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T&R Behind the Scenes. Special Update!

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Hi you all and welcome to this very special update! Today we’re celebrating that this CJ has been viewed 50,000!! times since it started on January 23, 2010; eleven months ago! I wanted to do something special to celebrate this, and after a week following the countdown, it's finally here!

I’ve been watching my first updates, they were some humble begginnings. I had no idea on how to photoedit the pictures, I had barely no custom content (and I still have very few) and those ugly Maxis highways still ran through the cities. I guess things have changed quite a lot in this time.
But... how is an update made? I guess the users who have a CJ know very well the answer, but don’t know what happens behind the scenes of this specific CJ. Let’s see... everything begins here:
Hey, stop studying! Time for an update! Leave this easy and funny [/irony] fluid mechanics homework for later!

We begin this special update on my desktop with a breathtaking pic of Manhattan. I always have this kind of pics installed, just love them.
Here you can see the very first picture of the region I’ve played Plainsport, DuQuesne and now Blackwater. Precioustown isn’t here, I deleted it accidentally some time ago... You can see other projects and experiments (campuses, airports, all-plopped cities...), here, some have been showcased in T&R and others will be showcased sooner or later...
After taking six shots, two for each picture (a bad one, usually without automata showing and the good one), we go to the photoedition; that has become a great addition to this CJ. See the difference between a raw pic and a photoedited one. The focus/blur tools and the contrast and saturation sliders are the kings here. Eventually I have to run GIMP to make some more advanced effects like lens flares, simulate rain or other nice stuff.


As you can see, the pic seems much more grimier now than before... I learnt all those simple but effective tricks on this [link] Omnibus article; I owe Masochist, its creator, a lot!

I love making mosaics...
Seems I’m going to need a cool font for this mosaic... Let’s see what do we find on “teh internetz”... www.dafont.com Meanwhile, I’ve taken some notes with MS Word.
That’s a cool one... Come with me!
Once I'm done with photoedition I go to Simtropolis. I’ll take a look to the forums later. Let’s play some music meanwhile... This is an excellent album.

First, the pics; later the text. During the loading process, I take a look to my Facebook. I can’t remember when Simtropolis gained more importance than my own Facebook friends... They’re all very nice, but they don’t have a CJ to be watched and have no idea about a videogame called SC4. When I tell them about the game and ST, they say I have too much free time and I tell them they should give it a try... 
Some minutes later, after replying each person and writing a brief description for each pic, it’s time to click the “new entry” button and (hopefully) make someone have a good time looking to the pics.
That’s all behind the scenes, not a big deal; but the whole process is important for me and important for this CJ. Anyways, I can’t finish this update without the following picture:
And I've forgotten to place here Jamesrules90, Zombiehunter and sykosamon, who have commented after I had made this pic... Thank you too!

Upcoming projects? I think I'll stick to Blackwater for the next entries, but I'd like to show some more commie style. I don't promise anything, but I've been downloading some more commie blocks lately...

One last thing: As usual, comments to this update and the latest regular one will be replied on the next update!
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Recommended Comments

This is definately one of the best CJ updates I have ever seen! I logged on earlier today, and saw your latest update, and just though I would "drop in".
- And there it was! The special update
You've really made some progress in your playing style, and also in your CJ updates (do you remember "Taxi Driver: My city behind the windshield", your cities looks much better now.).
Great idea with making a "behind the scenes" update, I've never seen anything like that before and it is very good inspiration, especially when you have thought of making your own CJ (it's official now!).

Congratulations with the 50.000 viewers, I'll continue following your CJ('s), so keep going



*I only use the "/ImVhOzzi" at rare occasions, so you're quite lucky

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Congrats for 50k, Tenements and Rust is definately one of my favorite CJs! I think I haven't missed any updates yet! And yeah, I was just reading the old Taxi Driver updates couple of days ago, your cities really have improved a lot from that time. 

You have really done great work with all your CJs, congratulations once again!

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I think you should zoom in on that airport  I really liked the entry, it was a nice "day in the life of a CJ'er"  thing, something you have done that unsurprisingly gives me some good ideas... 

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You might not think thats a big deal but it sure looks it!
Thanks for the mention and for another great post

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Thanks for adding my name to the list. Your cities inspire me with ideas for my industrialized sections of my city. Keep up the good work!

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Argh Engineering! (Funnily enough despite not speaking spanish I understand most of that :P)

Great update! This CJ is superb (it's one of the few I've read in full)

And thanks for the link to extra fonts, but it seems your omnibus link is broken/not present?

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¿Impresionante Post! "Tennements & Rust: Detrás de cámaras (literalmente)", es muy hermoso como has logrado hacer estas impresionantes ciudades.
Que por cierto, ¿es esa hoja alguna tarea de mecánica? ¡Buen Trabajo y Felicidades!
Amazing update!! "Tennements & Rust: Behind the Scenes", it's very nice how do you did this amazing cities. Great Job and Congratulations!

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That must have taken a lot of work to produce - what an interesting insight into the making of your cj, thank you!

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Great update, TekindusT! Interesting region shot as well. Knowing what's going on "behind the scenes", I'm looking forward to the next update with new eyes. Figuratively speaking, of course.. 

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Great to hear that 50k is now broken! :D Also, great Behind The Scenes update! It really shows how great you are at editing and modifing, especially the un-edited and edited comparison photo! Keep up the good work :D

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 Irmao me envia aquele teu pano de fundo da ilha de manhattan por favor 
andrey-km@hotmail.com =) vlw velho otimo trabalho

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Oh wow! Just saw this!
Thought I had commented once or twice, scanned the pic excitedly and my name was there! Wooh!

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