texan: Yeah, sims have lots of fun driving it (well, most of them) :P

Samerton: Thanks for the kind words! But there's always going to be someone better than I am.

k50dude: Heh, too bad the RHW alone can't have them... though I might make a mod for that eventually. Thanks!

Kolnikov inc: I've modified my automata controller to allow for a higher density and higher vehicle count, but aside from that, its all from population.

Sirron Kcuhc: Yup, here's your cookie ( : : ) But sorry, someone else has already found him before you, so no highway name for you.

Master_Kainis: RHW does at first take a lot of work to figure out, but once you get to know it, you can build blazing fast. Hey, you're getting there, that's all that matters. And yay! I'm inspirational! :P

Baliam12: Well, you'll be seeing more next update ;) Nother mosaic! And thanks!

DCMetro34: Thanks! And as I said to Baliam, there will be more ;)

un1: Thanks Will!!

TekindusT: Heh, now that's an honor. Thanks!

Zulu2065: Thanks! Took me about 4 rebuilds to get it laid out right.

Tarkus: Thanks Alex! And yeah, whoever thinks the RHW is rural only needs to stick their head in here :P

SmartbyLaw: Thanks!

Blue Lightning: Oi!!! Its already easy enough, you don't need to give anyone more hints!!

WHERE!?!??!?! Oh!!! I see him!! Yeah, maybe I shouldn't, but we've been over this before :P Thanks!

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 Zomg amazing [again] work vince, I agree with Tekindus, Haljackey would be proud of you :P

on a side note i need a thesaurus

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Regarding the interchange near the top of the mosaic, it's starting to occur to me that one of the things that a future RHW is going to need is a way to connect an exit ramp bridge to an avenue-over-RHW bridge.  I reckon, however, that's going to cause issues since those two items are years apart as far as when they were developed.  RHW sure does make the old puzzle pieces look really old.  Time for a freshening, maybe?  :)


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